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Published: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 19:59:07 GMT


One night in Denver--LoDo

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 19:59:07 GMT

We will be flying in next Saturday staying near friends in LoDo and Highland areas for one night only. I'm sure they will be suggesting places for dinner, as this is their neighborhood. We have tried Linger and loved it but want to try a new place. I think we've been to Capital Grille too a while back. We love Italian, Mediterranean, classic and upscale American food. Not so much sushi and trendy "It dish" places. Pricey ok but must be very good. Anything extraordinary you care to suggest? Thanks.

Smoked ham hocks in N Colorado

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 16:46:36 GMT

Is there anywhere to buy smoked ham hocks in Loveland / Fort Collins area?

Big Sky Recs

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 22:53:47 GMT

The Culture Trip's top 10 restaurants from 2017

Park City/Deer Valley dining recs

Thu, 18 Jan 2018 17:25:27 GMT

Give me your top dining recommendations. My limited research points to Riverhorse on Main for a top candidate. TIA.

Are we not going to talk about Top Chef at ALL this year?

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 16:07:57 GMT

I've seen him on other contest shows where he does seem to have matured greatly, but I keep waiting for the old Marcel to pop out and just don't like him. I guess I just can't get past my first impression of him, especially since we saw so much of it that season of TC.

Where to get real Porcini mushrooms online?

Sat, 30 Dec 2017 21:38:21 GMT

My local grocery stores do not carry good quality porcini mushrooms. Where to get real Porcini (boletus edulis) online? Preferably something comparable to a grade AA. I see a lot of bad reviews and most of the mushrooms are from China and are a lower grade quality. Are the domestic porcini mushrooms just as good as the European variety? Thanks!

Looking for recipe from the Denver junior league cookbook: Colorado Cache

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 14:48:34 GMT

HELP - I am a chef in Atlanta - looking for recipe in Creme de colorado, my fav cookbook. It is stuck in the back of our storage unit, we are moving. Every christmas we have the chocolate mousse pie and the buche de noel cake roll. We have them every Christmas and my kids are upset, haha. I have even called the Junior League trying to get it. And if I order a new book it won't arrive on time!!! HELP!!!

Duck Confit in Denver?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 01:29:20 GMT

Hi, I will be in Denver the first week of January and would like to cook for the family I am staying with. Is there a good butcher that does their own duck confit?

Salt Lake City: My food favorites (by C. Thi Nguyen)

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 01:15:26 GMT

Some of you may remember Thi from his years on the Los Angeles board and his writings in the LA Times. He's in Utah now and finally shared some of his favorites in SLC. " . . . Salt Lake is kind of actually really great for its size. There’s more weird little ethnic neighborhoods and hidden communities entangled into the Utah Suburban Monolith than you might think. And every year I live here, the streets get a teeny bit more diverse, and the food scene gets a little bit better. So, here’s my best of, as of right now. . . "

SLC: Blue Iguana v. Red Iguana

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 22:26:46 GMT Evidence to back your claim up. Blue Iguana was purchased from the Red Iguana family.

Want Recipe for Chubby's green chile (on 38th) Denver, CO

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 08:40:15 GMT

Wow. My best one yet.

Where to find New England Split Top Hot Dog Buns in Denver/Boulder?

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 04:08:37 GMT

That's ok new people are still looking for them :)

Thanksgiving dinner

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 01:08:57 GMT

This place? Looks like a great choice. Would love to hear back after Thanksgiving to know if you liked it.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 20:27:56 GMT

We had a nice dinner at the Albany. Their specialty isa prime rib for $20 or so. I'm not certain it was prime, but it was tasty and rare as ordered. Mrs. DCBBQ was pleased with a very fresh dinner salad. And we had a good lunch at Tasty Bones BBQ. OR at least the pork and the ribs were good. The brisket was just plan bad. They have Filipino as well as BBQ dishes, and I think that influence is felt in the pork and particularly in the ribs. A Filipino dish at the next table looked tasty.

Wyoming Trip Report

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 05:32:36 GMT

Part 2 of our great expedition to see the eclipse of 2017, going through Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Again, the stars are my score given out on “Trip Advisor” (Click on my user name to find the other parts.) Blue Lion, Jackson, WY -- 4 Stars First thing we noticed was that it was crowded! Monday night in August. Glad we had a reservation. Sat down and were presented with a nice looking menu, with a lot of interesting options. We started with the soup of the day, cheddar broccoli. Yum! From there went to our mains (which included a salad). Salads were obviously pre-prepped, right out of the fridge, with the plates being quite cold, and the lettuce noticeably cold as well. Wife went with the Elk Tenderloin & Trout combo (surf & turf?) while I went with the Bison Tenderloin. Really liked the mushroom & bacon gravy that came with the elk, and the huckleberry sauce was also quite nice on the bison. Trout was nice too, a good combo. Mains came with the veggie of the day, which was carrots today. I would prefer mixed veggies rather than a single kind (what if you don’t like that kind?). We had a side of morels in cream sauce (a seasonal special), very tasty! Great to dip the bread into, that’s for sure! Skipped dessert because we were stuffed, but they looked good. We had a couple of glasses of Malbec with the meal. Wine list is dominantly California and imports. I suggest they look to Washington and Oregon a bit, so close, seems they should be the wines of choice. I thought the meat portions (elk & bison), however good tasting they were, were a bit small for the money. Tourist haven prices, of course. I do wonder if the elk alone, without the trout, would have been a bigger portion of meat? Even so, the portion of bison was small for the $$$. However, the trout was huge. I mean HUGE! We ended up splitting the trout and that is what filled us up. Note we don’t eat a lot of carbs, so we skipped most of them, left them on the plate. With eating the carbs, we would have been even more stuffed. But still, for the price, seems to me more meat was in order, starches are cheap. Interestingly, the elk & trout came with two starches, both potatoes and rice pilaf. The rice was very good. About service: Generally attentive, pleasant, friendly but, we did ask for “no” starches & extra veggies, but were served them anyway. Also, when it came time to pay, our server disappeared and we never saw her again. Shift change? Eventually a bus boy took our credit card. The also ran out of large bottles of sparkling water. Perhaps still waiting for the delivery after a busy weekend? The ambiance is pleasant but very noisy. We sat in the main house, there is also an area under an awning (with walls). I’m not sure that would have been as nice. Parking sucks. Street parking only and not enough of it. Be prepared to drive around for a few minutes looking for a spot and to have to walk a couple blocks. Overall, a good choice! Snake River Grill, Jackson, WY – 5 Stars Upscale (white table cloth) ambiance and nice décor that sets the tone the moment you walk in. Staff very helpful, attentive and friendly. Ordered the snap pea & radish small plate, Little Gem & Cherry salad first course, the Elk Filet in mole sauce and a daily special, the BLT Scallops. All were wonderful. For dessert went with the special, peach pie and the homemade donuts. Again, very good. Got a free “taster” of the Eskimo bar. Also very good. Too much food. Wine was a glass of Albarino and a ½ bottle of Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot. Love to see the half bottles on the list. Too m[...]

