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The Delos Insider

Updated: 2017-07-29T00:52:20.055-07:00


We're Moving! Find The Delos Insider at


We're moving!

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Veteran's Day at Delos


On this Veteran’s Day, my thoughts drift helplessly back to my own years of service as an Army officer. A military mindset came naturally to me: I was raised as an “Army brat,” in the very thick of the military subculture – and I even graduated from a military academy (The Citadel). I was lucky: the only conflict I “fought” in was the Cold War; I never had to lay my life on the line in combat. But I lost many dear friends and classmates to the Vietnam conflict: an unjustified and unpopular war that – sadly – translated into public scorn for many of the soldiers who fought in it … many of whom returned horribly wounded, mentally maimed, or in coffins. And I was profoundly saddened to observe that much of the nation remained ungrateful for their sacrifices. Thankfully, times have changed – and public attitudes along with them. The wars we are fighting now may well be just as unpopular with many citizens – but the cultural norm in America these days is nonetheless one of sympathy and support for our fighting men and women. Today’s information age insures that we are all aware of the unique sacrifices and hardships our soldiers take in stride: long separation from family and friends, their struggles to survive in strange and hostile places, and their willingness to give even their lives: as Abraham Lincoln once put it, that “last full measure of devotion.” And, in the wake of events like 9/11, there’s been a welcome resurgence of the unique historical, political, and social ideals that bind us as a nation: noble ideals that are worth fighting and dying for. We call it patriotism. Patriotism is manifested in many ways – not the least of which is in the realm of our most enduring cultural artifacts: art, literature, classic oratory … and music. They serve to remind us what our nation stands for and will continue to struggle for as we attempt to lead the evolution of mankind and global society into a true state of “liberty and justice for all.” Great music is often a very intangible, yet powerful thing. Who can explain the swelling in the breast – the snappy salute or reflexive hand-over-heart – when we hear the “Star-spangled Banner” played or sung at a ballgame? Why is it that helpless lumps in our throats often make it hard to sing along to “America the Beautiful”? What is it about a jaunty, swaggering military march that makes us jump to our feet and cheer as we wave our flags and banners? Indeed, music is perhaps the most effective and communicative embodiment of patriotism we have – and it is with music that Delos has done its part to promote and sustain patriotism. If your own sense of what our country stands for and where it is headed remains clouded or insecure in our perilous day and age, I believe Delos can help. If you haven’t given much thought lately to the essential principles underlying our democracy, try listening to our album, “Portraits of Freedom” (DE 3140), in which the singular voice of James Earl Jones intones the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, our most revered President, over the stirring music of Aaron Copland. If you haven’t heard many of our most beloved American songs, hymns or spirituals lately, try our “America, the Golden Dream” collection (DE 3203); it’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with America all over again. If nothing stirs your soul like a great march, give a listen to “The Original, All-American, SOUSA!” (DE 3102) – our survey of “March King” John Philip Sousa’s wonderful creations. As loyal an American as I consider myself to be, listening to all three of these albums as I write has heightened my own sense of national belonging and pride immensely – and I will surely return to them in the future, whenever my flagging patriotic sentiments need a boost. A parting thought: as retired General Colin Powell told Piers Morgan in his interview on CNN last night, “For me, every day is Veteran’s Day” … and so it should be for us all. Thus, whether it happens today or six m[...]

Upcoming Andrew von Oeyen Concerts


For those of you who didn’t catch our euphoric announcements late yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, Delos is tickled pink (HOT pink!) to inform you that our very own Brazilian Guitar Quartet has just won the 2011 Latin GRAMMY award for Best Classical Album with their Brazilian Guitar Quartet plays Villa-Lobos release. Watch for another Delos Insider post in the near future, with more detailed commentary, an artist interview, AND a special download deal from iTunes!

Brazilian Guitar Quartet Plays Villa-Lobos

Brazilian Guitar Quartet
DE 3409

Suite Floral: I. Idilio na Rede • II. Uma Camponeza Cantadeira • III. Alegria na Horta
6 Cirandas: A canoa virou (The Canoe Capsized) • A Condessa (The Countess) • Terezinha de Jesus (the Little Teresa of Jesus) • A procura de uma agulha (Searching for a Needle) • Senhora Dona Sancha (Madame Dona Sancha) • Que lindos olhos! (What Beautiful Eyes!)
String Quartet No. 5: I. Pouco Andantino • II. Vivo e energico • III. Andantino • IV. Allegro
Danças Características Africanas No. 1 Farrapos • No. 2 Kankukus • No. 3 Kankikis
String Quartet No. 12: I. Allegro • II. Andante • III. Allegretto • IV. Allegro ben ritmato

All arrangements by Tadeu do Amaral

Praised by the Washington Post for their "seductive beauty" and "virtuosic gusto," the Brazilian Guitar Quartet has established itself as one of world's leading guitar ensembles. This is their first album devoted entirely to the most beloved of Brazilian composers, in all-new arrangements by the BGQ.

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