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The Jones Chronicles

The Jones Chronicles "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

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Turning a House into a Home (on a Budget)...Part 1


So, we've lived in this house for 21 months....and it FINALLY feels like HOME! :)  Anyone that has been to our house, knows that I'm not too sure what the person that designed this house was thinking when they designed this floor plan....the front room has been a thorn in my side.  Never quite sure how to use this space effectively....until NOW!  We have turned this room into our living room and I am in love with it!  The couch we inherited from my brother (who inherited it from my mother....yes this is the couch we had when I was in elementary school....we won't go into how old this couch is...but its still in excellent shape) is a little big for this room, but I think its going to work.  Now for the budget part (in case anyone cares).....we did this entire room makeover for $20!!  Yup, that includes paint, curtains and anything else we bought to decorate with (although we only bought 2 things to decorate with, everything else  is re-purposed stuff around the house!) are some pictures!Before...right side of the roomBefore....A view of the stairs, looking down towards the kitchenBefore....A view of the left side of the roomBefore....our front doorDuring....our kids and the neighbor's kids all wanted to helpAfter...right side of the room/stairsAfter....left side of the roomAfter...front doorAfter....the view from the stairsAfter...another view of the right side of the roomStay tuned....we're on a mission to redo our entire house...ON A BUDGET![...]

Starting Off Summer Right


Our Summer Bucket List has been great at helping up come up with things to do during the day.   I am making it a goal of mine to keep my camera on me so that I can get more pictures, because unfortunately I don't have pictures of everything we've done thus far.  But, at least we're doing it.  So, here are the things we can mark off our list:3. Go on a Family Date to Sweet Frog - This we actually did on the girls last day of school.  John was off that day so we picked them up and all went to celebrate the official start of summer.  We decided on that day that we would like to make it a tradition to go out for ice cream on the last day of school each year.  Someone help me remember that next year, ok?6. Go see Josiah and Joella - Actually, they came to see us....but none the less we got to hang out with the Waters family.  They came to our neighborhood and went swimming with us.  It was GREAT fun!!  We are definitely aiming to achieve this item again this summer!!Eating a picnic lunch at the pool with Josiah and Joella8. Play on the Slip N Slide - Our friends the Hambrick family came over to help us with this one.  And we made it a bit more interesting by putting a slide at the front.  The girls all played on it for 10 minutes and then were bored, but Jeremiah and Eli had a GREAT time! 16. Bake a Cake and Decorate It - For my birthday last month my mom gave me a cake decorating class.  So far I've had 2 lessons and have really enjoyed myself!  Thanks to this class, I have already decorated 2 cakes! :)33. Read 112 New Books - We are 13 books into this one.  So far we've read: 1. Fancy Nancy and the Too Loose Tooth2. If I built a car3. 1001 Bugs to spot4. Human Muscles5. Amelia Bedila's family album6. Tools we Use: Doctors7. Amelia Bedila Under Construction8. Nurses at Work9. Amelia Bedila10. The Rules11.  Potty12. Merry Christmas Curious George13. Old Hat, New Hat35. Catch Lightning Bugs - I tried to get a picture of this, but they just turned out so dark :(  But they have had a great time doing this, we've done it 3 or 4 times now! :)37. Feed Some Ducks - We only had 3 ducks show up for lunch, but the kids had a great time!  Now we know where to go and its really close by, so we hope to go again soon!!  Jeremiah says he would have had much more fun if the ducks had gotten out of the water and eaten straight out of his hand....but I'm betting if they had gotten out of the water he would have run off screaming!Stay tuned for more bucket list fun......[...]

