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The Worthington's

~Writing about all that is Worthington~

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:24:34.760-07:00


Newport Beach!


We recently went to the beach in California with some family and had a great time! Dyllan spent most of her time in the ocean while Rileigh swam in the sand! She even let me bury her! I can't wait to go back someday!

(image) (image)

It has been a year!!!


I feel like a loser not posting sooner. It has been a wild year!

Dyllan is 7, Rileigh is 2 1/2 and Dave and I have been married for almost 3 years now and going strong!

Dyllan has finished 1st grade and did an outstanding job! She is going into the 2nd grade soon and will be in a gifted class. During 1st grade she missed only 1 spelling word and I am so proud of her! She earned an award each quarter, she got 3 "Splendid Speller" award and 1 "Math Master" award. She has turned out to be a little smarty!!! Dyllan is a pretty good swimmer, can go underwater and swim too!(image)

Rileigh is working on potty training, doing good some days and not so much on others, but that is ok. She is such a character!!! She loves wearing high heels and dress up clothes. She is into watching TV now and loves Dora and Diego. She can count to 10 and sometimes higher and is learning her colors well. She can swim wearing a life jacket, she isn't afraid anymore! She will even jump in the pool and go under water.


Holy cow it has been a long time!!!


Wow. I totally forgot about my blog! How horrible am I?? LOL

Dave and I are so proud of our little girls!

Well the girls are growing like crazy. Dyllan is 6 and Rileigh is 19 months! Dyllan is growing into such a cute big girl and Rileigh is a courageous (to say the least!) little tot! Dyllan starts 1st grade in less than a month and that is just insane! We just bought her her first lunch box! I cant believe she will be at school all day this year. Rileigh is now in a toddler bed (has been for a few months) but for the most part she sleeps on the floor! She usually falls asleep next to the door or next to the bed so every night before I go to bed, I go in there and put her in her bed. Dyllan read really well now (when she wants to) and Rileigh is talking up a storm. She will say things after us and a handful of words all the time. This is a fun age for both of the girls. Well gotta go now, Rileigh is signing that she is done with dinner!

Check out the new BG 4.0's.


I cant wait until I have money to try these!!!

10 Months already!!!!!!


Holy cow! Ri is 10 months old today! What a ten months it has been. Ri is now attempting to walk. She took 3 steps last week and this week it is 1-2 steps here and there. You can tell she wants to! She is starting whole milk and we are hoping to be fully transitioned to whole milk in about a month. I am working on getting rid of the bottle...but she is addicted!!! She is proving to be a lot different than Dyllan was...Dyllan was very laid back, took to sippy cups like a champ and didn't put up a fight for a bottle at night. Ri Ri on the other hand...holy camole, she gets into everything, drinks a little bit from sippy cups but only in her high chair and wants a bottle in her crib at night EVERY SINGLE NIGHT...if not, she will fight for it! Ri also loves bath time. She crawls to the bathroom so fast when we turn the water in the tub on. It is way cute. She sits and splashes then within a minute or so she wont stay seated. She has to be standing. Little turkey!

Here is a pic of Ri Ri trying to get those darn remotes, she has her own one (an old one we don't use anymore) but she would rathat have ones that work I guess. :)

Ri also LOVES popsicles.


Rileigh is 9 months old!!!!


Wow what a 9 months it has been!!! Rileigh is doing great and I can't wait to find out how much she weighs and how long she is in 2 weeks. Here are a few pictures of Ri Ri.(image)

Dyllan is a Kindergartner!!!!


So Dyllan started school on August 13th and is doing great! Her first day she cried and didn't want me to leave, fast forward to today and she wants me to drop her off in the car in front of the gate. We had parent/teacher conferences and Dyllan is doing awesome in class. Her teacher says she is in the "higher" group in the class and will be challenging her a lot this year. Here is Dyllan on her first day of school.




We had a blast! Camping was so much fun. We got to Williams at a good hour, ate dinner then unpacked. Dave set up the tent and by the time that was done we were ready for a fire and marshmallows!! We had some hot cocoa since it was freezing cold there and Ri fell asleep in my arms and the next thing you know Dyllan asked us if she could go lie down...she had a long day! After her and Ri went to sleep, Dave and I just sat by the fire and enjoyed the quiet night. That night the temperature got down to 29 degrees. It was SOOOOO cold!!!! Dave and I didn't get too much sleep since we were a little worried about Ri because her little hands and head were so cold but she is fine and woke up with rosy red cheeks and they stayed that way the entire weekend. On Saturday we took a walk around the lake and campground after breakfast, at some lunch and relaxed while Dyllan searched for pine cones. My parents came around 3:00ish and they brought Tristan, Hannah and Zach with them. So Dyllan had someone to play with. They all went fishing and Tristan caught a crodad and Zach caught two small fish. It was beautiful on Sunday and we did not want to leave but all good things must come to an end. We are definitelygoing to make camping a family event more often.

