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Published: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:57:06 GMT


CHINATOWN BBQ (old Daisy Garden)

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:57:05 GMT

Anyone been there yet ? I only found out yesterday. Super excited that Carol Lee breathes some life into Chinatown. Prices seem a tad high but the pics of the food and interior would totally make the experience worth it. Occupy Hipstertown!

New banh mi shop on Kingsway

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:53:44 GMT

Yeah, drove by yesterday and saw the lit "open" sign :-D Might swing by there this weekend to check out. The old biz Room For Cream was almost always empty, granted it was dimly lit but they were definitely bereft of activity.

St. Lawrence

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 08:22:25 GMT

Thanks for taking the time to post a detailed review. I've heard good things about the food and not so good things about the serving sizes. I've also heard the cocktails are crazy dear. And I can't get a reso! Very popular, tiny place. Good for JC Poirier.

Kitsilano Additions/Removals as of April 2017

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 08:17:00 GMT

I heard it was because they're tearing the building down for redevelopment (shocker). twinkienic has since confirmed that whatever the reason for closure, it is now postponed til March, so a brief reprieve. Good intel on the Montri's replacement being Tojo's son, eatrustic. Watching with even more interest now. And could you shoot me an email when you can? My CPU crapped out and I can't access my address book at the moment.

Ask for Luigi: What's all the fuss about?

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 08:12:58 GMT

I went once for lunch right near the end of service when there was no line. Had a meh risotto with truffle oil that wasn't mentioned in the menu. I hate truffle oil. Never been back.

Tung Hing Bakery Closing

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 08:09:19 GMT

Thanks, scoffier, for finding out about Nari, and scoping out the new spot. Will check it out soon. Small silver lining??

7 Hour Layover - What to Eat

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 06:38:22 GMT

Were you at PP today, I'm guessing? I've been nailed by O'tray's Wed closures myself. So sad to be standing in front of it and no dice. But good to know there are options. The Persian place does seem to be doing well. I forgot to say that the spicy beef we liked was under cold appetizers. Kind of like that Sichuan husband and wife dish but just the beef. Do go at lunch if you can to get the Chinese doughnuts. I'm really hoping their splendidness was not just a one off. Also when we went for dinner the well-to-do table of Beijingese folks were quite complimentary about the dumplings, and they were very much at home, seemingly friends of the house, with pretty much every dish on the menu in front of them. On another note, we had a lunch chowdown at Guilin House which is one strip mall over, in the corner of the Empire Centre towards the back on the north side, tucked away. All the noodle dishes we tried were very good indeed. I would pass on the two chef specialties, the explosion chicken (molten cheese inside a chicken breast, hmmm) and the stuffed chicken wings (decent but boring and $5 a pop), and the one "dim sum" dish we had was lacklustre, but the soupy offerings (first four plus #7) all deserve a look. There is another house specialty under Hot Plates called Crispy Pork that others at the table liked more than I did (the crispy bits of skin and the sauce were worthy, but the slices of pork belly itself I found a bit lacklustre). Caveat: if they have a busy night, they sell out. Also they close early if they run out of stuff. And sometimes they don't replace 86ed items before they open the next day. It's mom and pop, in a good way.

Any info on Unforgettable Pizza?

Wed, 08 Nov 2017 22:02:09 GMT

You want chilis or herbs, bro? I'll miss that guy.

Meet the New Stongs-Same as the Old Stongs

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 05:23:09 GMT

Blimey, how dreadful!

Vancouver Trip Report Aug 18-26, 2017

Thu, 26 Oct 2017 22:02:54 GMT

Thanks for the report. The Vancouver board has been struggling for meaningful restaurant reports lately, so your comments are most welcome.

Wedding venues query

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 05:57:26 GMT

Excellent call on the Pipeshop, ig. We were ove there in the summer and a wedding was happening. Very cool.

Farview Slopes / Cambie Village / Mt. Pleasant / Riley Park Happenings

Sat, 21 Oct 2017 06:28:48 GMT

I think that's right. Much more congenial staff situation, and yes, as I said, Canto-centric. I think they had XLB on the dim sum menu but I tend to ignore in similar circs!

ISO cheap and plentiful cheesecloth

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 13:01:58 GMT

The kind I bought (years and years ago) for our flying crank ghost did, but you can also wash it in that blue whitening stuff if it doesn't and then it will glow.

Malaysian Grocery store in Vancouver?

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 05:21:10 GMT

I live in Malaysia, email me and I'll do my best to get you what you want. I'm originally from Vancouver. Email Cheers Ian

Places to buy ready-made Gỏi Cuốn (Vietnamese salad rolls)?

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:26:20 GMT

*Other* than T&T Supermarkets, where else can I find them ready-to-eat? I don't mean restaurants, but stores. TIA.

ISO Megachef "Blue" 30 degrees fish sauce in Vancouver

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 04:18:15 GMT

That would be such great news, Sam, please do check it out if you can and let us know! FWIW phone is still working but has a generic message on it...

Help: Shrimp Paste like Tai O - in Seattle or Vancouver BC

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 01:29:36 GMT

Quite sometime ago I bought a small container of shrimp paste from Thailand. I keep it sealed in a larger jar. I probably got it in the SE Asia aisle at 99Ranch (opposite the tofu cooler), though it might have been from Star Produce (near Harris Ford/Trader Joes in Lynnwood). They have funkier stuff than 99. There's another large Asian grocery around 135th Aurora (an old Kmart) and another in the old Larrys around 100th and Aurora (that has Vietnamese roots). Pantai Shrimp Paste


Mon, 09 Oct 2017 03:06:50 GMT

Maybe this place Or some hipster scum brewer/flake.

H Mart Opening in Dunbar

Sun, 08 Oct 2017 07:40:34 GMT

Hmmmm .....

More New West News

Sat, 07 Oct 2017 02:15:43 GMT

Don't get out to New West much but when I do I see some Real Interesting Things happening-it's painfully apparent that astronomical rents & taxes in Vancouver proper have strangled innovation & diversity in many neighbourhoods. No time to detail everything I saw on 12th Ave (the far end of Kingsway to many) but if you're at all mobile there are delights galore-intriguing Mexican offerings and a new to me Arabic Foods grocery stored called IIRC BC Market. Standard neighbourhood grocery setup but with all kind of ME foods/spices and a Killer Deal on EVOO from Tunisia $9/litre the stuff is delicious nutty & fresh I should have bought more (of course). Further down the hill Caribbean Market continues to offer some of the Very Best in Caribbean hot sauces the place is a wonderland for someone like me and AFAICT the only source of Grace Fish Tea in the province plus some wonderful Trinidadian Curry powder, seasonings & condiments again found nowhere else. And the Star of our show as always is Galloways can't say enough about the place it's so wonderful and so consistent-a literal cornucopia.