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Life with Max

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Typical summer weekend


Wow, our weather finally cooled off a little. It has been a hot summer!I will eventually post pictures and stories to go with some more of our summer adventures (Alaskan cruise, trip to the cabin at Yale), but in the mean time, I thought I would sum up our weekend.As usual, it was great!FRIDAYMax and I start our weekend on Friday morning. We usually start with swimming, but after we had such a great time watching the One Woman Circus at the Harmony Arts Festival on Wednesday, I thought we would go check out Bobs & Lolo. Bobs & Lolo seem to be very popular, but honestly, I have never heard any of their music or seen any of their shows. What a great opportunity to see them and find our for ourselves.It was considerably busier than Wednesday had been, which was surprising, considering it had cooled off a little and looked a little like rain.Max seemed to enjoy the show, well, when he wasn't distracted by the water and rock fountain that he had so much fun playing in on Wednesday. Of course I made sure that I had an additional change of clothes. He actually spent a lot of time standing up and asking me to get up so we could go to the water...So, guess where we ended up? The fountain is perfect for kids. It is very very shallow (maybe an inch deep), with a really shallow windy river and a bridge and a few rocks built into the structure. It's great and obviously meant for kids to play in. Considering how cool it was, I am a little surprised at the number of kids that were playing in it, but Max got right in there as well. I am sure there are a few parents that were not as happy that I was letting him get his clothes all wet, as they were trying to discourage their kids from going in, splashing each other and generally getting really wet and cold. If I had not had a change of clothes, we would have had to try and avoid the fountain all together, but Wednesday had me ready for it. I think we'll probably have to avoid this area all winter though.Of course Friday afternoon is spent with Grandma & Grandpa, although this week Max was missing Brandon.SATURDAYMore of the Harmony Arts Festival, wow! What a fabulous kids day they had set up. We watched Beverly and the Billionaires, which was rather entertaining. Again it looked like rain, so the show wasn't nearly as busy as I expected it to be and Max and I got great front row seats (well, easy to get in and out of) and easy for Max to see as he spends a lot of time in the beginning just holding on and watching. This is particularly interesting to see, as he requests the songs that we saw performed again and again as soon as we get into the car to go home. Or to go anywhere.I did not get many pictures, but we met a huge orca mascot and that was cool because Max is usually quite fearful of them. He shook the orca's hand, but really did not want to stick around for too long in that area.There was also a bubble blowing station, a chalk sidewalk, a poster, a wand making station (we skipped out on this one), and various craft stations.We walked down on the beach, on the rocks and the sand and then Max caught sight of the train on the playground and that was it. The train was where we spent the rest of our morning. Oh, and watching the kites. There were a few of them flying around, so Max had fun watching those.The morning was so full of activity that Max fell asleep in the car... I can't remember the last time he did that.Max and I spent the afternoon driving around and exploring various appliance stores looking for an upright freezer. As un-exciting as that may sound, I think Max had fun, as we spent at least half the time we were in each store, running around and/or playing with something.Direct liquidation has some great couches for practicing climbing and sitting and has great mazes for getting stuck and chasing each other.Sears outlet has really nice wide aisle's for chasing and dancing. We opened and closed the doors of every single fridge/freezer we could find. Sometimes twice.We went to a few places on United Way in Coquitlam (I can't remember the store names) and did t[...]

Great finds!


