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BlutEngel - Intro and The Lost Children [Tränenherz Live] [HD]


I hope I get a chance to see BlutEngel in concert someday? Their live show is amazing!

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I haven't logged in here in awhile...


Perhaps some of you didn't even notice and that's o.k. with me. I don't strive for attention. Needless to say, I'll be frequenting this site more often. I've bought a few dvds and cds from Amazon over the past month or so.(some of them are pre-orders as well) Here's a partial list: "Black Torment" (old RF) "Dracula's Fiancee" (new RF) "Frozen Alive" (Obituary live dvd) "Neither the Sea Nor the Sand" (old RF) "Prey" (new RF) "Shiver of the Vampire" (old RF) Suffocation "Blood Oath" "The Stendhal Syndrome (2 dvd-BU) "Torso" (BU) I haven't bought anything from the store in months. It's much cheaper in my opinion to shop online. With the economy in the shitter, I try to buy cds and dvds used when I can.

Judas Priest/Whitesnake gig 7-1-09


I went to this gig and I arrived at the venue around 3 p.m. with the hopes of meeting some band members before the gig with no luck. During this time, a lady who had baked cookies for Priest tried to go back by the buses (the area was fenced off btw) but was unsuccessful and shared the cookies with myself and others who had been waiting. However after the gig, I was able to meet all the members of Priest except for Halford and they all signed my "Screaming For Vengeance" and "Painkiller" cd. They're very cool blokes! I wasn't able to meet anyone from Whitesnake. Doors opened at 6:30, show at 7:30. I had nosebleed seats and the floor was covered with chairs. There was no moshpit. Both bands were great! Whitesnake played for an hour and Priest played for almost 2 hours. During changeover, I ran into a guy who was willing to part with an unused ticket. He wanted face value ($67) but I offered him $20 and he accepted. So that got me 7th row center for Priest. I took some pics of the gig but the Whitesnake pics aren't very good because I was too far from the stage at that point. The setlist for Priest, along with pics and a video clip from YouTube from the gig are posted below. The vid clip is not from me. This is their "British Steel" anniversary tour, so they played that album in full. Rapid Fire, Metal Gods, Breaking The Law, Grinder, United, You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise, Living After Midnight, The Rage, Steeler, The Ripper, Prophecy, Rock Hard Ride Free, Victim Of Changes, Freewheel Burning, Diamonds And Rust, and You've Got Another Thing Comin'[...]

Finntroll "Slaget Vid Blodsälv"


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Primal Fear "Chainbreaker"


(object) (embed)

Gamma Ray "Anywhere in the Galaxy"


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Demons & Wizards "Rites of Passage/Heaven Denies"


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Nevermore "This Sacrament"


I've seen this band and they're great live!!! (object) (embed)

Tiamat "Gaia"


(object) (embed)

Katatonia "My Twin"


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Nile "Black Seeds of Vengeance"


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Bloodbath "Furnace Funeral"


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Dimmu Borgir Info


If you viewed my prior Dimmu post you may notice that the song is sung in Norwegian. For those of you who aren't familiar with this band, they're from Norway and their first two albums("For All Tid" and "Stormblåst")are sung in Norwegian. They started singing in English with the release of "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant". However, they have since re-recorded their first two albums in English. I like all of their albums through "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia"(P.E.M. is marginal at best in my opinion)and I don't care for their albums which have proceeded "P.E.M." Here's a song in English for you. (object) (embed)

Dimmu Borgir "Stormblåst"


I've seen this band and was able to meet them as well. (object) (embed) HAGLVÆR Å DET VIKINGS!!!

Sinister "Leviathan"


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Crematory "For Love"


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Tiamat "Whatever That Hurts"


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Moonspell "Lusitanian Metal" dvd trailer


Enjoy. :) (object) (embed)

Moonspell "Abysmo"


I was really hoping that they would play near my town on their upcoming U.S. tour but it's not meant to be. I hope they will tour near my town in the future. Until then, their new dvd entitled "Lusitanian Metal" will have to do. It's a great dvd by the way!!! The trailer to follow. (object) (embed)

Pantera "Cowboys from Hell"


I miss this band. I thought they were great and I've seen them several times. Their music will be missed. (object) (embed)

Old Redemption Films Intro Preview


For those of you who've never seen the intros from the oop Redemption discs, here's a preview for you. You can still get these discs on Amazon or Ebay. (image) (image) (image) (image)

"Elsa Fraulein SS" (1977)


Elsa has been appointed to see that the male soldiers are entertained and that their lusts are fulfilled during the war on a train. She handpicks females who are then given a "physical" by a so called doctor. Elsa also partakes in the action by seducing male officers and then orders them to be killed.Elsa Fraulein SS Trailer (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

I "Cursed We Are"


(object) (embed) HAGLVÆR Å DET VIKINGS!!!

Immortal "Sons of Northern Darkness"


(object) (embed) HAGLVÆR Å DET VIKINGS!!!