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Comments on: Avatar – part 1: seeing the film

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By: Carl V.

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 13:46:15 +0000

Okay Richard, that makes perfect sense! I've had similar experiences with being sick myself as a kid and throwing up certain items and even thinking about those things (strawberry cereal being one of them) starts to make me feel nauseous.

By: Richard

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 13:38:30 +0000

Scott - I guess the price we paid, for what should have been the lowest priced tickets (matinee, senior) are as good as it'll get here for IMAX. In fairness to them, they have the one large screen instead of three smaller ones, but as long as the film is a near sellout, they're making their money. When we came out of the 11:45 a.m. showing, there was a Very Long line for the next one. And yes, Avatar is a BIG film. I saw Lawrence of Arabia when it first came out, at Grumman's Chinese in Hollywood. That was he first time I ever experienced an intermission in a movie.

By: Richard

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 13:32:21 +0000

Carl - it's a long story, or at least I have been known to make it one. Short version: during a Saturday triple feature long ago a kid sitting behind me got sick and threw up onto my neck and into my big bucket 'o' popcorn. I haven't been able to stand the smell of popcorn since. As for watching Avatat at home, a HD 50 inch or better LCD / plasma, and good surround system would make it interesting, but not enveloping. Though there are supposed to be 3-D TV sets on the way, I can't see waiting when it's available now.

By: Scott Cupp

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 11:37:39 +0000

Rick - The IMAX in San Antonio does not believe in bargain pricing. The tickets were $14 a piece for 12:15 pm on a Sunday. I paid it, grudgingly, but after the show did not begrudge them a dime. I felt like when there used to be Road Engagements of BIG shows like Lawrence of Arabia and Mary Poppins, I should have gotten dressed up to go to the show.

By: Carl V.

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 04:24:31 +0000

You don't like the smell of popcorn?!?! Is that even allowed on planet Earth?!?! :) I am the opposite in the I love the theater experience. In our early married years we went to movies constantly. These days we are trying to be more fiscally responsible and with age comes an equally strong desire to veg at home after a long day of work, so we don't go nearly as often as we would like to. But the large screen and the loud surround sound and even the (dreaded) smell of popcorn is what I go for as much as the movie itself. Everyone is correct in saying that this is a big screen, 3D event, not a wait until it comes out on DVD event. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to watch this on DVD unless you have an amazing entertainment center with top of the line Blu-ray and even then it won't deliver like it does in the theater. I cannot believe you had to pay $30 to see this. Wow, is that steep. I didn't enjoy the story as much as some people did, but I certainly don't feel the need to be super judgmental about it either because, among my favorites, are many films that it could be argued have the same plot holes and writing/editing issues that I feel Avatar has. At least this is one film where I can see how it can become beloved, as opposed to something like, say, Battlefield Earth. I look forward to the continuation of your review.

By: Bill Crider

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 02:59:09 +0000

Maybe not a great film, but great film making. I really enjoyed it.

By: Richard

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 23:13:36 +0000

Yes, Jeff, it would indeed.

By: Jeff S.

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 23:10:54 +0000

I also would prefer to see movies in less than full theaters but even when my family went to an 11:30 am showing this past Monday morning it ended up selling out. I suppose it being a holiday helped. We also went to a Imax 3D showing. Only cost us $ 9 in Kansas City. Anyway onto to the show! We loved it for all the reasons you stated above. The world building was on the greatest scale I had ever experienced at the movies in my 40 years. I was totally sucked into the world of Pandora and the time flew by. The plot was weak but most films are if people really want to admit it to themselves. The bottom line is I cared about the characters and what happened to them even if I could guess the outcome. The journey was the reward not the ending with this film and what a magical journey it was. I'm praying this ushers us into a new age of SciFi films. Wouldn't that be something. :)

By: Richard

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 21:48:10 +0000

Yes, you have to see it, on the big screen, preferably in 3-D, even better in IMAX. Maybe movies just cost more out here.

By: Richard

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 21:47:02 +0000

Scott, when I first heard about this film, it commented that it sounded like a version of Deathworld, a novel (okay, a long story-novelette later turned into a novel) I really like. I'd skip Riverworld, I just couldn't get behind Farmer's efforts to make a series of novels out of an interesting idea. I hadn't thought about Hyperion, and boy, does that sound like a good idea! As I say in Part 2, most science fiction plots are trite and derivative, it's the nature of the genre.