Two great finds this weekend!ONE:I have been finding it more and more challenging to get around with all Max's stuff. We have a great Columbia diaper bag (we registered for it at Toys R Us because Ross said he actually wouldn't mind carrying it around), it holds all our stuff and has an insulated end which carries a little bit of cold stuff. It was a great thing when Max was little and I could just throw it into the stroller. Unfortunately now, we are moving around a lot more and we don't always have the stroller with us. I have a great JJ Cole bag that I throw a few things into, but then I'm also carrying a little cooler bag with food and drinks in it and then if I end up carrying Max (with or without the ergo carrier) it is getting more and more challenging.So, I started searching around for backpacks. I have a few and I love my MEC backpack. But, I figured there MUST be something out there that is designed specifically for kids. Lo and behold, I found the Baby Sherpa. It was designed by a couple in Manitoba and as luck would have it, there was an article in the Costco magazine (May/June 2009) that profiled it. Which is a really good thing, as it is quite difficult to find on their website.Here's the details on it:Deep inside compartment with zippered pocket Soft sided cooler uniquely integrated into the diaper bag backpack to store bottles, snacks, beverages, medication (holds 6-8 canned beverages) Modular insulated pocket holds large-size brand name bottles, mesh water bottle holder Padded pocket to hold a video camera or breast pump Secure, interior parent zip pouch for wallet and a key clasp "Tough as nails" zippers feature easy pulls Oversized back pack diaper bag change pad 26" x 17" Cell phone/Palm Pilot pouch, sunglass case First aid compartment Reflective tape for safety Waist, sternum strap and ergonomically designed padded shoulder straps which feature a key clip and passy saver Bungee X cord on back is great for jackets, toys, blankets Heavy duty lug handle Loops for hanging up the diaper bag backpack Water resistant Easy clean Toy loops 30 day manufacturers warranty Fits as carry-on luggage for all airlinesThere is a smaller version, they say it's a 3/4 size, but I think it looks smaller than that and of course, I carry a lot of stuff (surprised? - be nice on the comments please... heeheehee).I should be receiving it in 7-10 days.Here's the pic:$79 at (delivered free):|20373&N=4009492&Mo=12&No=2&Nr=P_CatalogName:BCCA&cat=20440&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-CA&Sp=C&topnav=$89 at (also delivered free): sized brown rice cakes with absolutely NOTHING added to them! Yay! I just like the fact that they are salt free, but they are also gluten free and wheat free (we eat both of those things, normally). A huge shoutout to this company for producing such a healthy snack!I find there is so much salt added into prepared snacks in general and even more apalling is the amount of salt that is added into kids (& baby) snacks! They only know what we teach and show them and if we only give them healthy snacks then they are perfectly happy with that. If you give them high salt and high sugar snacks... guess what? They are going to refuse to eat the healthy fruits, veggies, grains, etc until you give in and give them what they want!I guess I am lucky, I grew up with a mom that made a lot of our snacks and foods without any salt at all. So I really enjoyed my food without salt in it, in fact, I find most prepared foods are way too salty for my liking. It is interesting that some people think no salt must mean bland... there are a l[...]

Meal times


Just wanted to post a few fun pictures of our meal times lately. They have been getting better and better. Well, until tonight when Max would only eat one small bit of scrambled egg and some corn, after A LOT of negotiating, since he did not want to eat the really really nice halibut or soy beans we were having for dinner.Dinner at the Keg was full of a lot of hugs and cuddles for Dad:Max's favourite drink, water.This is Max's "kids meal". He got to start with some raw veggies, then 2 mini burgers and cooked veggies for dinner.Dad, helping Max with dinnerMax loves dipping. He doesn't always understand that you're supposed to eat the veggies after you dip it, not just lick off the dip and then dip it again. Look out if we're ever visiting. I try to catch him before he does it... hehehe. MMMMmmm, a nice Mondavi Chardonnay. I miss really good wine. This isn't the best wine I've had, but I really can't bring myself to open a nice bottle at home to have just one glass.I had to take a picture. Warm almond crusted goat cheese... so yummy. Oh yeah, there's also a tomato bruschetta there.Another dinner. Meal times work best if we have some distractions. Tupperware snack cups are great, Max likes to rearrange everything and group his food into each cup.more "cleaning up"I think this meal was pomegranite, cucumber, corn and sausage. I had to take a picture. Max was playing with his cars on the counter beside Dad, while Dad was making dinner. Lucky for Dad, he had already used the yellow pepper before Max grabbed it and took a bite! "oh no!" I'm not sure why, but Max says this a lot...[...]

Spring Football at Handsworth


It is that time of year again... time to dust off the helmet's and pad's and get ready to play some football. Wow, was it ever hot this year! Last year was Max's second spring camp. He was not walking yet, so he did not have nearly as much fun as this year. The first day was spent clinging to mum and barely talking. I think the only time I've ever heard him that quiet, for that long, while he's been awake (wonder where he gets that from? heehee).I think this was day 3 or 4, I should have kept better track. It's tough for me to do as much with the camp now that I'm chasing Max around, so very little "coaching" for me. It was a good camp as far as training went, I think I had to give someone a bandaid once... otherwise, no major (or minor) injuries. The grade 8's had too much sun on day 1 or day 2, so there were a few kids that were pretty tuckered out, but otherwise mostly fun in the sun. Just running around, looking for the helmets. I have no idea why Max is obsessed with helmets, but he loves them: looking at them, pointing them out, trying to put them on (if he can lift them)This is Max's "football face"... you better take him seriously, or lookout!Just some fun shots of MaxHe would be really quiet when the boys were right up close to him and as they were leaving he would start talking to them. He's a pretty tough guy, heeheehee."helmet?! Mom, helmet!". We're off to get to it, or get the ball, I'm not sure which it was at this point.Coach Jay Prepchuck in the background.Future coach?[...]

