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Joe Dallesandro: Blood For Dracula


Blood For Dracula was the next film I watched after Flesh Of Frankenstein and I have to say that I preferred Dracula to Frankenstein. Written and Directed once again by Paul Morrissey, Blood For Dracula struck my fancy mainly because of the talented and entertaining cast which includes Udo Kier as Dracula (the dying vampire), Joe Dallesandro as Mario (the De Fiore family servant), the beautiful Stefania Casini as Rubinia (one of the De Fiore daughters), and Dominique Darel as Saphiria (Rubinia De Fiore's sister), and Roman Polanski who delightfully makes a cameo appearance at one point. The story is about a dying Dracula (Kier) and his loyal sidekick, Anton (Arno Juerging) who leave Romania on a quest to Italy for virgin (or as Kier pronounces it, "wirgin") blood. Dracula needs virgin blood because any other blood from a non-virgin woman debilitates him and makes him very ill. "Why Italy?" you ask. The ever faithful Anton discovers that Italy, being devoutly Catholic, should yield more than a few virgins for Dracula to choose from. With a little more research upon arriving in Italy, Anton brings the ever weakening Dracula news that they will be heading to the crumbling De Fiore family estate in order for Dracula to pose as seeking a bride in order to get a chance to get one of the four De Fiore daughters alone long enough to obtain life-sustaining virgin blood from one of them. Alas, poor Dracula is not so successful in his first few tries because he gets a hold of the two "marriageable" but definitely not virgin daughters, Saphiria and Rubinia who have been spending all of their free time with the very handsome and experienced servant Mario. The oldest daughter, Esmeralda is evidently a virgin, but is overlooked by her parents and the Count in the Count's pursuit of the more beautiful and more "marriageable" middle daughters. The youngest daughter, Perla is a mere 14 years old and is not considered old enough to be married off to the Count. Dracula soon discovers that neither Saphiria nor Rubinia are truthful when they tell him they are virgins, as their blood proves to be like poison to his body. All seems to be lost for Dracula when Mario catches on to the vampire nature of Dracula and he (Dracula) is forced to make a hasty exit from the De Fiore estate. Mario quickly realizes that Perla is going to be targeted as Dracula's next victim, so he takes it upon himself to take her virginity to save her, of course. Mario becomes a totally kick-ass hero wielding a stake and taking care of business and finishing off Dracula. Mario and Perla end up being the only two characters alive or whole since Dracula dies (in pieces I might add) at the hands of Mario, the mother is stabbed by Anton who in return shoots him dead, Esmeralda impales herself on the stake already in Dracula over her grief and love for him, and the two other sisters are left perhaps never to recover from their trances induced by Dracula's bite. I have to say that I absolutely adore Joe Dallesandro's performance in this film as Mario the tough, no nonsense, Marxist servant who is both taunted, adored and used for sexual pleasure by the two middle De Fiore daughters Saphiria and Rubinia. The fact that the girls don't consider Mario marriage material because of his status as a servant is something that Mario pretends not to care about even though the girls only see fit to use him for their pleasure and entertainment. While the girls taunt and tease Mario about their plans to secure the Count Dracula as a rich husband for themselves, Mario makes the best of the situation by using them right back and roughing them up as much as possible in the process. It is clear that Mario both hates and, reluctantly perhaps, likes Rubinia and Saphiri. Dallesandro's tough and at times tender portrayal of Mario is one that I will never forget. Perhaps my favorite line in this and any film ever is when Mario, Saphiria and Rubinia are discussing the youngest sister, Perla's virginity and Mario oh-so-matter-of-factly states: "I'd love to rape the hell out of her". What makes that lin[...]