Good Bye Pre-School


Dear Kathryn and Kimberly,This week we have said goodbye to pre-school.  Your Daddy keeps saying "Its the end of an era" and I guess he's right.  Last summer, we decided that we were going to homeschool you for pre-school to see how it went and decide if we wanted to homeschool you for kindergarten.  But, then at the last minute you were accepted into the NC Pre-K program at the Children's Campus, so thats where you went. On the first day you were super excited and didn't appear to be nervous at all.  I think you guys are pretty lucky to be twins, because you were able to take your sister with you on this journey.  You had a great first day and a fantastic year.  Your teachers and even the director of the school said they loved having you there.You both learned so much this year, I'm so glad we ended up choosing to let you go to pre-school.  I have seen you both come out of your shells and really start to develop your own personalities this year. Kimberly, you have always been (and I believe always will be) a very tenderhearted person.  You always want to make sure everyone is happy and everyone is included.  You love arts and crafts, and you love it even more when you get to make something to give to someone.  You love to wear dresses and leggings, and you love to have your hair done in new ways.  You are a sweet, loving, giving person and I pray you will stay that way forever!Kathryn, you are a very independent person!  You love to figure things out for yourself and you love learning new things.  You are also one of the most helpful people I have ever met!  Whenever I need help with something, I know I can count on you to help.  When I asked you what you loved most about pre-school, you told me when the teachers let you help set up lunch.  You love to wear t-shirts and shorts and you'd prefer to just brush your hair and leave it down.  You are a loving, helpful, determined person and I pray you will stay that way forever.I am so PROUD of you girls!  Not just for what you learned and accomplished this year....but because you gave your best effort!  Its not always the end product that counts, but the effort you give and the lessons you learn along the way that is important!  No matter where you go in life, I will always be proud of you for giving your best efforts!Always remember that I love you!  I will ALWAYS love you!!MommyP.S. In case you ever forget all the fun we had celebrating your preschool graduation, here are some pictures for you.On Tuesday night we had cupcakes and did sparklers with the kids on our cul-d-sac:Kathryn KimberlyWOO HOO!  We're Graduating!!!!The morning of your graduation.  Kathryn in polka dots and Kimberly in purple.Standing with your classSinging songsKathryn receiving her diplomaKimberly receiving her diplomaCongrats to the graduate!Ms. ThelmaOne Proud Mommy!Our FamilyYour friend Ella who came with usGranny K[...]

Summer 2012


So, the girls are graduating preschool in 3 days!  (Thats a whole post in itself...I can't believe its happening!  They are growing up too fast!) anticipation of Summer, we sat down as a family and created a bucket list of things we want to do this summer.  Mommy and Daddy helped with some suggestions, but for the most part these are straight from the kids!  I'm hoping to keep a digital journal of our accomplishments right here on this blog.  As the kids keep saying..."We're going to be super busy this summer!" Summer 2012 Bucket List1. Go Swimming....LOTS2. Have a cookout at Jordan Lake3. Go on a Family Date to Sweet Frog4. Make Homemade Ice Cream5. Go Fishing6. Go see Josiah and Joella7. Visit 3 new parks in the area8. Play on the Slip N Slide9. Bake cookies and share with all our neighbors on our cul-d-sac10. Visit a nursing home11. Take Mama to Lunch12. Go to the NC Zoo13. Have a water balloon fight14. Eat a sno-cone15. Find a free outdoor music concert16. Bake and decorate a cake 17. Pick out a new recipe and try it18. Have a family race19. Make an obstacle course in our yard20. Go to an outdoor movie21. Go Bowling22. Watch fireworks23. Family picnic at the airport24. Build a tower25. Go on a hike26. Go on a Family Bike Ride27. Take a Family Walk28. Visit all 3 sets of Grandparents29. Sleep in the tent in our back yard30. Catch 5 different bugs and learn everything we can about each one31. Watch 3 new movies32. Take Ms. Carla out for ice cram33. Read 112 new books34. Memorize 10 new Bible verses as a family35. Catch lightening bugs36. Visit a farm and feed some horses37. Feed  some ducks38. Lay in the grass and observe the clouds39. Visit the free museums in downtown Raleigh40. Grow something from seeds41. Take a walk in downtown Raleigh42. Learn 5 new songs43. Read the Bible every morning44. Have a doughnut breakfast picnic at the park45. Have 3 families over for dinner46. Sing songs before bed47. Host a mother/daughter tea/talent show with friends48. Have a dance party49. Have a parade with the kids on our cul-d-sac50. Send a letter to 20 people[...]

