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Comments on On the Other Hand: Today

Updated: 2017-08-13T00:39:28.428-07:00


Anon, where did you read that this area was primar...


Anon, where did you read that this area was primarily Democratic? You lost me there.

Most people have strong feelings about abortion because it is a sexual issue, a life/death issue, a legal issue, a medical issue, and a moral issue all rolled into one. The problem is that we tend to dichotomize and demonize those who don't believe like we do.

While I am strongly against abortion, I've come to realize that being against something doesn't always mean throwing people in jail. I am also strongly against cigarette smoking, dropping out of school, and numerous other actions that I consider detrimental to society. Criminalization isn't always the best answer.

I've been involved in pregnancy and abortion-related issues since I was 17. I adopted one of my daughters. I worked for several years in crisis pregnancy centers and a maternity home, then answered a post-abortion hotline for several years, while also founding a home for troubled teenage girls (some pregnant, some not)so they could finish their education after getting in trouble at home or with the law or with drugs.

I have assisted hundreds of young mothers who faced this decision, with my focus being on helping those who wanted to deliver their babies. In some cases helping them meant taking them home with me. I held their hands during labor, taught them to breastfeed & diaper & rock their babies, and if they wanted I helped them through the process of placing their little ones with an adoptive couple.

I tend to think that was a little more effective than just screaming "Baby killer!" at them and demanding that someone throw them in jail.

Obama does have plans to address abortion, by bringing both sides together as Believer said. I hope he won't be too overwhelmed with the economy and extricating the US from all these foreign wars, because it is an important issue. The abortion rate in the US is much too high, and it is an indicator of poverty, lack of health care options, and lack of opportunity.

Anon., Obama is not actually FOR abortion and has...


Anon., Obama is not actually FOR abortion and has so stated. He is also not for women's bodies being controlled by politicians or others. The present suggested bills for stopping abortion, also completely prohibit any abortion for any reason. This is also not good. I look forward to Obama's cabinet finding a more acceptable middle ground.

This area is primarily democrat?? Where do you get...


This area is primarily democrat?? Where do you get your information from?? You must only be considering the people you know and are around on a daily basis. Didn't you watch the results for the state of Georgia on election night?? It was for McCain... so at least the majority of the state still has some sense. I don't see how you can have 6 children but support someone who is for abortion. Speaking from having been through 2 years of infertility, I could NEVER vote for ANYONE who is for abortion. Think about it.

You've been so quiet Jeannie.when is the next wond...


You've been so quiet Jeannie.

when is the next wonderful post coming??

Good piece; and our mutual friend JPierce has a gr...


Good piece; and our mutual friend JPierce has a great piece on John Lewis at his blog today.
Read the comments. Pierce has a promising interview with UVA's Charles Marsh we'll want to see in his December issue.
Don't take such long breaks this month. Look forward to some of your analysis of what all this means.
I did see one troubling map; our region is trending red while the rest of the country is trending blue.
NY Times but I have had trouble finding it since I saw it yesterday.

Tuesday night, I didn't start crying till the result snuck up on me at 11. Flawwed as he is, Jesse Jackson's tears in the crowd at Grant Park messed me up.

Doesn't "President Obama" sound nice? A very appr...


Doesn't "President Obama" sound nice? A very appropriate, very descriptive piece. Thanks.