Joe Dallesandro: Flesh for Frankenstein


For months now, Jeremy has on occasion mentioned Joe Dallesandro and how he needed to show me one of his movies. Finally, the other night, Jeremy showed me Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood of Dracula. In Flesh for Frankenstein, I was immediately transported into Paul Morrisey's strange world of the grotesque experiments of Baron Von Frankenstein (Udo Kier), the Baroness, his sister/wife and her addiction to sex, the Frankestein's strange and creepy children, and Joe Dallesandro as Nicholas the stable boy who can't help but make love to every woman in town. Udo Kier as Baron Von Frankenstein delivers his lines with such matter of fact bite and no-nonsense force, that some the funniest lines in the movie become even funnier because of his delivery of them. Udo delivers my favorite line of the movie when he says: "To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life... in the gall bladder!"Baron Von Frankenstein is a man on a mission throughout the film in his quest to create a perfect super-race, while Nicholas just wants to live life and have lots of women. Baroness Von Frankenstein is sexually frustrated and unsatisfied, so when she stumbles upon Nicholas on two separate occasions with different women, she decides to hire him as a very personal servant in the castle. The Baron as a self-proclaimed scientist has more important things on his mind than sex with his wife/sister, and his experiments are conducted under much secrecy and the number of used bodies and parts are many. The female experiment is essentially perfected, but the un-perfected male counterpart is the ultimate demise of a number of the main characters in one way or another. Nicholas' best friend Sacha, a quiet fellow who simply wants to join a monastery, accidentally becomes Baron Von Frankenstein's latest victim when he loses his head to the crazy scientist. The Baron mistakes Sacha for a promiscuous womanizer, and the Baron wants a sexually charged brain for his male creation in order to impregnate his female creation with the first offspring of his new race. This of course is not what happens when Sacha's head is attached to the male monster body. Nicholas spots his best bud, or what's left of him, while serving the Frankenstein family their dinner. After that, Nicholas and Sacha wreak havoc on the Baron and Baroness until almost all are dead and piled in a heap on the science lab floor.Joe Dallesandro is my new favorite thing, and he definitely stole the show in this film, in all of his strong, masculine and naked glory!Such a fun and crazy film...I can't believe I am just now seeing this!! Below are some stills from the film. Enjoy, and definitely see this film if you haven't already. [...]

My Rock and Roll Crushes


This post is all about some of my biggest rock and roll crushes. While all of the following names and faces are favorites of mine, I am not putting them in any specific order. I feel it best to start off with my biggest rock crush of all time, David Bowie:David Bowie is absolutely beautiful and I just can't get enough of the way he looks in The Man Who Fell To Earth.Up next is Richard Hell:David Gilmore of Pink Floyd is another crush of mine. He is by far the best looking of the guys in the band!John Lennon has always been my favorite Beatle and I think he is just groovy!Elvis is always number one in my mind, or maybe in an even tie with David Bowie. There is only one King of rock and roll and that's Elvis!John Entwistle A.K.A. The Ox is my favorite member of The Who and he is definitely handsome and stoic. Pete Townsend is another crush of mine. His passionate playing and fierce stage persona is so appealing!Mark Bolan of T.Rex is absolutely fantastic, fabulous, and glam. Jim Morrison is that oh, so famous womanizer of The Doors and for good reason! Just look at that guy!The multi-talented and multi-project juggling Jack White is a darkly handsome guy who reinvents himself almost every other day of the week.Ever since spotting Jack Lawrence on the cover of the Raconteurs's cd cover I knew I was in love! Jack's long sleek hair makes me want to run my fingers through it and if I ever get the chance I will! I am praying that he doesn't get a sudden urge to chop those locks! Chris Martin of Coldplay is another handsome rocker who charms not only with his music, but that smile!P.J. Harvey is one of my ultimate girl crushes, and this was further confirmed after seeing her perform live just a few months ago. Boy, is she incredible! [...]

