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Preview: Our Phabulous Life with the Twins

Our Phabulous Life with the Twins

Updated: 2016-09-07T23:25:23.951-05:00


We're BAAAACK!!!


Er, I am anyway....finally able to blog after working ungodly much for an ungodly long time...I'm going to start blogging REGULARLY again - YAY! There is so much to tell with the boys...Bonny is walking, Brewer is in full-on tantrum mode, and the birthday party plans are in full swing.

In short, mommy is very, very tired. More later this week with pictures and video

Stay tuned...

Happy Birthday


I love you my sweets. I can't believe you are 10 months old today.

Letting Go...


Yesterday, Brewer stood on his own - he let go. Did it a couple of times at day care and then again for Daddy before they went to bed!

I can't wait to see it myself! What a big, strong boy!

One Phabulous Lesson



Multiples and More asked us MoMs to share the lesson we have learned in our first year with our kids...well, our year one is not quite up yet, but here is something I do know...

I have learned that nothing can make me as happy, or as tired, as taking care of my children. At the end of a long day, sometimes I can't wait for them to go to bed at night, just to get a moment's peace...but by the morning, I can't wait to see their little faces - so happy to see me.

When they have the moments where they genuinely 'need' me, being able to fulfill that need and see them become happy and whole again with the touch of my hand or at the sound of my voice makes me feel like a truly amazing person.

They are the best thing that Jon and I have ever been a part of.

We are Phamous!!!


Check out our 'modeling' debut as part of the collage on the phabulous blog network for MoMs - B&B are right over the letter h in 'strength' and the i in 'in'.

Awww. so adorable!

Update on baby K


Baby K is doing great.

He is still in the hospital and has been diagnosed with a treatable heart condition, but he continues to amaze everyone and has shown himself to be a real little fighter.

He will be two weeks old tomorrow and he is no longer on any machine support. His parents are even talking about a not too distant day when he will be able to go home! I've seen pictures of him and he looks healthy and beautiful.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. They mean alot to me and my family.

Baby K was born only 8 gestational days earlier than the boys and the trials he and his parents have faced make me mindful of how lucky I was that my boys were so healthy and hearty. We were and continue to be truly blessed.

MIA Mommy...9 Month Check-up


Bonham is officially no longer the 'little' brother. He weighed in at 18lb 14oz, and measured 29" long. Brewer weighed a mere 18lb 13oz and measured 28 and 5/8"...

Ok, ok, so they are practically the same, but considering historical weights and measures, Bonny had a serious growth spurt this quarter.

They are in the 75th percentile for height and 25th for weight. The doctor says they are doing great.

I am so proud of my boys and of me and Jon for doing a great job!

For those of you who don't know...this is the time of year where my job takes over my entire life. I've cut back my overtime hours since the boys came, but I'm still terribly busy so my blogging has slowed. I'll post when I can, but just know that things will pick up here again in a few weeks after my projects are done and I am able to come up for air.


If you pray, please pray for baby 'K'


My baby nephew was born this past Friday, about 6-7 weeks premature, we think...we were not sure of the due date...

He's in the hospital (been life-flighted 2x in 3 days) and because of her own complications from the birth, his mom was just able to join him today. He's having trouble breathing and has fluid around his heart that they are draining.

I want to be respectful of putting too many details out on the internet, bc I haven't asked permission from my brother, but baby 'K' is the son of my brother and his wife. He has 2 older sisters who are 12 (twins), and many aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who love him very much.

Please keep him, his family and those caring for them in your prayers. I pray his mother's voice is just what he needs to help him be strong and get better.

Super Sunday! Super Busy...


Hi all. I have been way too busy lately to write Super Sunday as it was intended...sorry. I hope things will calm down. soon. alot. (sigh)

Today, I did get alot done around the house, including cleaning out the fridge, which was deceptively and amazingly full, considering that once I cleaned it, it was bare and I had to go to the grocery store.

I also cleaned out the notorious stacks of mail and dealt with alot of open paperwork items...renewed registrations on cars, made a folder of pix for my digital frame at work, etc. And tonight I went and restocked the fridge. Much more to do, but this was certainly progress.

I also met the newest addition to my boys' 'gang', my friend Christie's son, who turned one week old today...he is adorable - a total doll - and a long-awaited blessing. He's our fifth little buddy to be born this month. I am so excited that my boys will have so many pals whose parents I already like. I may never have to widen my social circle ever again if things keep working out so famously. (Bad, Lisa!)

We also had a fun time with the boys this weekend - especially today!

We played on the splash pad in the morning, Bonham figured out that the seat on the Quattro Rider opens and closes (and opens and closes and opens and closes and opens and closes and....), and Brew played in the tub after our first ever 'fake-out' by the boys...amazing how much it looks like a blow-out if you can get your brother to puke his sweet potatoes down your back!

