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Preview: October Effigies

Kerry Kate's October Effigies

Dolls and Art by Kerry Kate

Updated: 2016-06-30T09:29:59.991-07:00


New Vampyre with Veil


Vampyre with Veil (sold)

Trying to return to the land of the dolls.


 Life always sends me back to the dolls. After
dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for quite awhile now and my life being sidetracked once again, I find my self here surrounded by dolls all begging me to return.  So when my health allows, I will be making more dolls again. If you have any doll requests please contact me. Thanks to my supporters that have been there for me while I was down. Also I hope to reboot my other blog, The Obscure Hollow Blog.
Thanks folks!



Sorry for the silence we are in the process of moving. Will be back working on dolls mid month next. Thanks so much!
                                              Sneak peak at an upcoming handpainted doll

Wednesday the Dog... Destroyer of toys
                                              Our voodoo lily (corpse flower) in bloom

No Stuffed Print Dolls For A While and New Hand Painted Vampire Doll


Just took off all the stuffed print dolls off my etsy. They will be returning August for the Halloween/Holiday season. There will be hand painted dolls and other art on there for sale (just listed a new one). Will be moving, traveling, working on a big project and concentrating on hand painted dolls and art over the next several months. Thanks!

New hand painted Sleeping Vampire Doll 02 OOAK Now available!

Fun with mixed media


Been working on mixed media natural collages these days.. Here is my first one made late last year.
Poppy pod, dried carnivorous plant, lichen, moss, wasp nest, copper, patina, beeswax, anise and clay.

Metaphysical Love ♥


Happy Valentines!
New Doll
Metaphysical Love ♥

Group Photo


Group photo of some hand painted dolls. Old and new...

Conjoined Vampire Ghost Twins OOAK


New hand painted Dolls from Kerry Kate. They are 13 inches tall (several inches longer with the cheesecloth) and hangs by an invisible thread. These two Vampires are attached at the shoulder. The lace piece in the front is an antique piece that I found at a lace museum. Their eyes are crazed with hunger! I haven't feed them yet so beware!

Doll faces In Rammstein Video "Mein Herz Brennt"


My Dolls recently made an apperance in the latest Rammstein Video

allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" mozallowfullscreen="mozallowfullscreen" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="webkitallowfullscreen" width="500">
Rammstein  from Rammstein on Vimeo.

From the behind the scenes video:

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Sleeping Vampire Doll


 For many years now she has slumbered during the day in the graveyard. A lone little girl who has been cursed into darkness (or blessed, depending on who you speak to). Her hair is full of the debris that surrounds her in the ground. Spanish moss, graveyard flowers, twigs. She has flushed cheeks with the blood of her victims. Her tattered and stained clothes cling to her undead, adipocerous body.

Conjoined Vampire Ghost Doll


New hand painted doll from Kerry Kate.  SOLD 

New hand painted Devils House Doll


Devil's House Doll is 18 inches high and either hangs or sits. His back is black with tag. One of my most unusual one of a kind pieces! The doll in the 2nd picture is also for sale. Both for sale here on my etsy page 
Thanks for looking! 

Hand Painted Cyclops Death Seer Doll


Hand painted doll is almost 15 in tall and sits. Antique lace is used for the shoulder piece and bloomers. A skull is surrounded by ghostly candles and if you look closely at the skull's teeth they are candles as well. This cyclops seer sees death.  Now for sale here
Happy October!

The Four Phobs


Group photo of new hand painted phobia dolls. Listed a few other
hand painted dolls now available on my etsy here 
Happy October!! 

Phobia Doll Mottephobia (fear of moths)


New Phobia Doll Mottephobia (fear of moths) Thinking about turning this into a stuffed print doll soon. Changing it a bit and calling it Planchette Moth Doll. 

Hand Painted Haunted House Doll


Listed my new Haunted House Doll.  Also listed some of my other handpainted dolls for sale here on etsy. Its hard to let go of my hand painted work so if you would like one of them please purchase before I change my mind and take them down again  :) Thanks so much!

Hand painted Devils Food Cake Doll


A change from the old patch Devils Food Cake Recipe Doll I use to make. This one is a fully hand painted Devils Food Cake Doll. She is about 11 inches tall, hand sculpted horns with a red bow, a stripped skirt and dyed fabric to look old. 
Comes with tag and priority shipping with insurance.
Thanks for looking folks!
Now available here 

Botanophobia hand painted doll


Another handpainted Phobia doll Botanophobia (fear of plants) and a wee Woolley Bat hiding in the pitcher plant.

Thalassophobia Doll (Fear of the Ocean)


New Handpainted Doll Thalassophobia (Fear of the Ocean)



New hand painted doll. First one of my new phobia dolls.. Pyrophobia.

Doll Parts


 New Handpainted stuffed Belljar

Medusa's Garden 2012


Yard photos so far this year. So far its the best yard we have ever had :)Black PoppiesInto Art StudioStaghorn FernDried Carnivorous Plants from last year[...]

Persimmons Witch with Pocket Stuffed Print Doll


She dwells near the old persimmons trees collecting fruit for weather prediction with the seeds and other magickal practices. On the hood of her three tiered cape are persimmons and a blue crescent moon.
On her chest is a broom and a stang.
Some magickal uses of persimmons: Bury unripe persimmons in your garden to receive good luck. Also use the leaves in sachets/dolls. Make an infusion with the leaves and sprinkle it around a new home to bring good fortune.
She sits 9.5 inches tall and her pocket opening is 2.5 inches wide to hold your small magickal tools, herbs, oils etc...
Now available here



2 of my handpainted dolls are now available here

Hand Painted Devils Food Cake Doll


One of my dolls that will be at the Dollirium Gallery Dec Monday 13th
Hand Painted Devils Food Cake Doll