Beluga whales


There was a brand new baby beluga whale born at the Vancouver Aquarium on Sunday, June 7th at 2:39pm to Aurora. Aurora is the grandmother of Tiqa, who was born 1 year ago today (June 10th) to Qila. Max and I went to the Aquarium today to celebrate Tiqa's first birthday and it was busy! It was so exciting to get to see the brand new baby beluga at just about 3 days old.Here's one of Max's favourite new toys.Of course we visited Clownfish Cove and were very happy that Alex was back, playing his guitar. We got to practice singing happy birthday and of course, sang the baby beluga song. It was great to visit with our friends Ryo, Sadie and Allister. The Aquarium was insanely busy, but it was nice to be in the somewhat organized chaos that is Clownfish Cove.The Aquarium has done a lot of work around the beluga's and their habitat. The nursery doesn't open until 10am and Max waited very patiently in line and was very quiet when we went down to the viewing areas. Here are some photos of Aurora and her calf:We captured a picture of Tiqa in the background here too: Max and I got outside early and helped sing happy birthday to Tiqa while we snacked and then raced home for nap time. All-in-all a beautiful day for a birthday celebration.[...]

My nephew is 1!


It's so hard to believe that Brandon came in to the world just 1 short year ago... Happy birthday Brandon!Let's celebrate with crawling into small spaces... Don't worry, Grandma to the rescue!Opening presents with Dad.and then Dad gets to play with the new toys!Max and Brandon have so much fun together. Well, Brandon loves to follow Max and Max tries to get away. They are both learning to share and Max likes to help Brandon drink water or eat. It's so cute. He says "Hi Bwandon" when we get there or "here Bwandon" when he gives him something. Brandon is now walking a little, talking a little and generally interacting more and more everyday. I LOVE his big beautiful blue eyes! I'm so glad that we are close enough to have play time.I am so proud of my sister for what an amazing job she does taking care of, and raising Brandon. He is so lucky to have such a fabulous Mom. Brandon's birthday celebration was perfect - a small family gathering with grandparents, aunts & uncles and his cousin Max!I'm posting a few of the photos I took, but I'm sure none of them compare to the ones that Kiri took. Brandon's Aunt Kiri is a professional photographer and she is absolutely amazing! She did our fall shots of Max. Her web site:[...]

Happy Birthday Markus!


It is Markus's second birthday (big 2 on the cake, might have given it away). So we got to hang out with some friends at Mahon park. We haven't actually been there before, so it was a great opportunity for us to check it out.

Tons of food and fun!
I think Max's favourite place to play is the train. We have been back to the park a few times, but we always end up playing on the train. Occasionally we have gotten to walk through some of the water when it's hot, but we always come back to the train.

Going to the parade.


The first parade was Lynn Valley Day. It started a little later, so we had some time before they closed the road to find parking at the mall and wander a little (I definitely needed more cough syrup) and I wanted to get some healthy snacks for Max (raisins & some of those great organic brown rice crackers with nothing added - I think Heinz makes them). We found a great spot on the corner where we could see the parade without anyone in our way.This is where Max started watching the parade. We re-applied sunscreen (it was hot and sunny).This is where Max ended up watching most of the parade from (after a particularly loud float):and one of his more favourite parts:A couple of weeks later, we made it to the Height's Hat's Off Day parade in Burnaby. I'm sure the merchants were slightly disappointed with the weather, it wasn't a sunny day. I LOVED it. No need to re-apply sunscreen and no rain. It was perfect. Jess came with us and we went out bright and early (830am, ugh), found parking and started the trek up Hastings. We settled in front of Cafe Artigiano (convenient, considering it is my FAVOURITE place to get coffee). It was a long wait, but well worth it. The first 2 drill teams came through and did a demonstration block-by-block.Jess (thanks for getting up so bright and early)The American drill team was particularly impressive. I wish I was a better photographer, or had a better camera so I could get some better pictures.As the day went on, it warmed up and we decided to have a porch bbq with friends (Eyola, Daniel & Jess). More to celebrate the fact that our deck was cleaned and cleared off enough that we could (thanks Daniel!).Jess relaxing after dinner!Max wearing Eyola's sunglasses, isn't he cute?[...]

Just some fun little tidbits


I have not posted nearly as often as I would like to, so here are a couple of pictures of some of the fun stuff Max has been up to...Lots and lots and lots of reading! Not only does Max read every night before bed, but often times he wants to read a few books before breakfast and then after he gets up from his afternoon nap. He has a large shelf that is overstuffed with books, so I'm glad he's enjoying his books. We particularly enjoy reading him any of the Boynton books (Birthday Monsters, the Going to Bed Book, Snoozers, Snuggle Puppy, Belly Button Book), they have fabulous pictures and rhythm. We've read Dr Seuss (from the big red book "Your Favorite Seuss") a few times, but Max doesn't always make it very far, it depends on the pictures.This is our frog book, which seems to have gone missing...Close upREALLY close upThis is Max's other favourite activity. Driving his trucks anywhere. He quite often parks them under the cushions, so look out if you're ever sitting anywhere in our house.Borrowing Dad's slippers...and trying to walk in them.[...]