In the evening Granny and Grand-dad watched the boys so we could go to church. Then we met the family for dinner and went for sno-cones after. Wow - I get tired all over again just thinking about it.

I think everything else I want to do will have to wait for another day. I am off to join Jon, who has already turned in. G'night all!

Phabulous Phamily Photos from the Phourth (3x fast!)


Pictures of the kiddos from the 4th. One of the boys in all their adorable glory and another with their twin cousins, Kendall and Kourtney, and their singleton cousin, Lili.
Two more singletons are on the way for our family- both of my sisters-in-law are pregnant. My dad and his wife will have 6 grandkids aged 2 and under soon...eight grandkids total - Yipes.
There are going to be some WILD family get-togethers in our future!

Dear Brewer,


Crying it out is miserable - whether you are 9 months old or 32. But sometimes it is all you can do. And in the morning, you do feel better. I love you, son.



Vroom, Vroom!


It's a NEW CAR!!! (cue the music from 'The Price is Right')
Do you think one of my kids seems a little bit more excited than the other one?



Way-Back Whenesday



Pictures of Jon and I from a few springs ago (2006, I think) in the bluebonnet field at our Uncle's ranch. I can't wait till next spring when I can get pics of the boys wandering in the bluebonnets. Just the thought melts my heart!

Play along with Cheryl Lage's Way-Back Whenesday at Twinfatuation!

What every hip baby will be wearing this season...


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Brewer - modeling the latest in chicken and vegetables (by Gerber) - and practicing his baby pteradactyl sounds...hear mommy egging him on in the background and chastising him (kindly for his uncharacteristicly 'unkempt' appearance at the dinner table - oh let the comparisons between the twins' behavior begin...

It goes without saying, but this clip makes my monday! Join Cheryl at Twinfatuation for 'Makes My Monday'!

Super Sunday, Super Sno-Cones!


Get yourself to your nearest Sno-cone stand ASAP!

We went with the entire family and it was a great way to beat the heat. The boys enjoyed sharing cherry sno-cones with Daddy and me. We all had a great time and we met not one, but two other sets of twins while we were there! It was hilarious - Sunday night must be 'twin night' at the sno-cone stand. It was a wonderful experience - everyone we met was lovely and it actually was not too unbearably hot.

Thanks, Grand-dad for buying us sno-cones! We really enjoyed it. And just so you know, the boys did go down right after their baths, so you and granny wore them out really well this afternoon!

The sun will come out...



Unfortunately. It has been hella hot here. Every time I think about taking the boys for a trip to the park, I change my mind. It can't be good for them to be out in 100 degree + heat. Oh, well. I guess tomorrow evening before bedtime we'll play on our water pad - that was a big hit last weekend.

Also on tap tomorrow - a haircut for me - YAY. If it turns into something special, we'll post a picture!

Way Back When-esday...



My Way-Back When-esday this week is a picture from our pre-mommy/daddy days back when we used to travel. This is from our vacation in May of 2007 when we went to London - that's the Tower of London in the back...

Our big vacations were our between-in-vitro breaks and were a great way to blow off steam and remind ourselves that we were 'us' first, no matter what happened. This trip, in particular is the source of many fond memories for me and Jon.

London is high on my list to take the boys back to someday, but I will wait until they are out of the stroller!

Play along with Way Back When-esday with Cheryl Lage at Twinfatuation!

Super Sunday, Super Daddy (and water fun!)


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Thanks for the difference you make in your children's lives.

A very special Father's Day to my sweet husband. I never would have made it down this path to parenthood without him and he is the best dad - even better than I ever imagined. I can see the love in my kids' eyes when he walks into the room. It's amazing. I know he would do anything for us (and he often does). We love you, honey!

This morning, Jon received gifts from me and the boys, including a handpainted platter done by me and the boys, which I will have to photograph for uploading.

We brunched with the extended family, including Jon's parents. The day had a couple of firsts...Among them - Bonham finally ate puffs today at brunch! He was so analytical. The puffs were star-shaped and at one point he studied one, picked it up, bit off one of the points, put it back down and re-analyzed it before eating it. Ah, my little studious one.

Another big hit today was the boys' first 'pool'. I got them this Splash Pad (my Super Sunday pick) on for $19.99 last week. Today was our first chance to try it out.

As you can see, it was worth every penny!

Jon says he had a wonderful day! I hope all you other dads out there (including my own) did as well.



The new camera is here! Pictures tonight!

Super Sunday - Super Toy Needed! And Life on Hold...


We are sad to report we have declared our camera officially lost after one week of it being missing.