Remembering the firsts...thinking about eternity


Maybe its because we've been doing a lot of talk about kindergarten lately, or maybe because I know too many people having babies...but I've been doing a lot of thinking about my BABIES! So, I thought we would take a little picture journey through some important "firsts" for our family....The first time I held Kathryn. She was roughly 4ish hours old here.Holding Kimberly for the first time. Due to some breathing issues I didn't get to hold her for 24 hours....I was so happy to finally have her in my arms.The first picture of the girls together....I wish I could remember my thoughts at this moment...Our first family of 4 picture (wow I look rough...but it is our first family picture)My first kisses to Jeremiah. I got to hold him like this for all of like 30 seconds until they whisked him away and then I had to wait another 5 days to pick him up and hold him. Man was that hard!Daddy holds Jeremiah for the first timeKimberly holding Jeremiah for the first time (Kimberly is 1 day shy of being 2 years old in this picture)Kathryn holds Jeremiah for the first time (Kathryn is also 1 day shy of turning 2 in this picture)Our first picture as a family of 5! :)Its fun to walk down memory lane and think about all these moments of firsts that have created our family. It also makes me think about how quickly time feels like just yesterday...Which makes me think about how our time here on earth is such a short blip on the timeline of eternity. Although, I have to admit that thought is actually one of comfort to me...because I know it won't be long before I see my Savior face to face and get to spend eternity in His presence. Which leads me to think about the people in my life that DON'T know Jesus and thus won't spend eternity with Him. It reminds me of the importance of bringing my children up in the reminds me of the importance of living so that God's love is reminds me the importance of stepping outside of my comfort zone so that others may be reached.May today be a another day of firsts...a first for someone to meet Jesus![...]

Ordinary Days...Extraordinary Moments


Sometimes the most "ordinary" of days, bring about the extraordinary moments that become memories over the years. Today was one of those days for us. We started the day at an open house for a possible school next year, then spent a good part of the rest of the day outside. We even went to the park in our neighborhood for awhile...The girls have discovered how to climb on top of the monkey barsAnd aren't they cute? Reminds me of when they were little and I had a billion pictures of them together...I'm thankful to have captured one of them today! :)Jeremiah is trying to be as tall as his sisters, instead ended up kissing the bar...(if he's sick in a few days at least I'll know why ;) )Jeremiah can't climb on top of the monkey bars, but he can do the big ladder.And he even takes a second to pause and say hey to Mommy! Kimberly has even discovered how to do the big girl monkey barsLook...Kathryn can do it too!And look we can even do it together...Kimberly did get a bit impatient waiting on Kathryn to finishAnd just in case you wanted to see it in action width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">One day they'll be too big for the monkey bars...but for today its a memory it the making.What extraordinary moments did you have in your ordinary day?[...]

Starting Again...


So, I've been thinking for sometime about starting the blog back again. A couple of months ago I tried, but couldn't remember the password to log in. So, tonight I looked up an old post to share something with a friend and after reading through old posts, I'm reminded WHY I wanted to do this....It's SO much fun looking back through and seeing what the kids were up here I go again, lets try again. Maybe I will actually make this about more than just the kids too...but I'm not sure what else to talk about, but we'll see what I come up with. Anyway, thanks for coming back to my blog and joining me on this journey. Maybe one day soon I'll get around to updating the pictures at the top, but for now, I'll just give a quick update on where everyone is now, and of course some pictures! :)When John is not busy playing Pretty pretty Princess, he works at HCL America in Cary, NC. He's very happy there, as he is support Boeing...and anyone that knows John knows how much he LOVES airplanes!! I'm sure no one is shocked to learn that John is an excellent father. The kids have him wrapped around their little fingers, of course, but they also know without a doubt that their Daddy loves them and cherishes them!Kathryn is now 5! Its crazy how fast time flies! She is in pre-school and loving every minute. Well, maybe I shouldn't say every minute, she tells me she doesn't like naptime, but other then that she's loving it. Kathryn is one of the most helpful little kids I have ever met. She definitely has inherited her Daddy's servant heart. She likes to help do the laundry, dishes, dusting, take out the trash...just about anything she can to help. She's also my more serious child, as you can see in this picture. She has a beautiful smile, but she's not as willing to share it. Kathryn loves to play soccer, football, basketball...or any other activity involving a ball. I believe there'll be many sports teams in her future.Kimberly is also 5, DUH! Her and Kathryn are in the same class for pre-school, although surprisingly they don't do much together. It's neat to see their individual personalities popping out. Kimberly is full of laughs and is one of the bubbliest people I have ever met. She talks constantly and is always trying to make me laugh. She also has one of the biggest hearts! She is so compassionate and really wants to make sure everyone is well taken care of and well loved. I believe she'd give a hug to everyone she passed if I'd let her...but then we'd never get anywhere!! She definitely has a heart for those that are hurting and wants to help them feel better. I believe we might have a nurse in our family one day!Jeremiah is now 3....and every bit of 3! Tantrums and strong willed and so cute I could eat him up! He has a very strong temper, but the amount of love he showers on us outweighs that big time! He loves to run to me and beg me to dance with him. His favorite stuffed animal is his little lamb, which he has named "nunya". He did have 2 Nunya's but he recently gave one of them to me....and knowing how much he LOVES these lambs, I must say I am very touched to have one that now sleeps with me. Probably one of the sweetest gifts I have ever been given. Well, thats about all I have to say for tonight. Here's to hoping that I'll follow through with updates this time. For now, just a few more pictures....The kids being silly...or every day life! The kids on Christmas Eve in their new jammies and dolls/bear with matching jammies. Notice the 2 lambs in Jeremiah's right arm...those are Nunyas.[...]