The Power of Twitter


There are a ton of things I keep planning on writing about Life with Max, but I found myself eating breakfast and twittering while Max and I look at the various birds out the window. I look up pictures of birds on the computer and see if they look the same. I'm sure he doesn't get it, but it's fun and he loves looking at the lap top screen and pointing at the birds on it and then looking at the birds outside and shouting, "bird" with such excitement (I wish I knew what he was thinking).

Anyhow, as I am cruising through Twitter, I come across this tweet:

From ThingsMomsLike: RT @sandierpastures: Help a fellow Twitter-er whose son is battling cancer please do at pls RT

For those of you not on Twitter:
RT= retweet (so copy it and send it on)
@sandierpastures (this is who ThingsMomsLike got it from) (this is a short version of the website and it doesn't always work, so I've attached the longer version below)
pls RT = please retweet (send it on)

I don't click on every single tweet that comes up, and I don't follow every single person that follows me. I don't know ThingsMomsLike, but she's a Mom from the US somewhere and tends to post some interesting thing. With tweetdeck I can click on the link and it shows me the long address, when I clicked on it and saw that it was another momblog, I thought that I would check it out. Sometimes it takes us a while to eat.

It's probably because Max is approaching 2, that I can relate. It brought tears to my eyes and a horrible feeling in my tummy. Yes, I am one of those crazy people that worries about what "could" happen to my son and I am so so so grateful that we are all healthy. I also know that could change in an instant.

Why do I write about this? I don't actually know any of these people... but I do believe in karma and I do believe that if anything were to ever happen to Max, I would reach out to the people that I "tweet" with and "facebook" with and who read my blog. It may seem strange to some people, but as impersonal as it may seem, these are people that I tweet with regularly and I quite often have more contact with them than I do with a lot of our family. If there is even just one person out there that clicks on the link because of my blog, my tweet or my facebook status, then I feel like I have done something to help.

So please, click on the link (or don't), but definitely pass it on, blog about it, tweet about it, link it on your facebook page or your webpage. Please do any of it to help a fellow mom who is going through unimaginable things right now.

I started out this blog by implying that it isn't about my Life with Max. This is very much about my Life with Max, I would have retweeted this before I had Max (IF there had been Twitter and I had been Twitter-ing), but I don't think I would have had contact with the people I do if it wasn't for Max.

Spend some time today thinking about what you're grateful for and don't forget to tell your loved ones that you love them!

Maplewood Farm


The last day of our long weekend. We decided to go to Maplewood Farms. We were there before Maplewood Farms even opened, so we went to the playground and played on the swings. It was considerably cooler than it had been for the rest of the weekend, but we still made it there and back home before it started to rain.We had a fun day with Max, as he identified animals and told us the various sounds that they make. We fed a bunny, pet some goats, some sheep, saw some baby lambs, a peacock, horses, and lots of birds!Chickens! Just roaming around and clucking!Hanging out with the goats and the sheep. Max was not too sure about this area.the babies...feeding the bunniesa little bit of running around with Dad"Hey Dad, hurry up!"After a few bonks... Max figured out a better way to get through the little tunnel.a little rock climbing.We've been going to Maplewood Farms since Max was really little and it's been amazing to see how he has changed and how all the animals have changed.[...]

May long weekend


I know the weekend is not over yet, but I wanted to post about some of our fun while I had the time to wait for the pictures to load. They seem to take forever some times and I'm multi-tasking while watching a weird Keanu Reeves movie with Ross. Heehee, happy birthday Ross! I know it was 2 days ago, but this is the first night we have gotten a chance to sit down. We had a great dinner together, all 3 of us and Max ate 1/2 a hamburger (in a whole grain pita pocket) all by himself! It was great fun. Ross and I are working on plans to do a dinner & movie date when the new Terminator movie comes out. Should be fun!Friday night I had a lacrosse game (that was the night of Ross's actual birthday), so I was out until late, but I brought home a big watermelon for him (it's what he wanted) and it was on top of the birthday gift that Max and I got him earlier in the day.It is the season of Farmer's Markets! They opened last weekend and we did not have time to go, so Max and I drove out to Trout Lake for the 9am start. Well, we tried to make it for the 9 am start. Unfortunately, there was no parking, so we ended up a little bit late... more like 910am and it was busy! I think in the future we will probably park around the lake and go for a little walk before we go. Oh yeah, and take the Ergo Carrier, that would be a great idea too. It's so busy with people and dogs that Max was a little overwhelmed to walk on his own. Of course, no pictures, with just the two of us. We did a whole lot of errands while we let Dad sleep in (another late birthday present), Freybe and then came home to find out that Dad was awake. A nice quick walk to the Lonsdale Quay famer's market with Dad for vegetables!1, 2, 3, jump! One of Max's favourite things to do while walking.A late afternoon walk at Ambleside, what a gorgeous day!I wanted a picture of the Lions Gate Brige and Stanley Park in the background, so I got a few. I don't think anything Max is wearing matches, except for his cool shorts that Grandma & Grandpa brought back from Hawaii and his cool flip flops. I try to make sure he sort of matches, most of the time, but today, his dad dressed him (heehee). Poor Max."Cheese", on the swings. Oh yeah, I had to switch his hat to a smaller one, the other one kept blowing off in the wind. This one has red lobsters on it and also, doesn't match at all - sorry Max.and nearing the end of our walk, Max's preferred mode of transportation - Dad's shoulders.We got home to get dinner ready and Max disappeared. I was cutting up vegetables and he came out with his big bear. So cute!and then it became a game for mum to get a picture.Max likes to move a chair over to the counter so that he can play beside me while I prepare food or clean up. Today, he was getting a chair for a different reason...What a fun day, I wanted to post some pictures of it. I'm not sure what we'll get up to for Monday, but hopefully I'll get some fun pictures to post.[...]

