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Twins' Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday


Ella was so excited to get her blue wig on!(image) Carter's eyes say it all. He's a mess, but so much fun!
(image) In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, the twins were ask to dress up like some of the characters in his book. What could be more fitting for twins, then Thing 1 and Thing 2. Mike fixed their shirts at work and we borrowed the wigs from a sweet family at my school. I thought they turned out to be pretty cute for last minute plans. These two are just too funny! Love them to pieces. So, glad God blessed me with twins.

Have a great day,





My little Ella is now taking gymnastics at Cheer Force. She loves it! We count down to every Wednesday night for her class. This is the only picture I have taken so far. I started her young hoping she'll be a good tumbler. I hope her love for gymnastics continues. Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss day at Holy Trinity, so I'll post pics of Thing 1 and Thing 2 tomorrow. They'll be so cute.

Thanks for checking in,


Can't believe it's been so long!


WOW! Where in the world does time go to? I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged on my page. I guess I have been so busy I pushed it on the back burner. However, after looking at some great pics of my kiddos I thought it was time I started back blogging. School's just back in session and summer has come to an end. The Whittle house sure did have a great summer. It was the first for a lot of things. Caden joined the swim team at our local country club, hey he even joined the dive team too. At the beginning of summer, I was afraid to let him go to the diving boards without me watching. Wow! He's pretty good now.Getting ready for a dive meetThese two he's getting ready for the final meet of the summer....which is called South Central.Then you have the twins, who were both wearing arm floats at the beginning of summer. Well with the help of some really GREAT swim coaches at the club, Ella or Carter no longer need arm floats. Now Ella never wears them but Carter still does because he's too lazy to go without them. And you'll see in this pic, who is still wearing their arm floats.....ugh! He's so funny though! We've had some really great birthday parties this summer, including mine, and took a little short two day trip up to French Lick to an indoor water park. Man, it feels like I have tons to catch up on. I'll try to update more tomorrow night. Thanks for checking in,[...]

Things you do for your kids......


Wow! It's amazing the things you'll do for your kids. You see these precious three little kiddos here in this picture. Well, I think I live for them.
Today, I started a new teaching job. I job I think I am going to love, but I left a school that I had been at for 8 years. It's really easy to leave a job that makes you unhappy or to leave if you don't really connect with your co-workers. Well, I loved every single person I worked with and I was truly happy and content. But, I made this change for my son and the twins who will eventually be there. Every since he started his first day of kindergarten he has begged to go to school with me. I knew the school he was at was the school he needed to be at, so I didn't bring him with me. I've eat a lot of words. I always said I wanted my kids to go to a different school than the one I was teaching at, but now I believe otherwise.
Today, marks the beginning of something really special for our family. I finally get to be at the same school as Caden. I truly know after seeing my son's face this morning that I have done what was best for our family. Caden has been counting down the days until he could ride to school with me. All he has cared about is being called a "staff student." WOW! It's the simpliest things in life, isn't it? I truly miss my family at Bristow, but know after today that Briarwood will soon be my new family. What a great group of caring individuals. Everyone was so welcoming today! Kids sometimes make you step outside your comfort zones. Caden made me step out of mine, and someday I'll thank him.
I'm real excited to see what this year will bring for Caden and I? I'll get to see a small glimpse of his kindergarten year now that I am at the same school. I hate to admit my husband is right. He really pushed for me to transfer and I fought it all the way! Thanks, honey for making me step outside my comfort zone.

I love love love it! And to think I did it all for my kids. Isn't that what it's all about anyways? Family? Oh, how I love my family.

Wish me luck as I began this new journey.


5 years old......already?