Dyllan's Kindergarten Screening!!!


Dyllan had her Kindergarten screening yesterday afternoon and she did great! She was sooooo excited to go too! We signed her up, she went back with a teacher and they asked her a bunch of questions like "what color is this?" and "what number is this". She said she did great but forgot her last name, which is ok because she is constantly telling us she wants to be a Worthington but I told her she has to use her real name and she practiced it so she knows it from here on out. After that screening we went for the vision/hearing tests and she passed both tests perfectly. After we left she was so excited about going to Kindergarten she has her own little countdown going on! Next thing is getting school supplies...ugh what a list!!!

The Arizona Tea Party!!!


Dave turned and saw Ri and Dyllan playing tea party so he grabbed the camera!

Some random pics from this summer


4th of July

Dyllan in the pool

Rileigh after her bath

Dyllan and her cousin Zachary at Yellowstone


Our new puppy, Solo.

Rileigh and Dyllan


Rileigh is doing great. She is almost 8 months and she now has 2 little teeth, she sits great and gets on her hands and kind of on her knees and is trying to figure out what to do next. She absolutely LOVES her big sister, if she enters the room a smile is on Ri's face. It is so sweet just watching them two together. She says "babbababababa" "dadadadada" "lalalalala" and I am working on "mamamama" but darnit, she wont say it! :) She is such a sweet little girl that gives me a huge smile when I come home from makes me feel so good!

Dyllan is starting Kindergarten next week!!!!!!! Where did all the time go? How is she going to Kindergarten already??? She is very excited to go to school and is counting down the days!
Dyllan has just flourished into a beautiful, sweet little girl that LOVES to test her boundaries. I just love watching her play on her own and listen to her talking to her toys, who needs friends? Haha, only kidding. She makes her sister laugh like I have never seen a baby laugh before and loves her so much, it makes me proud. She is such a great little girl.

I will post pictures of the girls soon, I swear!

What a busy summer we have had!!!


Ok, I really didn't forget to blog, I just haven't had a lot of time!!! This summer was hectic and we had a range of emotions from very sad to very happy and a weekend or two that Dave and I agreed we wouldn't do anything because of how busy our lives have been! Since I have posted last this is what has happened :
We went to California for Dave's mom's funeral.
We went to Las Vegas to drop Dyllan off at the airport to visit her family in Ohio.
We went to Las Vegas to pick Dyllan up.
We sent Dyllan off with her grandparents for a trip to Yellowstone National Park.
We went to Colorado to see my brother who died 2 days before our plane was scheduled to land.

We bought a mini dachshund puppy.
Last weekend we relaxed and this weekend we are going camping.
Next weekend is our one year anniversary!! Yay!!
And that about sums up our summer....

Going to Cali!


So Dave, Dyllan, Rileigh and myself are going to California for the weekend this coming weekend. It is very bitter sweet. We will be able to see family and friends there and show off our girls but then we will also have to say good bye to Dave's mother at her funeral. This is the second funeral for his family in 4 months. Dyllan will not be going to this funeral, she has already been to one too many funerals and expressed her wishes to us, so she will stay with a friend. This will be Rileigh's second funeral and she is only 6 months old! We hope that there are no more funerals for a VERY, VERY long time!!

Dyllan's busy summer!


So Dyllan has a crazy schedule this summer! She just finished tee ball, we go to California this weekend, the next weekend she flies to Ohio to see her family there, the weekend after that she comes home and a few days after that she goes on vacation with my parents. After that I think it is relaxation time for her!! Or "felaxing" time as she likes to call it. :)

Rileigh is 6 months old!


Ok well she was 6 months old a week ago, but hey, just a little late right? :) Rileigh is doing great. Here is a list of her new accomplishments:

1. Sits up pretty good on her own but still is wobbly.
2. Eats foods like a champ. She LOVES all the food mommy has made for her so far!
3. Laughs at all of us when we do goofy things. Especially her sister, she cracks up at anything she does!
4. Rolls ALL OVER the place now.
5. Sleeps from 7:30-6 pretty much daily now.

I think that is it for now...I am sure there are more, but I can't think of them!

Rileigh is 5 months!!!


How time flies! Today Ri turned 5 months. Next thing you know, she will be 10 months, then 2, then 5, and Dyllan will be 10. WOW! Here is a list of things Ri can do now:

~Eats peas, applesause (with a strange look on her face), oatmeal w/bananas, and sweet potatoes. Next is squash.