While I'm here


While I'm here, I might as well go ahead and give you an update, right? Well, we are now living back in the Triangle area for me to work at Duke. John is enjoying being a stay at home dad right now...although I've been told many times by the girls that its time for Daddy to go back to work so that Mommy can stay home again. LOL! It sure is different for me to be back in the working world, but it seems to be going ok. Kathryn and Kimberly turned 4 last month and Jeremiah turned 2 just for that. Its hard to believe they're getting so old! Kimberly is the proud new owner of glasses...when she doesn't lose them!

Anyway, my camera has been missing for the last few months so I don't have any pictures to share right now. I'm hoping Santa will read this and bring me a new camera ;).

Hope all is well in your worlds!

Free Shutterfly Christmas Cards


Hey Everyone!! I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I hope you'll all come over and see this because if you blog about Shutterfly then you can get free Christmas Prints! Shutterfly has some great prices on all kinds of things, so be sure to flutter over to Shutterfly:

Please be praying for us!


Several things that we could some prayer on right now:

1. John lost his job last week. Please pray for a job for one of us, doesn't matter which one, and quickly!

2. Kathryn has her tonsils/adnoids out tomorrow.

3. Jeremiah has had a fever/rash since June 2, and they have run every test they can think of and still no explanation. The doctor suggested today to admit him to the hospital and monitor him for a couple of days, but I just couldn't do that with Kathryn having surgery tomorrow. So, they're going to do some stool samples, they did a TB test, and I have to keep a very detailed journal for the next 6 days. We go back on Monday morning and if the fever is not gone, then they'll probably admit him then. At least by then Kathryn should be feeling mostly better and I could focus on him for a few days.

4. KIMBERLY! She's the only one not dealing with any medical issues, but I think she's the one that has had the hardest time lately. She's my sensitive child and has the biggest heart of any 3 year old I have ever met. When one of her siblings gets hurt, I think she cries harder then they do. Knowing how she was handling things is another reason we asked the doctor to hold off putting Jeremiah in the hospital. As soon as the doctor mentioned it John looked at me and said "that would seriously push Kimberly over the edge." So please pray for her right now. On Thursday she is going to Nana and Poppa's house, so hopefully the one on one attention will help her right now. She already has plans to be Kathryn's nurse tomorrow when she gets home, but I really think going to Nana and Poppas house will do her good after that!

Thanks everyone! :)

What to write about?


Well, I sat down here to update the blog (trying to be good to my word) and was trying to think of something to say. Nothing inspiring has come to mind, so maybe I'll just post a few pictures and try to think of something to say later. I'm sure you all would rather just see pictures anyway, right? ;)

Jeremiah being silly and wearing one of the girl's old hats.
Daddy's Happy Fathers Day Cookie...the girls took it upon themselves to bring it to the table, and Jeremiah helped himself. LOL!
Kisses for Daddy!
Daddy wearing his new shirt/tie he got for Fathers Day.