Children's Festival


Max and I went to the Children's Festival instead of swimming this week. We spent most of our time in the pre-school tent, the rest of the time involved a whole lot of running and me trying to catch up to Max... so all the pictures are from there.We went to visit the music tent and saw Kerry from our "Music with Kerry" class but there were a lot of big kids in there and it was really loud, so Max just stared and then eventually asked to be picked up.When Max started getting tired, I had him in the Baby Ergo Carrier, I love it!Playing with the cars.and then we found the water!I'm not sure why Max is sticking his tongue out, but it seems to be a trend today.There's the tongue again, heehee.[...]

Baby Eats!


(image) Not the best picture, but I'm working on it. Max and Jaxson playing together.

We had a visit with Sayaka, Brady and Jaxson at BabyEats in Lynn Valley. It was definitely an interesting time. We ended up there for hours, partially because the kids were having so much fun, but also because our waitress was rather busy and did not get around to taking our meal order, bringing our drinks or packing up what was left of the kids meals.

It was interesting to hear about the changes they may be making, putting up a little bit of a wall, putting in booths and making into more of a restaurant. Just when we got around to going! I look forward to seeing what exactly changes and how it looks. In the mean time, it was a great opportunity for the kids to play and the parents to sit back and chat. Melissa and Brandon came out to visit for a bit, unfortunately I didn't get any photos of Brandon.

(image) Sayaka & Brady getting ready to leave.

(image) Max playing, but you can see Jaxson there in the back ground pushing one of the carts.

(image) They played very well together and I'm pertty sure a good time was had by all. Looking forward to going back there again soon.

Mother's Day


My second Mother's day... and it was beautiful! Although the morning started off a little early, Ross got up with Max and we all had breakfast together. I wish I had a picture of Max giving me 1/2 of my mother's day present and then running off with the other half. He was so cute. We were then off for a little walk to the park!Max and I played on the swings.and he played on the slide with Dad.and then, more swinging.and then a leisurely stroll home.We spent the afternoon gardening at Grandma's and I was too busy pulling weeds and getting dirty to take any pictures. It was too bad, Max walked up the stairs, one at a time without crawling and I missed it! I'll have to get a picture sometime soon, one day when I'm not holding on to his hands! We got sushi from this FABULOUS new place on east 2nd St. Saru Sushi They've only been open since May 1st and they aren't usually open on Sunday's, but decided to try it for Mother's Day. I'm so glad we found out, it meant I didn't have to cook (which I probably wouldn't have had to) and I definitely didn't have to clean up! Even better! AAwwwwMax wanted to eat the lemon, so Dad peeled it for him.and this is lemon face... heeheehee, so funny.The part that was even more funny, was that Max continued to eat the lemon and make lemon face... and then he wanted soup."Yummy, yummy soup."Grandpa has been bugging me, saying Max looks like one of the Beatles. So, we finally decided to cut Max's hair. You'd think I would have learned after last time... but apparently not. This is the view of the side that I started with. I didn't realize the guard was so low on the clippers. Oops. Dad fixed it, now it's all pretty short, but this is the shortest and most bizarre looking part.This is the good side, that Dad did, well, it was long enough that he could fi it and make it even.Short-hair boy!and only one little problem... Dad tried to cut off Max's ear. It's a good thing this happened later, I thought that the clippers wouldn't do that and now that I know, I'm not sure we are going to be using the clippers again.What a fabulous Mother's Day! I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful day with my family.[...]



Wow, with the beautiful bout of weather, I wish I had more pictures to put up. I will take a look at the pictures that I have taken and post a few of them soon. Sometimes it takes too long to upload pictures here. Sorry about that, I will definitely get on top of that soon.

So much is changing every single day here. I cannot believe the number of words that Max has in his vocabulary, and how many more he picks up every single day. He understands most of what I say to him (at least he responds in such a way that I think he does: moving things around, putting things away, picking things up), it's amazing that 2 years ago he was just a little tiny thing inside of me and a year ago, he was barely mobile.