I just can't belive my oldest baby is already 5 years old?  Where does time go?  It seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with him.  I remember the day, time, and every detail of that very special moment.  Caden was our little miracle. After trying for two years, our dream was finally becoming a reality.  Caden has blessed my life in ways I could never imagine.  Not only did he just turn five.......he's starting Kindergarten.  WOW!  I just can't believe how fast time really does fly by.   To my little Caden,You're the first born and how special you are to us.  We've learned so many things for you.  You've taught mommy and daddy to love unselfishly and to love in a way we never knew we could.  You've given us so many laughs over the past 5 years....and worries too!  We've learned never to take anything for granted.  God gave us a specail gift when you entered our lives......a gift we'll forever be grateful for.  WE love you more than you could ever imagine....and we hope you'll continue to shine with that precious smile of yours.  Thanks for making our family complete.  We love you little buddy!Below are a few pictures from his birthday and his first day of school.  Whew...that was a hard on us.  I cried and cried.  However, Caden was fine and he loves school, so that is comforting.  Happy Birthday, CadenHere's his cool cute...he loved it!  Bakugans are his favorite right now.We actually got a family pic!  That doesn't happen to often.  It turned out pretty well!Caden loved loved loved all his presents!  He had a good time!This pic shows just how good of a time he was having!Caden was learning his routine from one of his teachers!Caden hanging by his locker.....his locker was one of the reasons he was sooo excited about starting school!Caden and Mommy.....trying to hold back the tears!WOW!  Everyone has always told me time would fly by and boy does it.  My first baby is starting kindergarten!  It sure is hard to let them go, but as long he is loving it...that is all that matters.  His smily melts my heart![...]

My twins are three? Where did time go?


I can't believe our twins, Carter and Ella, are already three years old.  They are blessing from above.  After experiencing years of infertility, help to have Caden, and many nights of praying for more children......we can definitely say getting pregnant with these babies was a miracle from GOD!  Not only was I shocked to be pregnant but to be pregnant with two!  WOW, double the blessings from above.  These two have brought so much joy to our lives, we are blessed beyond belief.  It's been an adventurous journey raising twins, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.  Ella, is the little girl I always dreamed of.  Her big blues eyes melt her daddy's heart and her sweet smile melts mine.  She's beautiful and everything we could have hoped for and more.  Then there's Carter, funnier than just about anyone I know.  He keeps us laughing and at a loss for words.  His big brown eyes make him a handsome little guy.  I just don't have the words to tell you how much love I have in my heart for this fellow.  Together, they are perfect, unique and the loves of our life.....along with their big brother Caden.  His post is coming!To my twins....Carter and Ella.Happy 3rd Birthday!  You'll never know how much happiness you two have brought to our family.  You have already taught us some many wonderful things.  We thank GOD everyday for bringing you two into our lives at the same time.  I always dreamed of twins, but never could I have imagined I would get twins as perfect as you two!  You'll always be my babies and I'll always love you both with all my heart and soul!This is their awesome cake.....Carter couldn't keep his hands out of it.Dora/Diego...perfect theme for boy/girl twins!Ella at Chuck E Cheese!Carter on his 3rd birthdayHe absolutely loves Chuckie ....Daddy's little this pic!Carter wearing his crown....he was king for the day!Blowing their candles love love these kiddos!We had all kinds of twins there. This was the set of boy twins. Morgan and GrantThen a set of girl twins...Madison and Kennedy.  Sweet kiddos!Caden's 5th birthday party is tomorrow. I can't believe my biggest baby is already 5.  Where does time go?[...]

My 33rd Birthday!


WOW!  Is all I can say about my 33rd birthday!  I had a really awesome day.  Woke up to a really sweet card and birthday cake left by my husband, with a note of a scheduled massage at 12:15.  No kids....just relaxation!  Then I met my sweet friend, Lindsey, for lunch at El Mazatlan!  Yummy!  Later that night, my family met up with my mom, my sister's family plus her father-in-law, my friend Lindsey, and my other sister, Chelsea for a nice dinner at The Brickyard!  Great food.  We then came back to my house for cake and I got to open tons of presents!  I love presents!   Below are some pics of my fabulous day!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.  I know how truly lucky I am!                                                                   This is the place we celebrated my 33rd birthday......yummy food!  I would recommend! My sweet family....I am the luckiest girl I know!My sweet hubby and I .....he always goes above and beyond to make my day so special.  All six grandkids!  They make a dinner interesting.  Now I know why the hostess seated us in a room all by they were good!My mom.....greatest one in the world. The whole crew celebrating my birthday!  They know how to make a girl feel special!One of the greatest friends.....a girl could ask for..........Thanks Lindz for making my day great!My two sisters....I'm pretty lucky!My hubby had this cake made for me.....he knows how much I love Riley Bakery cakes!I know I am loved!Check out all these!  I'll have new clothes for school now!What a FABULOUS day I had!  Now on to celebrate my sweet kiddos' birthdays!  I mean can you believe all three of my kids have birthdays in July too?  You would think I would get overlooked, but all of you can tell from these pics I didn't. Also, I got a new camera from my mother in law, Donna!  Thanks Donna!  Now I can post pics more often!  Have a blessed Monday! [...]