We're sad, we lost about 2 weeks of pictures, but we know it could be alot worse. We gave in and ordered a new camrea so I am sure the old one will show up any day now.

Until the camera comes in, I am wishing I could press a 'pause' button on my babies.

They have been teething like crazy, poor little guys. Brewer is starting to pull up now, too, and he now LOVES the jumperoo. We need a second jumperoo-like toy, but I don't want to get anything too similar - I want two different things so the boys don't get bored. I'm thinking of getting this...any recommendations?


It called the Chicco 4 in 1 - it starts out as a rocking horse type of toy, with a seat that goes around the waste and eventually converts to a push and then a riding toy. The beginning age range on it is 9 months and the boys just turned 8 months, so I think it will be a great fit. Anyone else have something they like even better? We'd love ideas!

What a treat!


Tonight the boys were still awake when I got home so I threw on my sweatpants and hopped in baby-jail to play.

My sweet Boo-boo came right up to me and crawled in my lap to cuddle - playing with my necklace, his head on my shoulder, arm wrapped around mine.

Bonham - standing (again, more, still...) in the corner of the baby-jail, grunting and yelling to get my attention because the world will end if you don't watch him stand every possible second. LOL.

After snuggling Boobear for a bit, I helped Bon cruise over to me to get his cuddle time. He tried to climb me..succeeding of course...roaring the entire time. This earned him a new nickname - Bonzilla!

A quick bottle and fresh diaper for each and they were both nighty-night.

Sweet dreams, boys. You made your mommy's day.

(Daddy, thanks for making dinner. You're pretty good stuff, too.)

Big News


I am proud to announce I am going to be an aunt again in August...and then again in January! Yay for both of my sisters-in-law and my brothers. I am so happy for you guys!

On another note - I am sad. My camera is missing. The good news - I downloaded pics on May 17th, so I haven't lost my kids' entire lives...but I'm sad about the pix I have lost - Bonny's first pull-up to a stand among them. I had it last when taking the boys to visit their great-grandmother. I used it there on Saturday and haven't seen it since. It's not at her place. Jon thinks it MUST be in my car. I think it's just gone and I am BUMMED. Hope and pray that we find it...(even though I am sure God has much better things to do than to help this scatterhead find her camera)...

To bridge the gap...some mobile uploads from my sis...


Super Sunday...Super Sons!


It's been a while since I did a Super Sunday as regularly scheduled, but we are back!


I'm not plugging a product tonight...instead I am bragging, yes, straight-up bragging, about what smart, strong, lovely little boys I have.

Today was a big day for Bonham - he pulled up to a stand from crawling. He did it all by himself, several times. The first time, I was laying in bed with a sleeping Brewer as part of our usual lazy Sunday morning ritual. Bonham had gotten a little overactive so Jon put him in the play area (baby jail) on his way out to mow the I hear this crying - and crying. I realize Jon is outside, but I am hesitant to leave I block him in with pillows, praying he won't wake up while I am in attending to Bon. I walk in, thinking Bon's just needing a paci, and there he is...fingers wrapped around the plastic of the play area wall...STANDING UP! My father-in-law speculates he was crying because he didn't know how to get back down - entirely possible, I guess..

I was lucky enough to get pictures and video, which I will post later. Jon was outside, but he got treated to a repeat performance later in the day.

At breakfast, Brewer was eating for me and started paying alot of attention to Jon instead...I asked him 'Stop looking at him, please. Pay attention to me.' he bowed his back and looked behind him toward Jon, pointed his finger out and said, 'Da Da' should have seen Jon's face. No other babbling before or after, just 'Da Da'! I said 'Yes, that's your daddy!'...and he cute! Jon has 'called it' as a first word...I am tentatively tempted, but I am waiting for a repeat performance first. :) Way to go Brewer!

Fastforward to lunchtime and Brewer, our big boy, finally picked up his puffs on his own!! He's fine holding his food - his 'wagon wheels' and his bottle - but he has to have them handed to him or put into his mouth first. Not today! At lunch Jon had some puffs on the table that he was feeding B. Well, he got impatient and reached down and grabbed a handful (which for him is 3)and judiciously put them in his mouth one at a time until he had eaten them all! Again - way to go, Brew!!

After dinner, I put Bonny down to play. Just for fun, I set him down in the sitting position to see what he would do - he stayed that way!!! For a long time he sat there - I had time to snap several pix and Jon called his mom who came down to check out all the action.


Mommy is so proud of you had such a big weekend. It's so funny how different my two little guys are! Both so smart and sweet, though! Jon and I are such blessed parents.

We love you guys!

Busy Weekend...and a new career for the boys...


Wow, so forgive my lack of posting, but we've been busy with Memorial Day, our wedding anniversary, Jon's birthday, and now this...the boys' newest past-time...