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Published: 2017-11-22T06:34:28-08:00


Hitting the Sauce


Here's a news flash I missed: "Secret sauce" isn't a secret anymore. Which should come as no surprise, I suppose, in the age of WikiLeaks. The only shocker is that Julian Assange didn't out the sauce himself from his sinister...

Partners in Crime


I’m an original kind of guy. One glance at the way I dress myself would tell you that. (Which isn’t to say I’m a fashion plate. It means I don’t play by the same rules as other people…because I can...

Magma Opus


I've been reluctant to talk about my writing lately. Given the state of the world these days, self promotion feels like selling peanuts in Pompeii. "Peanuts! Peanuts here! Get the taste of ash out of your mouth with hot, tasty...