Fireworks, Family, and Fun


We had a really good 4th of July, considering our plans were cancelled.  Our family, my sister's family and my mom were planning to go see the Bowling Green Hot Rods play some baseball and watch the fireworks after the game.  However, it started raining as soon as we stepped out of the car and pretty much continued the rest of the night.  So, we ended up at Buckhead Cafe and enjoyed a dinner together.  We then came back to our house for some dessert and Mike let all the kids light the sparklers.  The next night was much more beautiful, so we continued our plans with a cookout and some fireworks.  Great food, great fireworks, great family....what more could we ask for.I have several pics during our rainout and the following night.....enjoy!Ella was scared of the noise ......loved the fireworks but not the noise!  This is Carter man lighting his sparkler.....he got a little crazy with it and burned Chase's shorts.....Caden and friends.....or least Caden thinks so!This was the following night.  We all got to enjoy Mike shooting off some fireworks.  The kids had a blast!Mike was our firework MASTER.......he was determined everyone was going to light a firework on the 4th.....RAIN or SHINE.   These were the cupcakes I got for all the kiddos from Riley's Bakery.  They loved them!Chase in action......cute pic!Mom and Ella before she got soooooo nasty eating her cupcake!The adults actually got to enjoy a table of our own at dinner....While the kids had their own table.My little firecracker! this kid.........He hasn't put these flags down yet.......what a handsome little fellow!My sweet Ella in her patriotic hairbow.....Thanks Lindsey!  You help make her cuter all the time.Last of all, thanks to of our servicemen and women who fight for our rights each and every day.  Especially, Anthony, my brother in law.  We appreciate all you do!   We have a busy month ahead.  Four out of five of the Whittle bunch has birthdays this month.  So, you know what I'll be doing.  Planning, planning, and more planning of birthday parties.Have a blessed day,[...]

Happy Da Da's Day!


Yes, I know it has been forever.  However, my really good cannon rebel digital camera got stolen so I have been borrowing my mother in laws until I can replace it.  Thanks, Donna!Anyways, enough with that.  My title says it all.  Happy Da Da's Day.  Yes, the twins still call him da da and we think it's pretty cute.  They happen to be the luckiest three kids in the world to have a dad like him.  I really used to dread father's day because of the relationship I have with my own father.  But ever since we've had kids I don't really dread it anymore.  I never was lucky enough to have such a hands-on dad, but I am sure glad I found a husband who has made the best dad ever for our three kids.  And you know I am not just saying this, he really is a fantastic da da!  One day I think they will realize just how lucky they are to have him.  I already know how lucky I am to have him.   We had a pretty awesome Father's Day.  It's always good when church is apart of your day.  We then came home and Mike got his Da Da's Day nap in.  Later on in the afternoon, we celebrated Da Da's Day with Mike's family.  We grilled out and then played some cards (one of  Mike's gifts was Phase 10 Twist).  Lots of fun was had by all!  Here a few pics of our afternoon cookout.Mike.....wonderful dad and awesome husband!  We're lucky!!!!Had to show his new t-shirt.....he's always proud to sport UK gear!He wanted to make sure I showed the back too.  He's pretty excited about the future at UK!Mike with his dad, James!  He's a great father/father in law/pa-paw to all of us. We're thankful for him too!  Ella just had to sneak in this picture.Dad with his three prize possessions!  I know he's a "PROUD" dad!!!Dad and his two boys.....he's always ready to take them four-wheeling, fishing, anything outdoors.Daddy's Girl...what more could a dad ask for.Thanks for checking in.  I hope you enjoyed celebrating your da da's day!  Better get in the bed...we're off to Imagination Station tomorrow.  I'll post more on that adventure later.[...]