Wow! I can't believe its really been a year since I have updated! I am so sorry! So, here's a quick recap from the last year: Last June, John was still unemployed, so we spent a lot of time together as a family (including a nice vacation to the beach thanks to Granny K and Papa Gene!). Then in October, John was offered a position at Velocity Solutions in Wilmington, NC. They wanted him to start immediately, so they put us up in a condo at Wrightsville beach for a month. During that month, Jeremiah turned 1 and Kathryn and Kimberly turned 3. Then we moved into a townhouse in Leland, NC, just over the Cape Fear River from Wilmington. Since then we have really enjoyed getting settled in here, spending as much time as possible at the beach and exploring the area. We've gotten involved with East Coast Baptist Church, which is a new church to this area, and John is leading the music for Church, and loving every minute of it! We are so excited to be back in NC and closer to family. I didn't want to overload the blog with pictures, so I compiled pictures from the last year into a video and added some music and so when you have about 12 minutes to spare and want to be overwhelmed with cuteness and laughter, its worth the time it takes to load! (Of course I might be a bit biased, LOL!) I hope all is well with you and your family and I hope I can be better about updating over the next year then I was in the last year!

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Big Man Jeremiah! :)


Look what Jeremiah figured out how to do today...can you believe it? He is just growing up WAY too fast!

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When I see you Smile


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Hope you enjoy the video. This is a collection of pictures from 2009. Its hard to believe this year is almost half over already!

A side note:

For anyone interested...the job hunt is still going on. We've each had a few interviews, but nothing has come up yet. We know God is in control and He is definitely taking care of us. Please continue to pray that we will remain patient until the right job is found!

Jeremiah eating Puffs


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JUMP Jeremiah JUMP


This boy LOVES to move...especially jumping!! Just had to share a small clip with you...but the boy would happily jump for hours if we'd let him...and who wouldn't with the encouragement you can hear his sister giving him ;). Enjoy! :)

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Being silly!
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And now the correct way...
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Fun at the Park


So, we found this new park in town (Thanks Mrs. Traci) and the girls had a blast! Check out the cool slide down the hill into the sandbox! Jeremiah appears to be having fun too! :) We were even able to feed the fish in the little pond! (Although Mommy says we made her too nervous on that little hill by the water and that we won't be feeding the fish again anytime soon!)


Fun on the slide


Kathryn and Kimberly loved playing on this slide!! I'm even more amused at Kimberly going up the slide BACKWARDS, she is so funny!!

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Kathryn Climbing


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Ok, so here's the story with this.  When we first walked by the climbing wall I offered to help the girls climb it...Kathryn was scared and wanted nothing to do with it.  Kimberly wanted help, but after she climbed it said no more.  So, we went on.  Next thing we know...Kathryn is almost at the top ALL BY HERSELF, we weren't even standing right there.  So, of course Mommy made her do it again so I could watch!!  She's such a big girl!

Our Personalities


Just thought you would like a glimpse of personalities....

This is Kimberly...her spunky, silly personality shines through with the pigtails, elmo clips and silly grin! She just LOVES to laugh!

Jeremiah is such a happy baby...he LOVES to smile and that is how you find him most of the time. He especially loves smiling and laughing at his sisters!

This is Kathryn's look that gets her whatever she wants from Daddy! Can you see her sweet, gentle side coming out? She is so full of love and is known to give some great hugs at some of the most random times!

Dress up time


What do you get after being locked up in the house for 2 weeks with everyone being sick?....BORED! So, we dressed the kids up in their Easter Outfits and took some pictures. It sure is hard to get them all to look at the camera and smile, but you should enjoy these....


Reading to Jeremiah


The girls love to entertain Kimberly is reading him a book

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Everyday life...


Happy Boy in his high chair!
Kathryn and Kimberly, just playing and looking cute! 
(and wearing pink in honor of Carynne and Sydney)

Jeremiah loves playing with his choo-choo train

Thanks to Granny-K for passing down some cake pans...Mommy got brave and decided to see what she could do...I think it turned out nicely!  The girls were in LOVE!  Before they went to bed Saturday night, they ran into the kitchen and looked at Elmo and said "Night Night Elmo I love you" and blew kisses at the cake!  When Kimberly woke up crying about 10pm she kept saying "Elmo Elmo" finally we figured out what she we brought her the elmo cake, she said "night night Elmo I love you" and then went right back to sleep!  Silly girl!

You Know you'rea Mommy when...


Notice the hair clips?! You know you're a Mommy when you will wear Cookie Monster hair clips ;) Kimberly is wearing Elmo clips and Kathryn is wearing big bird clips