Along those lines, I am sad to say I have not been snuggling with my little one lately. Snuggle is the word that we use for nursing. It happened quite by accident that I would say to Max, "come snuggle with Mum" or "do you want to snuggle?" and sometimes we would nurse and sometimes we would just cuddle. When he started to talk and started saying "nnngo?" it took me a couple of days to realize that he was asking to snuggle, or in his mind, to nurse.

I know that Max does not need to nurse, he has been drinking organic whole milk since he was 12 months old and he eats normal food with us and drinks more than enough milk without nursing. But I really did enjoy nursing and the snuggling we got in. I know I am not producing much anymore either, so he is not getting much (if anything at all)in the way of nutrients or filling himself up, that's for sure. We have gone days without it, so I know it is not a necessity. But I have to admit, I like being able to bond with Max and provide that kind of comfort for him.

I did not realize how comforting it is to me, when he asks for it. I never imagined how attached I would be to those cuddle times and how much I would miss them. I am lucky that Max will still come over and cuddle and hug me when I ask him to (who knows how long that will last?).

We are nearing his 2 year mark (in September), so I guess it is just as well. I still do not want to be one of those parents that has their 4 year old child walk up and start lifting up my shirt. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it would just feel weird to me.

The plan (in my mind), was always to allow Max to self-wean and he pretty much did. It is just the last little bit that has been a little bit challenging. If I put him to bed, then he tends to ask for a snuggle, but if Ross takes him, he just goes to bed... so there has been a little bit of strategy to it. I can put him to bed without it, I just have to be very careful about the timing of everything. We used to spend some time in the morning in bed, so now I get him up right away and we no longer "snuggle" in the morning. We are busy, so I am sure he does not even notice that we aren't doing it. Now Mum just has to get used to it...

Another fun day!


While Grandma & Grandpa are off enjoying the sun in Hawaii, we are stuck at home amusing ourselves. Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures while Auntie Liss & Brandon were over at our house visiting. It was a good visit, but Brandon had to leave to go nap shortly after Max got up and ate, so we went for an afternoon stroll on our own.Deja vu on the pictures... Max is pretty independent and takes off, leading the way, whenever I let him. So, I get a lot of pictures of his back. But I really took these because I LOVE this outfit (and I think everything actually matches today). This is the sweater that Grandma knit, it has a matching touque (but it's way too warm for that today, in fact it's probably too warm for the sweater too). The navy cords still fit so far, but Max is growing so quickly, that they won't fit for much longer and/or the weather may be too warm for them.I know, the next couple are the same, but he's so cute!Oh yeah, here's what happens when Mum doesn't pay attention to what Max is actually doing while I'm trying to take his picture. I was able to put the top of the light back on... thank goodness.This is the route we take to the park. We cut through the side of an apartment building so that Max can walk up the stairs with my help. These stairs are considerably shorter than normal, so he can actually step up them one-by-one instead of crawling up them on his hands and knees (provided I am holding his hands).Since we spent such a long time walking and playing outside, we didn't plan or make anything in particular for dinner, so Dad decided that we were going to go out. Yay Dad! Vietnamese for dinner, mmm, so yummy! We often get take-out from this place, and Max usually really likes the food, so we thought it would be a safe bet for him to actually eat dinner. He's been teething the last few days, so I wasn't expecting him to eat much today but he surprised me by eating all of his cereal and 2 eggs for breakfast... all in about 10 minutes! Record time for him, breakfast is usually about 10-15 minutes with just cereal. Maybe we're going through another growth spurt.We couldn't help but laugh at Max sticking his tongue out in anticipation.Max really wanted water, which we gave him, but then he realized that I was drinking out of a different cup and he wanted some of my water. We explained that it was tea. To which he replied (signed) "more, please"! We asked if he wanted more water and he replied "tea", "tea, please". Hehehehe. Of course I let him try it.Tea with dinner? Yup... oh boy... that's probably not a good-mum thing to do.Bed time math equations.Not really, this is Max climbing up on the stool after I told him not to.and this is Max NOT falling off the stool. So far so good. I think I rescued him, I don't think we've practiced coming down from the stool enough times for him to remember how to get down, especially at the end of a really long day.I'm going to cut this a little short, I have to get some things ready for work Saturday morning and I wouldn't mind actually watching some of Game 2. Canucks are up 1-0 at the end of the second period, yay![...]