Caden's Preschool Graduation!


Wow!  I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything.  As I look back, I know why. We have been so busy, yet having so much fun.  This is one of the greatest perks to being a teacher, we get to spend the summer with our families.  Well, lets see what's been going on since I last posted.  Caden graduated Preschool......whew........I know.  I can't believe it!  He's going to be in kindergarten next year.  He's grown up so much, and wow what a great kid he is. He helps me around here so much, and is the best big brother to the twins.  I'm proud of him!  I can only imagine all the great things he'll do!  I sure will miss seeing his face everyday next year at school, but I know he'll be in a great school with great teachers.  His little personality is so great, I'm sure he'll have tons of friends by the end of the first day of school.  We're going to enjoy every minute of this summer and treasure our time together.Here are a few pics from that day!  This is Caden's class.  He's had so much fun playing with these kiddos and will miss them next year, when he attends Briarwood!This is Caden's best buddy -Aiden.  They're two peas in a pod.  I think they had the teachers fooled.Mommy and Caden.  Thought I might cry, but I didn't.  I sure will miss my lil man being at school with me everyday.  He's such a sweet kid....I know he's mine, but he is!Caden and his preschool certificate.....Caden was chosen to hold the flag, during the ceremony.  Caden with his teachers.  I think they did a little bit of spoiling him rotten.  Thanks guys!!After school was out, Caden had his last soccer game, soccer team gathering, and t-ball games. We've also been swimming several times at the pool and lake, and last night we went to the drive in movies to see UP!  We're having a great summer so far.  I promise I'll post more often. We've got so many memories to make.Have a great Monday![...]

Our little dancer......


We have had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  On Saturday, Caden had a soccer game and then we all headed to the lake. This was the first time we have taken the twins on the boat.  They absolutely loved it.  But, can you believe I forgot my camera.  They didn't want to come home.  So, I guess we'll be at the lake a lot this summer.Then on Sunday, it was Ella's big day.  She had her recital.  I was so worried she wouldn't go on stage.  It was time to take her back there and she began to cry for me to stay.  I knew that wouldn't be a good idea, so I slipped off.  After getting back to my seat, I told Mike I didn't think she would go out there.  But to our surprise, THERE SHE WAS!  She did a fantastic job. I thought to myself, this is going too smooth. Boy, was I right!  When it was time for her group to go off stage, I guess Ella had something different in mind.  She decided she wanted to stay out there and then preceded to walk down the stairs to the audience.  I sure wanted to crawl under my seat, but I had to remind myself, she's only two!  Anyways, it turned out really good~ and she wants to take dance classes again!Here is a few pictures from our day at the Capitol Arts~Little Miss Priss in her yellow costume!  She sure is cute, though!Carter wanted to get on stage with Ella, but he gave up and went to sleep on Daddy's shoulder.Ms. Heather giving Ella her purple trophy....If you'll look in the back, she decided she was going to lay down and stare at me backstage.It's me and my lil man....Carter.  Everyone says he looks just like Caden.Traci and Erin were trying to make sure Ella was the prettiest up there.....girls have to have their lipstick.I guess she was happy the recital was over.....Ella in her pretty little yellow dress!Emily and Beth came to watch......thanks Emily for taking all the pics.Ella received flowers from her nana and her "re".  I guess she deserved them...lolMy mom, me, and Ella after the recital.........I can't believe we didn't get a family pic of the five of us.  It's always so rushed to get there and get back.  Most importantly, I want to thank all of our past/present soldiers and their families for their service to our country.  Thank you, Anthony!  I know we don't tell you enough.  We love you!Please pray for my mom!  She's in Arkansas for testing!  We're hoping for good news and that she's still in complete remission.  Check out her site... leave her some love.Also, say a prayer for my father in law, James.  He has his surgery on Thursday.  I'll keep you all updated soon!lots of love,[...]

Good times with funny little ones......


