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The Moldy Toast must be stopped!

Updated: 2016-05-20T03:15:50.846-04:00


Remastering Thor 182 pt4


Due to "scanner" problems I had to remaster the last page from scratch.(image)

Canonizing the Pope


(image) Who says a saint has to be dead? Let's canonized the Pope.
Let's upgrade him to Saint Benedict XVI, patron saint of the pedo-clergy. Now I'm not sure how a canonization happens, (I was trying to check out wiki, but my eyes kept glazing over) except it may involves at least one miracle, a 5 yr waiting period and he has to be atleast a 50 level priest. The pope himself can waiver the 5 year waiting period. He's already a 52 level priest. And the miracle is they still consider him a bastion of morality. Sign the petition. Play the game.

Nazis, it's always Nazis.



G.H. questions Courtney's decor.

September 30, 2009...A Date Which Will Live in Blasphemy


Blasphemy Day, a day to promote free speech, to protest the U.N's resolution to ban religious criticism. A day to offend as many religions as I can.

Flesh Eating Robots



Looks like the military is finally preparing for the upcoming Zompocalypse. We just gotta put in some oversight to ensure that they are used for the benefit of the taxpayers and not just the rich and powerful.

Zuko Spank


(image) Try bending some water if it gets too hot.

Koala Attack


(image) I hear the Aus/Animal war's not going on so well.

Welcome Back


"Sucked?" Watch your tongue.

I bet Jack T. Chick is happy



Gary Gygax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dave Arneson
(object) (embed)

Dr. Spankhappens


(image) Does it tingle?

Some of the Things I (re)learned ay NYC ComicCon 2009


(image) 1. People don't seem to realize when you stop and block the aisles, doorways, etc. you're blocking my fucking way. Excuse me, fanboy!
2. It doesn't matter if it's free. If you leave shit by itself for a period of time, especially something like 30 minutes, it's gone.
Welcome to New York. Thank you for the free shit.
3. Kids all look the same. Make sure you got the right one before you walk off.
4. Fat Snow White is everywhere.
5. There are some people who simply should never wear lyrcra nor spandex.
6. Even though Fat Snow White is everywhere, I should really have my camera with me next time. You never know when you're gonna see Topless Poison Ivy with Leafy Vines Painted on Her Nipples, again.
7. Don't go with people who don't enjoy you mocking stuff.
8. Geeks overall need to lose weight.
9. Some geeks need hot baths with soap. Or a high pressure hose down.
10. Too many guys don't wash their hands after leaving the stalls.

Obama, president or Anti-christ?


(image) Why
look so

Anyone seen Thoom lately?



Ho, ho, ho


Santa kills

So it got me thinking, if I went on a killing spree, what would be my holiday theme? Tell me what you would choose and why.
Who would you be?
Santa Claus
Easter Bunny
New Year's Baby
A Leprechaun
Uncle Sam
A giant turkey
Guy Fawkes
The Queen
Chinese Dragon
Other free polls

What chu doing down under?



Doo dat ding ding ding ding...


All I do is think and blink.



Father, I hold the world in my grasp and yet, this girl distracts me.

The Empire


One Billion Strong.

What can you build with a billion chinese?


Check for the Union Label. The Union Label means quality.

Kinky Boots


(image) On behalf of the moon, I will be punished by you.