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Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace)


Every 4th of November, bloggers all over the world speak in one voice to spread the message of peace. One voice... One subject... One day... Let there be P E A C E on earth! A pocketful of sunshine and  To join us, go to The Official Site of Blog4Peace for details. (image)

Dona Nobis Pacem


Every 4th of November, bloggers all over the world speak in one voice to spread the message of peace. If you want to be a peace blogger, you’ll need a peace globe and a blog/website or any social media account. You can simply post “Dona nobis pacem” as your post title/status or you can do the really cool thing and make a peace globe as well. If you want to know more, please check the (image)

The Last Dance - A Repost


the  swinging rhythm  was  spellbinding the  pounding beat  was  enthralling...   she slipped on  her white  nightgown as she  prepared  for bed but the music  playing  outside her  room beckoned her to heed  its call listen she did,  and more... the  swinging rhythm  was  spellbinding the  pounding beat  was  enthralling... she stepped into  her (image)

Bali’s Mystique


In an assiduous attempt to survive Each single day of existence We tend to forget we owe ourselves A break once in a while Until that headache persists And vertigo sets in As if to remind us that our brain  Needs some breathing space too. And so I was persuaded By well-meaning girl friends To go on hiatus in a faraway land Away from it all, they said On a journey with no (image)

The Quest


Image by Helen Korpak on Flickr an insatiable urge this enigmatic quest  a calling i cannot digest profound yearning gnaws at my core until i can bear no more yet this voice i hear speaks softly like a song whispering where i belong a journey of sacred voyage to the hills yonder and far beyond i see no drifter nor vagabond © Bing Yap [PinkLady] 2014 (image)

The Other Side of Happy


Happy and Sad Half Faces by Jim Dandy happiness beckons... a choice you have to make no matter what the circumstances are at the perfect time it will all make sense happiness beckons... cast that smile up on the shore the right attitude is your anchor the best is yet to come claim and embrace your bliss happiness beckons… yet you dwell on the odds (image)

Remembering James… 9 Years Later...


JAMES LAO YAP (JIMMY) September 11, 1965 - January 25, 2005 I can’t believe how fast time flies. Today, we commemorate the 9th year of our loss. It all seems like yesterday- the panic, the frantic search, the grief, the anger and bitterness, the confusion, that excruciating inner pain… They are still clear in my mind.  9 years ago, our world was covered in darkness. A dark nebula (image)

An Attempt at Googlism and Poetry


Of living and loving... is so clear You are bound to get hurt at some point But it is all part of life’s amazing journey. Of living and loving…  Is more important than reaching  Some perfect state of bliss. Of living and loving…  Is really all about listening to your intuition and Surrendering to the moment. Of living and loving is beyond me... It is not to carry a hidden(image)

Of Loss and Regrets… and Getting Through...


“I do not know anymore…”  This was not a line from Janet Napoles during the Senate Hearing for PDAF Scam but from a colleague/very close friend of mine who is grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of his wife. 42 years of marriage and suddenly he is alone.  “I should have been kinder…”  “I should have treated her better…”  But then, looking back now I cannot imagine what “kinder” and “(image)

Dona Nobis Pacem… A Reverie...


I blog for PEACE  because I want my voice to be heard…  no matter how small it is.  I dream of a better world  because I love my kids  and I want them to feel secure inside and outside of our home.  I want to sleep peacefully  each night knowing  that tomorrow brings  no threat or danger of any kind. I long for the day  where guns, bombs and  all weapons of mass destruction (image)

Flowers to Show our Love


After the traditional visit at the cemetery on the 1st of November, my children and I proceeded to Sta. Ana Wharf. It was too late to get a small boat to take us out to sea. The waves were too strong. As we walked to the shore, the sound of the waves filled the air of silence between us. Raging waters threatened to drench our feet but we were unmindful. We were there for a reason. Each (image)

Life Now...


Warmest greetings from my family to yours! A few months ago, my children's "yaya" (babysitter) of 17 years decided to move back with her family and start taking care of her own grandchildren. She came to us when my second child was only an infant. I would not have managed to cope when we lost James had it not been for yaya's strong and reassuring presence at home. She took on the role of "(image)

Will be posting again soon...