Stepping out of his usual comfort zone at the Aquarium


Max actually stopped to look at something! Heehee this isn't that unusual, it's just the first "stop" we had after a little bit of a sprint through the Amazon display. That part, is normal for us.Our second "stop" in the Amazon was to look at the birds and the turtle.and a bit of a rest for mom, once we get to Clowfish Cove, Max was completely awestruck by today's musical family program.and the for the first time, when we were sitting so close, did Max actually leave the comfort of Mum's lap to go right up to the front and stare at the seal. The staff are so great, they just go with the flow for everything and they do it very well!Just some more fun.Crawling around with a friend.These are some of our favourite friends at the Aquarium, we see them almost every week. Sadie was entertaining Max with her bouncing. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the huge smile on Max's face, but I have a feeling that the next picture comes close to capturing it.Max just knocked down his block tower and is having a fabulous time (just in case you couldn't tell).I found Mum!Just about ready to go, one more stop on the way... rock climbing. Almost home, way past nap time.Max grows so quickly every day. I LOVE it when he snuggles with me and cuddles and wants to be in my lap and my arms, but I know he needs to grow and explore and I like for him to do that. Today was one of the days that he wanted down and to explore everything. It was so great to let him spread his wings a little, there to hold his hand when he needed it and to cuddle and kiss it better when he fell. It was an amazing change.We go to the Aquarium almost every week and the changes in Max from week to week have been huge.This week, we shared snacks with our friends, as usual and sang songs. I can't believe how brave Max was, to go all the way up to the front of the crowd to see the seal.Although he never stops talking when we are alone together, he is quite often silent around people he doesn't know well or in unusual surroundings. He has been getting more and more comfortable with our friends at the Aquarium and with the environment. I was able to take so many more pictures - again, can you tell? I'm so proud of Max and all that he does every day. I would like to say that I can't wait to see the person he becomes, but I can and I do... every single day I wake up to a new little boy, with more words and actions than I can possibly keep track of. I did not think it was possible to love him more than I did the first time I held him, but every time I hold him, every time we do something like our trip to the Aquarium and he surprises me with new ideas and words and actions and still comes back to me, wraps his arms around me, and kisses me, I do. Enough mush for now. I'm not feeling the greatest, so I'm going to go get some rest.[...]

Grandpa's birthday!


Guess what we're staring at?
What could have possibly grabbed their attention away from their toys and each other (and at the SAME TIME)?!


It's Grandpa, playing his harmonica (apparently it's called a mouth organ). Old McDonald...
Happy birthday Grandpa, we had a great time!
Max and Brandon just stopped and stared. They were absolutely enthralled with it.

I'm so glad that we got to see Grandpa on his birthday (even though I got the date wrong and thought it was the following day).

Peas for dinner


So we tried a whole lot of stuff for dinner. The first few things didn't go over so well (you can see them sitting in the orange divided dish on the table): cauliflower, pulled pork tenderloin, potatoe and tofu curry. These are all things that he ate at lunch and/or the day before.So, we moved on to the peas...and Max finally gave up on the spoon.Notice the peas all over the table too. I should have taken a picture of the floor.All done?No Max, there are still a lot of peas left in the dish and I need to clean up the floor!All done? All done? The whole eating thing is a work in progress and I'm sure it always will be. Some days are amazing and easy - as far as meal times go. Other days are difficult... Imagine:Mom: Max, we should eat something.Max: Trucks?Mom: No Max, you need to eat something, you can play with your trucks after we eat something. Let's go take a look at what we have.Max: No.Mom: How about we go play hockey in the kitchen, and while we're there, we'll take a look at what's in the fridge?Max: Hockey?Mom: Yes Max, hockey. Get a ball and we'll take the sticks into the kitchen.Max: Ball?Mom: Yay, here's a ball, let's go!Once in the kitchen...Mom: macaroni?Max: No.Mom: Beans?Max: No.Mom: Cheese? Mmmm, yummy cheese!Max: Yup!Mom: Really? Cheese?! Here's some cheese Max!he eats a piece and then... More cheese Max?Max: No. Nana?Mom: Banana?Max: Nana!Mom: Whew, we have some. Here's some banana.I'm sure you can imagine... it goes on and on from here. A lot of the time I can be seen stuffing spoonfuls of food into Max's mouth as he runs by or plays. Most regularly at the aquarium on Wednesday's and at Grandma & Grandpa's on Friday's.I imagine it's not the best habit to teach him, but any other way and Max could care less if he eats most days. He honestly doesn't want to eat a lot of the time and it would not bother him a bit if we forgot a meal.I guess I can relate... Anyone who knows me (before I was pregnant) know that I'm the exact same way. Poor Max! He's probably got his dad's super fast metabolism and his mom's really lame appetite. Occasionally he goes through a growth spurt and asks for all kinds of food and we wonder where he fits it all. [...]

Snack time


So, Max is finally eating more easily and he actually asks to sit at the table and for a variety of foods. Here we are eating some meat and cheese on crackers. Well, kind of.Here is Max trying to balance the meat on his cracker.Taking a milk break.Sometimes Max doesn't know when to stop filling his mouth.So, it kept falling off the cracker.If the food doesn't make it to his mouth,he'll bring his mouth to the food.What?Success!I really just wanted to remember some of the first times that Max started eating on his own... feeding himself (successfully).In the past week (since Max recovered from pneumonia), he has been using his fork and spoon! He has fed himself everything we eat and it has been so much fun. I'll probably post some dinner pictures next.[...]