Utah Trip Report

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 05:30:30 GMT

Part 1 of our Great America Eclipse Trip. There are three more parts, covering Wyoming, Nevada and Los Angeles. Click on my user name and you can find all my trip reports. As I also use Trip Advisor, both to report and for research, the “stars” are my scores that I post on Trip Advisor. Chef Alfredo’s, Cedar City, UT --- 4 stars Menu is adventurous, lots of good sounding options. Service is very friendly, mostly good. Had to ask twice for sparkling water, asked for a house water refill that never came. Otherwise, no problems. Ambience is “strip mall” nice. They have an outdoor waiting area that is probably too hot on some days, but otherwise looks fine. Ordered Pomodori and Gorgonzola salads. Both tasted great. Got the small, was so good wished I got the large. Would be better if they just used the “hearts” of Romaine, but still a good salad. Nice bread, not a traditional baguette, more of a brioche style, tasty. Mains: Pollo Avolone: Lots of cheese, crab and shrimp in a chicken roulade, béchamel sauce. Heavy, but tasty, if you like the seafood. Vitello Chianti: Veal scallops topped with prosciutto, cheese and roasted peppers in a flavorful sauce. Would have preferred the peppers to be bigger pieces. But overall very tasty. Had an Italian sausage side. Note: This is a spicy sausage. Good, but if you prefer it sweet/mild, this isn’t for you. We got veggies as sides for both. They were nice portions, not over cooked. Broccoli, zucchini and carrots. Nothing adventurous about this, but prepared well. Overall a nice experience. HSL, Salt Lake City, UT -- 4 stars A few negatives right off the bat. Hate to nitpick, but when you get a list….can’t ignore it. Menu on website not up to date, first thing my wife noticed because she had her heart set on something that was gone, and no, it didn’t say “sample” or “subject to change” Tea light was not lit when we sat down, nor immediately thereafter (wife hates that, but they did light it later, halfway through our meal, must have a designated time) Waitress walked by several times after we put down menus before asking if we were ready, when we were obviously just sitting there. First glasses of wine the pour was light. We complained, and the 2nd drinks had more, definitely, more. The manager came by and explained they can only pour 5 oz, and she made sure we got the full 5 oz this time. No break or apology for the first round. Overall, I thought prices were a tad high. We ordered: Cauliflower in the style of General Tso – tasty! Charred cabbage w/ cheese and romesco Pork shank Bavette steak All were good, but the bavette steak was weakest of the four. Overall happy we went here, but they have room for improvement in the service department. Adding this here because it looks like a good resource others might be interested in

Planning a road trip from Sacramento, CA to Gray Summit, MO along I80

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 16:31:10 GMT

Great Full Gardens; Reno, Nevada The Martin Hotel; Winnemucca, Nevada Wasatch Brewery and Restaurant; Salt Lake City, Utah The Albany; Cheyenne, Wyoming Luigi's Italian Restaurant; North Platte, Nebraska Fireworks Restaurant; Lincoln, Nebraska Lazlo's Brewery and Grill; Lincoln, Nebraska Arthur Bryant's Barbeque; Kansas City, Missouri McCoy's Public House; Kansas City, Missouri

Vail/Beaver Creek dining update pls

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 20:39:43 GMT

Hoping for updated post on excellent restaurants. We will be in Vail for 3 nights and Beaver Creek for 3 nights mid September. Any suggestions for fabulous dining? Doesn't have to be fancy, we are open to varied cuisines but generally we prefer upscale and emphasis on food and wine quality. Thanks, ann

Curry Leaves in Denver area

Sun, 30 Jul 2017 03:11:29 GMT

Hi! I love southern Indian cooking and love using fresh curry leaves. I've had mixed success finding these at Indian groceries in the past. I'm new to the Denver area and would be thrilled if someone could point me to a place that sells them. Thanks!

1 night in Denver

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 21:20:38 GMT

Hi we will be staying in a Denver for only one night and would like a good Italian restaurant. Not super fancy, we are traveling with the kids (11 and 9) but it can be around 25$ for entrees. We will be staying at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown address: 818 17th street Thank you!