Since I am going techie with my new phone I think I will be blogging again. My only problem is TIME... But I do miss blogging. I miss experimenting with poetry. I miss expressing or exploiting the creative side of my brain. Hmmmm... Soon I hope... Especially that tomorrow will mark another anniversary for my blog. ♥☆♡ Image credit: Facebook(image)

Dona Nobis Pacem... There is Hope...


Begin each day with a grateful heart Let the morning breeze augur a fresh start Oh, there is hope... there is hope... God, grant thy people a way to cope... Besieged by nature's wrath Let mankind find the rightful path Amidst the baffling global climate change Sadly, humanity is also placed in war-torn range Too many souls perish each day... all for naught! Freedom, once suppressed, is (image)

A Day at Golgotha


Image credit: drkundead, The Cemetery Scene terrene redolent of lilies, burning incense... city of the dead memorial vignettes atop immaculate crypts... tribute to forebears wicked truth pondered... the day i take my last sleep where will i wake up... what of my days and follies will be most recalled perhaps with a smile... © Bing Yap [PinkLady] 2012 All Rights Reserved(image)

All In A Day's Work


deadlines... urgent calls... stack of papers on my desk manic day at work bring it on, i say opting for vicissitudes over stagnation rest entices me  coffee break is most welcome all in a day's work © Bing Yap [PinkLady] 2012 All Rights Reserved Linked to Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Haiku Heights and  Poetry Pantry  (image)

Of Time and Pain... and Gratitude (A Birthday Reflection)


I once dreamed of a sweet and gentle life Where bliss greeted me at the door And soft rose petals covered my bed... But dreams are just dreams And reality brings more pain Than one can ever imagine... Sheltered all my life I thought it would all be easy After all, up until then, life was a breeze... Imagine my surprise When the life I knew was (image)

Bridge of Yonder (Haiku)


familiar banters rendezvous with days of yore strut into the past... cacophonous chaffs maudlin bridge to good old days erstwhile ties renewed... youthful glow long gone gray- covered locks and chignons older and wiser never too old though to walk down memory lane giggly once again memories of yore chatters of puerile antics barring senile spells © (image)

The Last Dance... A Repost


the  swinging rhythm  was  spellbinding the  pounding beat  was  enthralling... she slipped on  her white  nightgown as she  prepared  for bed but the music  playing  outside her  room beckoned her to heed  its call listen she did,  and more... the  swinging rhythm  was  spellbinding the  pounding beat  was  enthralling... she stepped into  her (image)

Facebook... Oh Facebook...


It was so much fun at first. Imagine, being reconnected with people you have not seen for decades! Suddenly, everyone's in one place and they are just a click away. I blogged less and FB'd more... Heck, I got hooked and spent more time in there than necessary. I played addicting games and interacted with long-lost friends. I "liked" almost all posts that appeared on my News Feed and left (image)

Guess What... I'm Back!!!


Hi there everyone... Yesssss, I'm back... for good, I hope. I must admit I got distracted by Facebook. I missed blogging though so I decided it's time for me to start writing again. I will have to check out all those poetry memes I used to join. I missed them a lot. My blog celebrated its fourth year anniversary last October 8. *Woot* This is the best time for me to resume blogging.(image)

Dona Nobis Pacem - A Reflection


peacewhere does it begin...justicedoes it justify the means?violencewhen will it end?victorybut in war no one ever wins... © Bing (PinkLady) 2011 Posted for BlogBlast for Peace (image)

A Haiku Milestone


one dream at a timeeach step a milestone achievedembrace life's sunshine! © Bing (PinkLady) 2011 Posted for Sensational Haiku Wednesday: Anniversary and Thursday Poets Rally 44 CONGRATULATIONS  to Sensational Haiku Wednesday  on its 100th week of Haiku-ing!!!  I am proudly hooked on haiku because of Jenn @ You know... That Blog? ;) AWARDS FROM THE RALLY Thank you so much for my (image)

Mother's Lullabye


Image credit: Link sleep my baby sleepmommy's here for you to keeptogether we shall be counting sheep hush my baby hushcan you hear the mocking thrushsinging like a nightingale at first blush rest my baby resti shall hold  you close to my cheston my shoulder your head may crest © Bing (PinkLady) 2011 (image)

Veiled Core


a spectral coverreality's misty cloakenigmatic veil © Bing (PinkLady) 2011 Posted for Sensational Haiku Wednesday : Fog   and  Haiku Heights #41  : InnocenceImage credit: Link(image)