There is always something going on around our house.  If only I had more time to blog, I could fully entertain you all each day.  But, since I don't you'll just get little glimpses of the good times at the Whittle house.  I'm amazed at how busy our lives have become since we started dance with Ella  and soccer and t-ball with Caden.  School is about out and we are sooooo looking forward to some time with no schedules and a little more sleep will be nice as well.Here are a few pics we took at the ballpark the other night.   I also threw in some of Carter helping me clean Caden's vomit up.  I know, vomit, it's gross.  Mike and I were hurriedly trying to get the mess cleaned up and I wasn't paying any attention to Carter.  He had put Ella's pink rubber boots on and grabbed the mop.  Mike and I have never laughed so hard.  He knew he didn't want to get dirty, but couldn't find his own boots, so he grabbed Ella's.  Too cute.My good friend, Lindsey, came to the game last night so she took most of these pics for me.  She does a great job at taking pics, making bows, you name it, she can do it.  So glad she's my friend!Little Miss Ella at the ballpark.  Her favorite part of the game is playing in the sand!Carter in Ella's pink boots......he was only trying to help clean up the mess!How cute is he in those pink boots?Caden warming up for his big game!Catching a ball!!!!!On first, getting ready to run the bases!  Listening to his coach!He may not be the best, but I bet he's one of the fastest!Watch him run!  Watch fast.....he'll be gone!This was the first night he got to stand in the pitcher's circle.  He was excited!Dad got to help coach third base this game.  He's trying to get Caden to home plate! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.  I know our weekend is jammed packed.  Caden has soccer game on Saturday, Ella's dance recital on Sunday, and Caden soccer again on Monday.  Our lives are busy, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything.  I love it.  Be looking for pics from Ella's recital, keep your fingers crossed she goes out there and performs.[...]

So lucky......


I can't tell you all how lucky I am to be the mother of three really wonderful kiddos, and the daughter to the best mother in the entire world.  On Mother's Day last year, my mom was in Little Rock, Arkansas fighting for her life after completing her second stem cell transplant.  I was here wishing we could all be together.  Well, this year my wish came true.  I had my wonderful husband, three great kids, and my awesome mom all together to celebrate this special day.  After mom was diagnosed with cancer back in 2005, Mother's Days are even more special.  These beautiful flowers were brought to me at school and hand delivered by two of my special men, Caden and Mike.  Aren't they just beautiful?  I loved them!  The card Mike wrote brought tears to my eyes.  Mommy with her three kiddos......I wanted a picture of all of us after church, but the twins decided to take a nap, so I changed clothes! It's so hard to get a picture of the three of them and have them look the same way!Mommy and Carter.....This is the only one that everyone says looks like me!  I guess it's the brown eyes.Mommy and Ella.....the one everyone says looks just like must be the big, beautiful blue eyes.  Daddy has the same awesome eyes!   The little girl I've always dreamed of.Mommy and Caden.  He's a mixture of the both of us.  He's our miracle.  Caden came along at just the right time.  We thought we would never be able to have kids.   My mom and Caden!  You talk about one tough lady......she's the toughest I know.  I believe that my mom is the best around.  She's heading back to Arkansas for a check-up at the end of May.  Please pray for good news!Caden and all already know how sweet she is!I also got potted flowers from each one of my kiddos.  They potted the flowers themselves!  So sweet!  We went to church, headed out to lunch at Montana Grill, and then went to spend some time with Grandmother.  It was a perfect day!  I realize just how lucky I truly am.  I hope that each of you had an awesome day as well.   OH.....I almost forgot the best part of the day.  Ella stood up at church, in front of everyone, and said "I love my mommy!"  It was so clear and brought tears to my eyes.  That's the best present a mommy could get!I'm trying to get better on updating more often.  Hang in here with me, I'm learning.Have a good Thursday![...]