Harry Potter Exhibit in Chicago


I am finally getting to write about my trip to Chicago this past weekend. For months now, I have been so excited about going to see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, and the wait was totally worth it! My boyfriend Jeremy, his mom, and I arrived in Chicago late Friday night, after a gruelling day on the road. Uncannily, there were so many hold-ups and traffic jams that day, it took us much longer to get there than originally planned. Later Friday night, Jeremy's cousin, Susan joined us at the Holiday Inn (which is located in the upper floors directly above the Chicago Sun Times). Susan was thankfully familiar with the city having attended university in the city, so we gladly let her plan our route to the museum. Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early in order to see some of the city before heading to the museum for our 10:30 tour. In my dorky excitement for the Harry Potter filled day, I donned my new favorite HP shirt that says I'd Get Sleazy for Ron Weasley, while I let Jeremy borrow my other Ron shirt for the day. Susan led us at a brisk walk through some of the city as she showed us landmarks like the beautiful theater district, some of the Magnificent Mile, and we posed by the Picasso sculpture. I was particularly excited about seeing the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which is the school I am hoping to attend for film school. After we passed SAIC, and the beautiful garden next to it, we came upon Buckingham Fountain where a group of kids and some adults were out in the sunshine practicing their Tai Chi and Karate. From there we picked up a cab to the Museum of Science and Industry where the Harry Potter exhibit was located. The museum was a lot bigger than I had originally imagined and I was afraid several times that we were not going to be able to navigate through it (especially when we were struggling to find our way out at the end of the day)! Regretfully cameras were not allowed inside the Harry Potter exhibit, so I will try to describe what I remember. The exhibit itself was absolutely amazing! I didn't think there would be as much to see as there was. Costumes, props, and visual aids were abundant and the atmosphere was infectous. The detail that went into the costumes and props from the actual films were incredible and it was so great to see the care and pride that was put into making even the most minute props top quality. Perhaps my favorite part of the exhibit was the Great Hall where the Yule Ball outfits were on display as well as some of the fancy desert props, and much much more. Some highlights of the exhibit were Mandrakes who when pulled up out of their pots, screamed, Delores Umbriges' hideously pink office, and the eerie effect of standing in front of Riddle's grave, where if you stand directly in front of the grave, you can hear Voldermort whispering dark things into your ear, almost as if he is breathing down your neck. There were props from all six movies included in the exhibit, and the museum did a great job of setting it up and making it a great environment for fans of all ages. The exhibit was put together with a lot of thought and pride and was a special, once in a lifetime experience for Harry Potter fans like myself. The gift shop at the end of the tour was a special, albeit crowded, experience in itself. Collector edition posters, film strips, and t-shirts galore. There was Harry Potter merchandise in every size and item imaginable. I managed to get through the shop without going entirely broke with some gifts for my sisters, and a gift of a beautiful plum sweater only available from the museum which was a generous gift from Jeremy's mom. Next up was screening of the Half Blood Prince in the Omnimax format, which was something I have never experienced before. I was excited to see that the dome like screen almost wrapped around the theater so that it was almost like we, the viewers were in the action taking place on screen. The first few minutes of the film ha[...]

Rupert developments: Cherrybomb


I am really excited to see what all of the kids of the Harry Potter franchise do with their careers post Deathly Hallows. Most exciting, in my opinion, is the budding talent of Rupert Grint who has already made two new movies aside from Harry Potter. Of course there was the British coming of age film, Driving Lessons in 2006, but Grint has two brand-spanking new films circulating the film festival circuit. Grint is already stretching his acting wings with what Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen calls "an against type turn in the teens-gone-wrong thriller Cherrybomb and a supporting role in the action comedy Wild Target (neither movie has a U.S. release date)". After reading this I immediately headed to youtube in search of the trailer for Cherrybomb. A much more grown up and increasingly handsome Grint appears in the trailer which promises to be an exciting turn for his career. The indie-movie itself promises to be something I will enjoy watching and hopefully it will prove to be a fresh turn for his evolving career.
I am posting the trailer for Cherrybomb, and hopefully it will encourage everyone else to get excited about it too! I am just hoping that it will get released here in the U.S. sooner or later. Wild Target, the other film that Grint has been working on alas has no trailer available yet, but I will keep my eyes peeled for it. I am sure that Wild Target will be available in the U.S. eventually because of it's other stars, like Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy. Anyway, please enjoy the trailer below! I think it looks absolutely terrific!
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More Ron: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Below are some of my favorite Ron moments from the second Harry Potter installment. [...]