We have had some great "firsts" over the last couple of days. Unfortunately I seem to have forgot that we own a camera, so I don't have any pictures to go along with it.

first time sleeping through the night since he had pneumonia.
first time climbing up on the couch.
first time climbing up the bookshelf.

(are you noticing a theme here?)

first time climbing up on a chair in the kitchen.
first time calling a kitty ("smack, smack, kitty, kitty").
first time sliding down a really wet slide, getting air and almost beating mom to the bottom.
first trip to the cabin (just a day trip though).

It's late and I'm tired, so I'm sure I'm missing some more, but I'll add to it later.

Leaving Max for the first time


So, we left Max for the first time... both of us at the same time. Max stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. We went to Vegas for Jessica's wedding (her and Jason are above). Here's what we did when we got back: Jumping on the ball with Dad, yay!and rolling... so fun. I missed this!Vegas was not the most fun. It smells, it's smoky and it's busy. We got in late on Thursday night and wandered around a little to check out where we would be going the next day. I could not believe the number of people we saw walking around with little kids after midnight! I was really glad that we didn't bring Max, it really isn't a place for kids. I can't believe how many parents, kids and family's there are walking around Vegas. It's definitely not my idea of a family vacation.I think the highlight of our trip was seeing the Cirque de Soleil show Ka at the MGM. Wow, was it ever spectacular! I think it's probably one of the only reasons I would ever go back to Vegas, to see the other Cirque shows... There are people running in each of those rings: in them, on them, around them. The hugest and most elaborate stage setting I have ever seen, I don't think there is a bad seat in the house, although Ross got us the best seats there were! Fabulous seats and a fabulous show, it was incredible. All that being said, four days was a little bit too long for my first trip away from Max and a little bit too long for Vegas... for me. It made me really glad to be home.[...]

Poppa & Oma's visit


I'm horrible with remembering to take pictures, so here's a few that I got on our last visit with Poppa & Oma.Max and I spent the morning at the Aquarium with them and had a great time! Unfortunately, the only picture I have, is of a sea otter, basking in the sun. So, I won't post that here.We were set to meet for dinner at the Boathouse and they were running a little late (and we were a little early, believe it or not!). So, we decided to take a walk on the pier. Max decided to go back towards all the noises he was hearing from the truck back where we started."Bye, bye!"It was such a beautiful day, and I so rarely get decent pictures of Max."Water! Water?""Yes Max, that's water, but you can't go in there, please."We also decided that Ross would jump in after him if he somehow did get through there (I am a huge fan of planning for it, as a prevention strategy - Murphy's Law, you know!).Poppa playing with Max at dinner.And another one of Poppa & Max...Max has not been feeling well. He has not been eating much for the last 4 days, so it was so nice to see him laughing, having fun, and yes, eating. He ate lobster, clams, mussels, halibut, chicken and gnocci. In fact, he ate more than he has eaten in the past 4 days all together!I am hoping this is a sign that he is getting better, since we're supposed to be going away tomorrow. He was happy, singing and laughing and having fun and most importantly, eating. Yay!Ross and I are going away for a couple of days for a friends wedding in Las Vegas, so we're leaving Max with Grandma & Grandpa (the first time I've ever been away from him over night). Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post soon.[...]

Sick or teeth?


So, today was day 2 of Max being "not-himself". He had a fever yesterday and was definitely acting out of the ordinary. I was really worried that he might be sick, but aside from having no appetite and being cuddly and cranky, there's nothing else.

Ross took a picture of Max being particularly cuddly
(I have to admit I really like this).
After taking Max to daycare, I got a phone call a few hours later. They've never seen Max the way he was today. He wouldn't eat, and he wandered around saying "Mama, Mama" and everything was making him cry. Apparently the puppy they have there got stuck under a stool and was whining a little and it made Max cry. So, they called me to pick him up. They suggested he might be teething, which I hadn't thought of, until now.

Sure enough there are 2 teeth coming in on the bottom. It was interesting trying to see that. Max is not a fan of opening his mouth when I want him to. So, there may be more on the top, but there was no way he was letting me see that. Now, I know to try the homeopathic teething tablets. These come highly recommended from numerous people and I'm hoping that I'll become one of those.

Ross spent hours feeding Max anything he would eat throughout the afternoon and evening (which isn't much, even compared to the usual) and I came home to cuddle. Max fell asleep in my arms as I was reading book after book after book to him. He's been asleep almost 2 hours, which I am hoping will stretch much longer than last night (I don't think he slept any longer than 2 hours at a time).

Max's Oma & Poppa are coming to town for a visit, so hopefully I will have some new pictures to post!