Sweetest Lady in the World


On April 29th, we celebrated my sweet grandmother's 88th birthday at Mariah's.  If you have never met this incredible lady then you're missing out.  She is one of the sweetest, most christian ladies you will ever meet in your life.  I've feel lucky to be able to call her my grandmother.  We had a fantastic night and enjoyed spending family time together.  Of course, we love to eat! Grandmother opening her presents! My three kiddos.....never can I get them all to look. Grandmother blowing out her candles! Caden and Carter trying to help her!  So sweet! Caden cheesing for me! Me and my hubby.....after kids we don't get to many pics alone Cousin Adam lovin' on Caden My mom and me~ Grandmother and two of her daugthers Erin took this pic of the three of us......Traci had put lipstick all over Ella Caden, Ella, and me with the best grandmother in the world. Grandmother's beautiful cake from Riley's...anyone notice the  big smear in the front of it.  Ella just had to try the icing.Tomorrow's Caden's first t-ball game.  I'll be posting some pics on that soon!  It should be really funny watching 10 four years olds playing in the dirt!  [...]

Ella's first debut


Not much going on in the Whittle World, just surviving another week of school and counting down the days til summer vacation.  We are sure busy people around here.  Caden had t-ball practice tonight so Mike took him and  I stayed home to keep the twins and cook dinner.  We had a good night together watching Barney and letting them help me cook.  If that's what you call it.  Anyways, my friend Lindsey came by and we decided to let Ella try on her dance recital dress.  I'm trying to convince Ella it's really pretty and comfortable.  She's not buying my speech, but she did let Lindsey get some really good shots.  These were just taken outside quickly to try to persuade her to want to wear it.  I know it's itchy, but we've got to get her in that dress before the recital comes in May.  Just thought I'd share some of the snapshots of Ella in her pretty little dress.....and of course she snapped a few of my two handsome little men.Hope you all have a great Friday![...]

On to the Beach......


So after having a wonderful weekend with my sister and her family.  We headed on to the beach.  This was our first time as a family to go to the beach.  Hilton Head is where we ended up!  Oh, how pretty it was and sooooooo much fun.  Just thought I'd give you all a few snapshots of some of our fun times while we were there.   Ella ,Caden and Carter built a sandcastle then Ella and Caden stood in the middle of it to get a pic. We ate at the Old Oyster Factory on the Marsh in Hilton Head.  Good times=Good food!Just smiling for the camera!  What a cutie pie! Ella in her two piece!  Too sweet! (Most of the time)ha!  Making sure her brother doesn't get too far away from her!  They do have a special bond! All three of them playing in the water, even though it was freezing cold! Heading down to the beach!  They loved it!  We had a fabulous time in Hilton Head!  Mike always said he didn't like the beach and didn't really ever want to go.  I think he has changed his mind since seeing how much all three of them loved being there.  I can't wait to go back!  Maybe next time we'll try a different beach.  Anyone have any suggestions on some great places? [...]

Road Trip over Spring Break!


I am new to this blog thing.  Soooooooo....this will only be the first half of our Spring Break trip. I am going to try to catch you all up on our Whittle World happenings, but you'll have to be patient I am still learning.  This was the first time we had taken a long road trip with all three of the babies.  Not too bad for our first trip.  I was pretty proud of them, considering we   ( oh I mean Mike because I didn't drive a single mile) did drive about 9 hours in one day. We finally made it to our first destination which was " The Great Wolf Lodge" in Concord, NC to meet my sister and her family.  Oh how excited the kids were to see each other.  Mike and I were pretty excited to see everyone too.  It was a great time had by all!  We would definitely recommend this little getaway to others.  So much to do with the family. The kids got ready to head down to the waterpark.  It was really cool and not crowded at all. Then the big boys got some special swords or wands...whatever you call them.....and went on a little treasure hunt.  They really had a great time looking for all the clues.  Oh by the way, Carter thinks he has a special sword. It was a fabulous weekend with Heather and her family.  We can't wait til they move back here with us.  I'll close tonight with a few snapshots taken at the lodge.  Tomorrow I'll post on our adventure to the next destination.  Stay tuned!Little Miss Priss...cheesing...Mike and IMe and my sister [...]

First Post


Wow!  I can't believe I finally got my own blog up and running.  I am so excited to start blogging.  I hope you all will follow our many adventures of the Whittle household.  Stay tuned for posts on
  • Ella's upcoming dance recital
  • Caden's first baseball game/ more soccer games
  • Carter's help with the baseball team......he thinks he's on the team
There's never a dull moment in our house, so we thought we'd share these funny moments with our friends and family.