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Bach (JS): Prelude and Fugue in Ab, BWV 886 (from WTC II)


Just something I'm studying, so I thought I'd share. B-double-flat is a funny-ass key (towards the end of the fugue), then re-interpreted as the Neapolitan of A-flat after languishing in the minor dominant for far too long. All of this is motivated by the first countersubject, a descending chromatic line in quarter notes (passus duriusculus) that is more-or-less directly opposed to the trio

Joe Maneri - Live in Brooklyn 2005 (RIP)


Wallingford Riegger - Concerto for Piano and Wind Quintet, Opus 53


Someone needs to change the Wikipedia article on dear Wallingford (1885-1961). Listed among his attributes is this: "He is noted for his use of Arnold Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique [...] but he did not use it in all his compositions." That's like, "Sure, I've been to McDonald's, but I don't eat there all the time." Seriously, someone who has a good grasp on Wallingford should, at the very

John Luther Adams - Red Arc/Blue Veil


From YouTube of course. Posted by stalinesque.

Carrick - Scene Miniature


Same as below.

Lachenmann - Toccatina for Violin (1986)


From Jessica Choi, posted by richardeitheror.

Steve Reich - Clapping Music


Clapping Music is one of Steve Reich's most played process pieces. In it, two performers clap the same rhythmic pattern and every so often one of the performers displaces the pattern by one eighth note, creating a new rhythmic surface. Here it is performed by jugglers. Weird cool!Thanks to gandinijuggling for the awesome performance and the YouTubins.-

Salvatore Sciarrino - Per Mattia


The self-taught Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino was born in 1947. Like Boulez, he is primarily known for his early ultra-modern works, which is too bad--the majority of his stuff came after that phase. This cute little violin piece is one of them, written in 1975.Thanks to Bereinigten Welt for making this available. And for those who found this intriguing, you might also enjoy his Baroque

Luciano Berio - Gesti


Gesti (or gestures), for solo recorder, was written in 1966. It is here played by Franz Bruggen, who thought of it as another, albeit shorter, sequenza. To me, it looks like Berio employs a sort of non-simultaneity between the fingers and the airflow resulting in a kind of random walk/butterfly effect, which increasingly adds normally articulated pitches, multiphonics and humming. Personally, I

Harrison Birtwistle - For O, For O, the Hobby-Horse Is Forgot


Written in 1976, For O, takes its name from a line spoken by Shakespeare's Hamlet. You can find an interesting assessment here.And here is a fantastic performance by the Oberlin Percussion in 3 parts.Part IPart IIPart IIIThanks to Oberlin Percussion for YouTubering this concert rarity.-

Milton Babbitt/The Bad Plus - Semi-Simple Variatons


Just in case you haven't seen this yet, here's The Bad Plus, a jazzy group, performing their version of Milton Babbitt's Semi-Simple Variations.Here's a shout out to Squired1, and The Bad Plus's blog/webzine, Do the Math, for YouTubing this crazy-awesome stuff.-

Poem Electronique


I"ve been doing some reading, so y'all get this:

John Adams - Grand Pianola Music


In conjunction with a Detritus Review post, here's the final movement from John Adams' Grand Pianola Music for two pianos and orchestra, without strings.YouTubizations by stevtomato.-

Pauline Oliveros - Improvisation


Here's some really deep listening for you. Enjoy! Also, if you are not familiar with this intensely meditative composer and performer, check out her website, here.Part 1Part 2Thanks to bcfaulkner for this special YouTubization.

Alban Berg - Piano Sonata, Opus 1


Mr. Glenn Gould at the helm.YouTubered by MahaKrisna.

Gyorgy Ligeti - Hamburg Concerto


Concerto for natural horn and orchestra; seven movements. Good stuff.Awesome YouTuberry by GreggaryPeccary, who has some other cool videos/music on his channel

Pierre Boulez - Le soleil des eaux


Boulez the Romantic anti-Romantic...Youtubered by abdominizer.

Alfred Schnittke - Gogol Suite (arr. by Scherzo Quartet)


YouTubed by the scherzoquartet. Good work!-

Kaija Saariaho - Lonh


YouTube embed-age by jbbarriere

George Crumb: Black Angels


Reich - Music for 18 Musicians


Need to post more.Here's an iconic piece that is fun to listen to.

John Cage, David Tudor - 4'33"


Steve Reich - South Bank Show (docmentary)


Here a fun documentary of minimalist Steve Reich from the South Bank Show.Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Thanks to timegrinder for YouTubing Reich.-

John Cage - Speech


A very 1982 performance of 1955's Speech, for five radios and a speech. Well, not so much a performance but a documentary about a performance.Thanks to svsugvcarter for finding this wonderful video.-

Wolfgang Rihm - Jacob Lenz


Here is an excerpt from Wolfgang Rihm's opera, "Jacob Lenz." You can find more information about him here and here. And a nice review by John Rockwell, formerly of the New York Times, back in 1987. Enjoy!Thanks to HenningBrokhaus for the video.-