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Preview: Comments on mermaid heather: I'm Not Really Here Again

Comments on mermaid heather: I'm Not Really Here Again

Updated: 2017-12-26T20:30:59.889-08:00


Howdy Mr. Cattle, and no offense, but you have the...


Howdy Mr. Cattle, and no offense, but you have the wrong plumbing for me to want to be in the shower with, invisible or visible, lol. I know I am the old fart of the fan group, but that also allows me to be a bit old fashioned too (grinning).

Besides Miss Heather knows I love her and was just yanking her chain a bit. My tease Miss Heather warning light has been going nuts for far too long now, and I just could not stop listening to that little fella in red who sits on my shoulder with my better ear, hehehe.

But I too share an appreciation for your humor sir, and as Miss Heather noted, dont' be such a stranger. It is always great to read your comments.

But to answer your question, yes sir don't worry it WOULD be a gun, roflmao. Most of mine are either stainless steel or have special finishes applied to them to make them more rust resistant. So yep, if your senses came into play it would be a gun barrel for sure (grinning). As I said, I am the old fashioned, old fart.

Aw, Jed, I know you're not chopped liver and I kno...


Aw, Jed, I know you're not chopped liver and I know Heather doesn't think you're chopped liver either.
It's just the whole "prodigal son" dynamic at work-- at least in the sense that I tend to disappear inexplicably for months...

But, if it makes you feel any better, if YOU were in my shower but invisible, I'm sure my other senses would be compensating as well... of course, I'm not sure it's so wise that you bring a gun with you into the shower... especially THAT size caliber...
uh, say, that IS a gun, isn't it?

Oh yeah, Jed is just chopped liver, so no need to ...


Oh yeah, Jed is just chopped liver, so no need to acknowledge his comment (rolling my eyes). Story of my life (sighing loudly). Don't worry Miss Heather maam (slamming my head against my desk and sobbing uncontrollably) I will be fine with that snub (grinning, sticks out tongue). Sorry the little fella in red on the shoulder with the good ear would not let me not type this (roflmao).

That's ok, I still love you Miss Heather (grinning, tips my hat).

I wish you were around more often Cattleworks. You...


I wish you were around more often Cattleworks. You have a way that gets me to laugh with your comments. Speaking of being around, how is your 999 Challenge coming along?

Thanks for the great comment Mandingo. I will try and keep up the work here. You raise some good points as well, always glad to hear other peoples thoughts on things. Hope to see you around more.

Heh...You know, speaking in general and not as a h...


You know, speaking in general and not as a happily married guy, which I emphatically am, but since you bring it up, I can't resist making some comment about it... if you're talking about being in the SAME shower-- okay, sure, if you can't be seen, well, YEAH! That's BOUND to be disappointing... but man, if this hypothetical shower is as "big" as the one I have at home, I'm thinking my other four senses are bound to try to compensate for the disappointment..!
And... I'll leave it at that.

I'm just saying!!!

Howdy again Miss Heather. I sometimes wonder if i...


Howdy again Miss Heather. I sometimes wonder if it is all the meds I have to take these days, or just being an old fart. But either way, I wanted to comment on your score for this on sweet lady. I intended to do that in my first comment but forgot to do so.

I think you being invisible in my shower, would be about on equal par to someone turning the Mona Lisa to face the wall and then telling me I can look at it for as long as I would like to. I know it is there, but I have been cheated out of really looking at it. Same deal to me if you were invisible Miss Heather (smiling, tips my hat).

Well done soldiering on with a review, Mermaid Hea...


Well done soldiering on with a review, Mermaid Heather.

Don't forget Price had dabbled in a lot of classical work, such as "Laura" and "Dragonwyck" before he finally found his strength in horror. I simply think he finally found his niche, and was grateful for it. I understand he was being groomed as a romantic lead, but actually felt limited by the genre, and was grateful for the meatier stuff.

For a similar departure, note the career of Basil Rathbone, who could easily have taken the romantic lead, but instead opted for the villainous. Even then, chicks still thought he was pretty cute!

Remember also, the 'establishment' did not look down on horror then as is more often the case now. (for proof, see how many 'horror' films win oscars- about the same as 'comedies') 'Horror' was considered a part of classical lore (largely due to it's literary origins- see Poe, Wolstencroft, etc) and the 'snobs' would not have looked down their nose at Price. You could argue he became typecast, but my understanding is that if he was frustrated, it was only briefly, and he came to embrace his strengths as a genre performer much as did Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. (see their respective autobiographies)

Any desire each of these performers had to explore their range found ample opportunity to do within the broad parameters of their chosen genre.

Keep up the good work...

Well shucks Miss Heather, I am sorry to see where ...


Well shucks Miss Heather, I am sorry to see where your cold is messing up you getting the sleep your poor, sick body needs to get well (sighing). Food to fuel your body and sleep are probably the two things that will do you the most good in getting over your cold. Besides, you need to be well before you start off to the convention next weekend too sweet lady. So get well soon maam.

I would agree with your analysis of this flick totally. That is was less horror and more urgency than the original. As you said with the original, it is very hard to find an actor who can pull off the lead role largely by voice alone. While Claude could do it before, Vincent also did it in this one in my view. I certainly could be wrong, but I seem to recall that Mr. Price early on had serious training playing roles in various Shakespearian plays on the stage. In those your voice was a key to your performance, since effects were extremely limited, and practically non-existent.

But to me his trained voice was simply an asset to him in movies, especially horrors. Along with the incredible facial expression he could muster, seemingly at will, lol.

I hope you will be able to get some decent sleep over the weekend, since you will not have classes to contend with Miss Heather. But that said, I will be checking the other site, looking forward to finding your next review there too maam. Yeah I know, sometimes I have a unique talent for being a walking contradiction, lol. But I reckon all I can do is recognize that fact, and apologize for it too, hehehe.

Hang in there Miss Heather. Get well soon sweet lady. I know this Universal Classics series is not one of the strongest, but there have been far worst series I have watched too maam. So hang in there, and hopefully things will not be quite as bleak as you may fear too (smiling, tips my hat).