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Miracle Boy Comes Out on Top!

Updated: 2014-10-02T00:34:08.041-04:00


Oh Dear! Oh Dear!


Ooh, I've gotten two lovely comments and a handful of page views, and I haven't posted anything in half a month! See, the old, creaky computer suddenly stopped sending a signal to the monitor, and when I can access the internet I only have time to furtively check my mail. It's romantic to be starving artist, but sometimes it's inconvenient. I guess computer repair people don't do pro bono work.

I'll find a way to post some swell thing here anyhow!



Does it make it obvious that I'm middle-aged, that I still think YouTube is a fascinating thing, that I don't take it for granted? No, it's probably just the combination of a detached, observer's attitude toward beauty and a hoarder's delight that keeps my interest slow, steady, and intense.

I am middle-aged, or just barely, being 40 years old. As evidence, I present the fact that I remember Chiller Theater on WPIX, channel 11, from my childhood in New York. You can learn about it here, but you don't need history or memories in order to enjoy these videos. The varying quality from video to video makes watching several in a row pretty engaging, and here they are! My my my!

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Lovely, are they not?

Eine Kleine Haunted Mansion


This is not necessarily a music-sharing blog, but I will be sharing some odd and rare audio from time to time, as well as some of my own sound art. I owe so much to generous bloggers out there that I'd like to give something back.

I may as well continue with a little more Disney theme park audio. These are rips from two CD-Rs of Haunted Mansion source audio I've collected, which can be found just past this delightful picture:

(image) The first begins with a selection from the out-of-production Disney release The Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary, including unused recording sessions, and it continues with a lot of individual sounds from the Sound of Magic website, just the sort of breaking-things-down-to-molecules I enjoy.

The second one may have similar tracks to the first, but it starts off with some alternate music recordings, including a handful of different takes of the ballroom organ. There's also a flow-through with unused narration, but it's obviously fan-constructed; the "here comes the bride" piano in the attic and the nagging "I do"s are giveaways. Nevertheless it's quite lovely. This collection consists of all the most interesting tracks from the 4-disc bootleg The Haunted Mansion Unauthorized 36th Anniversary Edition. I just didn't feel as if I needed every version of "Grim Grinning Ghosts" that ever was.

These are from my personal CDs, compiled for my own purposes. Think of them as mixed CDs from me to you if you like. I ripped them as 320 kbps MP3s, but I may incur the wrath of scrutinizers of gift horses' mouths in that I didn't label each individual track. With 59 tracks in the first file, and 98 in the second, I just thought it would take too much time.

I tried zSHARE this time. If anyone has anything to say about file hosts, I'd be grateful to hear about it! zSHARE is one of my favorites.

If you didn't click the links in the text, you can get these files here:

Haunted Mansion Sounds

More Haunted Mansion Sounds

Oh, I should mention that my illustration came from Widen Your World, an excellent and loving look at Magic Kingdom history.

Ein Prost!

Splash Mountain Source Audio... for You!


Here's some fascinating audio I found at sounds from the Disney theme park ride Splash Mountain! I compiled the most interesting bits and I think the finished product is pretty entrancing. It begins with a 33-minute flow-through, which is more like a long, drawn-out examination of the ride, and then continues with 36 individual sound effect and music tracks, breaking Splash Mountain down into its constituent elements.

You can download the zip file here. These are 192 kbps MP3s, just as I found them.

My ex wife and I first listened to the flow-through on our car's CD player as we drove home from a long visit to Walt Disney World. It was late at night, we were both exhausted, and she dozed as I drove. We had to listen again the next day, because the effect was so strange that we wanted to know whether it was tiredness that gave the sounds their odd, hypnotic quality. Largely, it was not.


Just to See


This is a test post. I'm busy adjusting this blog's style, and I'd like to get a feel for its overall visual effect.

If there's one realm of culture in which I'm a nonconformist, it's standards of beauty. I like cellulite.

So there.