~Rolls over ALL the time, front to back, back to front.

~Laughs hysterically when you tickle her, make funny faces or sounds and kiss her lots.

~Loves her exersaucer (more than her mommy some days I swear!)

~And makes us smile every day!

Shower Girl


This past week we decided Dyllan might want to start showering since she is such a "big girl" now. I figured she would enjoy it, but prefer baths because she loves to play in the bath for a LONG time. Well she was SOOOOO EXCITED to take showers now! She told me to talk all the toys out of the bath tub, she will never take a bath again!!! It is so cute, we start the shower, she gets in, washes all by herself, we go in and wash her hair. She looks so small standing in the shower!

Just one more thing that makes her a big girl. *sigh*

"I can do whatever I want!!! I am 5 now!"


Oh man. Did I really think 5 was the age that meant they could go to sleep when they wanted, eat what they wanted, watch movies they want....the list could go on and on!!! Dyllan now thinks that since she is 5 now she is allowed to go to bed late on school nights, go to the public bathroom on her own and watch whatever movie she wants! It has been an interesting week! It was more on the day of her birthday, but this week she has been pushing the limits on what she is allowed to do! I can't wait until she turns 6......

Rileigh rolled over!


On Friday, April 17th, Rileigh rolled over belly to back 3 times!!! What a big girl she is becoming, she is just growing up so way too fast!

Dyllan's 5th Birthday Bash!!!


Dyllan had her 5th birthday party today! It was a lot of fun, we had it at the park with a jump house. Dyllan had so many little friends there, it was a blast! As Dyllan opened her presents, she let her friends open them with her, she just passed them down to each friend and let him or her open it for her. It was so sweet! It was a nice day, a little on the windy side, but all in all I couldn't have asked for a better day for her party!! Here are some pictures of her, her friends and her party!






Dyllan started Tee Ball!!


Saturday Dyllan had her first tee ball game and she did so good! Her and her little friends are so cute out there playing tee ball!


Rileigh is 4 months today!!!!


Wow, Rileigh is 4 months! I remember the day we brought her home, so small, so fragile, so quiet. Now fast forward to 4 months later and she is not so small, not so fragile and definitely not so quiet. Here is a list of things Ri can or can not do yet. :)

1. She can yell like a crazy baby!!! She gets this cute rasphy voice going and we love it!

2. She can not roll over yet. She gets on her side, but that is about it.

3. She eats cereal. She loves it!

4. She giggles. She is very ticklish.

5. She loves her big sister!! Anytime she is around she smiles and talks like crazy.

6. She sleeps through the night. Goes to bed at 8 and usually wakes up around 6, give or take a half hour or so.

7. She makes her mommy and daddy proud. She is such a good baby!!!!

8. She loves her bath. I think it is her favorite time of day!

9. She still is swaddled for nap/bed time! She loves being in the straight jacket as we call it!

10. She grabs everything that is in reach. She loves playing with her toys!



Easter was fun. Dyllan woke up around 5:45 and wanted to go looking for eggs, but that was not happening yet. I held her off until 7:30!! Dyllan was so excited to find the eggs and her basket. She kept saying "Oh I just love it, JUST LOVE IT!" After looking for eggs and easter baskets we just watched TV and Dyllan played with her barbies, then off to my parent's house for breakfast, then to my grandparent's house for lunch/dinner then we were going to go watch Hannah Montana but the internet had the wrong times and we were late, so that will have to happen in a few days when we have time. The rest of the evening consisted of Dyllan asking to eat more and more candy and her crashing out watching TV. Ri fell asleep early as well, she had a long day with family! I will post a few family pics when I get them on my computer. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!



Dyllan had her first really bad fall. She was playing with her cousin and tripped and fell off of our porch onto cement, head first. She started screaming, Dave ran out there and I followed right behind him. I grabbed her out of his arms and my "mommy mode" turned on quickly!!! I was so scared because of how much blood was coming out of her little mouth and nose. My poor little girl was hurting so bad. After cleaning her mouth out we come to realize it was a lot better than we had first thought. Her two top front teeth looked somewhat separated from her gums and the gums were super swollen. Her poor little top lip was huge as can be! We gave her Motrin and let her fall asleep on the couch next to me. Anytime she is sick or hurt she gets babied big time (and she loves that), I just feel so bad for her and want to take her pain away! This morning we went to the dentist and found out really good news. Her teeth were just loose and the dentist said they would tighten up with time. She is now on a soft diet for a week, this should be fun for her!!! Lots of ice cream, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, all of her favorite foods! So now this weekend, what will we be doing??? Putting up lattice around the porch so no one falls off again! Oh the joys of being a parent!