There's Just Something About Ron


In honor and anticipation of the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, this week I am celebrating my favorite character, Ronald Weasley. Not only am I a huge fan of Ron in the movies and the books, I have become a devout fan of Rupert Grint as an actor and a personality. There's just something about Rupert that makes him positively delightful and irresistible. This week is all about celebrating my favorite Ron moments. Sometimes it seems that Harry gets all the glory, but its time to recognize the devoted fandom of Ron Weasley. Ron represents the comedic sidekick to many, but to me he represents so much more than that. Throughout the series, Ron plays second fiddle to Harry, always having to live in the shadow of "the boy who lived" none-the-less remaining faithfully devoted to his friends. I always related to the character of Ron mostly because I knew what it was like to come from a big lower middle-class family always wearing hand-me-down clothes and struggling to maintain a sense of self and individuality. I am greatly anticipating the release of theHalf Blood Prince and the budding romance between Ron and Hermoine. Here are some stills from the first year at Hogwarts from The Sorcerer's Stone, when Harry, Ron and Hermoine were all so young![...]

Colors: Amelie


This week's post is one that I have been excited about for a while now. Amelie is both a delightful and charming film that became an instant favorite of mine after I saw it for the first time a few years ago. Red and green are the two colors that really stick out throughout the entire film, as you can see those two colors are almost always included in each scene in some way, shape, or form. In fact, the appearance of the film seems to have either been shot through a green lens or given that greenish tint during editing. Not only am I a fan of the colors in this film, but I also have a deep love for the story, the character of Amelie and the actress who plays her. Audrey Tautou breathes life and delight into Amelie, essentially carrying the entire film on her shoulders, thus the film would not be as wonderful without her presence. I must say that I had some difficulty capturing stills from Amelie because each scene and frame of the film is perfect and unique, and I also had trouble capturing stills that did not include the beautiful Audrey Tautou, as I was tempted to have her in each still. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the stills from Amelie below! [...]

Colors: Diva


Diva is a film that is up there at the top of my list as one of the most memorable viewing experiences ever. I remember going to the Belcourt theater in Nashville with Jeremy to see a special screening of Jean-Jacques Beineix's Diva, which was right before the new release of the DVD came out. I was immediately struck by how blue the film looked. Blue is definitely the predominating color in the film: blue lighting, blue sets and props, and sometimes blue wardrobe. In the DVD extras and interviews, Beineix and other cast and crew members talk about how blue and yellow were two colors that intentionally dominated the film, but I just noticed the blue appearance of the film. Of course there are other colors that pop out in Diva, but if you watch it, it definitely feels like a heavily blue film. To me Diva is a masterpiece and a lovingly crafted film that is both beautiful to watch and masterfully crafted. This film has undeniably influenced how I think about film and how breaking the "rules" can be the best thing for a film. [...]

Colors: Suspiria


I have chosen to share stills from Dario Argento's masterpiece, Suspiria as it is one of my all time favorite films. Watching it for the first time filled me with such awe--it was one of the most meaningful viewing experiences I have ever had. The way that Argento brings such life and richness to the film through color is still fresh and innovative even now. Not only are the sets and architecture in the film oozing with rich colors, so are the very lights which light the scenes. Reds, blues, greens magentas, etc., the colors add a whole other dimension to the film, a style which has become synonymous with Dario Argento's name and legacy. If you haven't already seen this fantastic Italian horror film, I hope that the following stills inspire you to view Suspiria as soon as possible![...]

Marie Antoinette


The next few posts will be dedicated to some of my favorite movies that creatively utilize color and LOTS of it to great advantage. I will begin with some screen captures from one of the most lush and romantic films I have ever seen, Marie Antoinette directed by the lovely Sophia Coppola. The vibrant colors, Versailles location, and elaborate costumes make this film veritably edible and can be described as eye candy and much more. Marie Antoinette offers up a wide variety of bright colors and costumes is just one of the many ways that displays the large color palette of this film. I captured some of my favorite moments, costumes and settings from the film, and below are just some of the stills that I captured. [...]

First Post


I decided that I wanted to create a blog specifically dedicated to expressing my appreciation for my favorite things (thus the title of this blog) which can include my favorite: movies, music, fashion, actors, actresses, art, etc...I hope anyone who reads any of this will get some enjoyment out of my blog, which will include lots of pictures and hopefully some writing as well.