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Kim's Welcoming Kitchen

Welcoming Kitchen is your source for allergy-free, gluten-free, and vegan recipes.

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Finding the Right Allergist for You


As I've said before, our pediatrician suspected that my son had food allergies almost right away. He had severe eczema, breathing problems and vomiting. Though she wanted to wait to test him until he was two, he had already gone to the emergency room several times, and she didn't think we could wait to get more information. She referred us to a local allergist when he was around one year old.

Book Review: Eat Dairy Free


My friend, Alisa Fleming from Go Dairy Free, has written a comprehensive book for people who eat dairy free. Not only are these recipes dairy-free, but most have been tested with gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free options, too. I have really been enjoying cooking from this cookbook. I made a batch of the Rich Thai Dip, but I omitted the

Chocolate Date Spread or Sauce


I love homemade gifts for the holidays. I make a variety of craft gifts (jewelry, belts and soap) and food gifts, too. I like to give tins of cookies and candies to friends and neighbors. A gift that I'm giving this year is homemade Chocolate Date Spread. It's delicious, different and a little healthier than most goodies from this time of

Pumpkin Coconut Bread Pudding


I have a confession. Even though I sometimes write out a shopping list, I often don't, and when I do, I frequently leave it at home. That means that I end up buying more of some things than I need.  Every fall, I find myself picking up one more can of pumpkin when I'm at the store. What to do with the extra pumpkin after the pies are all

Easiest Way to Turn Pie Pumpkin into Pumpkin Puree


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you read this blog at all, you know that I LOVE pumpkin.  Just can't get enough of it.  Sometimes I use canned pumpkin puree.  It's easy, and it's readily available.  I can keep a few cans in my pantry for whenever I need a fix of muffins, cookies, pudding or pie.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie (Gluten-free and Food Allergy Friendly)


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The holidays are coming! That means pie. Lots and lots of pie.  In our family, we make apple pie, pumpkin pie, vegan pumpkin cheesecake and usually another chocolate dessert. At least. Maybe more. Pumpkin pie is one of those desserts that can seem tricky to make if you need to

Vegan Date Caramel Sauce


Dates are one of my loves. I keep pitted deglet noor dates in my freezer and grab one or two when I need a sweet treat. I make date paste to use as a sweetener in baked goods and homemade ice creams, too. I also make a killer chocolate sauce with dates that I'll share with you soon. Dates have a naturally caramel-like flavor. That

Not Just Any Allergen- and Gluten-free Donuts, but Welcoming Kitchen Apple Cider Donuts!


I started working on Welcoming Kitchen donuts many years ago, when I realized that my at-the-time 5-year-old son had never eaten a donut! Now, we eat yummy chocolate-glazed donuts whenever we need a donut fix. For this fall favorite, we were inspired by a recipe in Food Network's magazine and came up with another great donut to add to

Easy Vegetarian Baked Beans


Sweet and tangy, I love baked beans! I know they're not for everyone -- in fact, my kids are not fans, but I think they are absolutely wonderful.  Homemade baked beans are so easy that there's no reason to open a can of vegetarian baked beans if you need a hearty addition to your Labor Day barbecue. They are a great dish to bring if you

Classic Gazpacho


One of my favorite memories is having lunch in the summer with my stepmom. We would have cold gazpacho and talk about everything that was on our minds.  I still love the fresh, spicy zing of this cold vegetable soup. After a quick trip to the farmers market, I can have lunch for days -- I make a double batch, so I don't eat it all up at once!  If you think that a cold soup sounds weird, I

Vinegar and Dill Potato Salad


I love foods that are allergy-friendly just by their very nature. Tangy, herb-y potato salad is a great example of a dish that's delicious, but also vegan and gluten-free. I like to steam my potato chunks, so that they are tender all the way through, but still have enough bite to hold up to your fork and not disintegrate into mashed

Food-Allergy Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies (V, GF)


These cookies are delicious, but can be a little fragile because of the oat flour. Make sure to cool them completely before serving. Store extra cookies (if there are any left!) in the freezer; this will make them sturdier.  Welcoming Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies (vegan, gluten-free, allergy friendly) Makes approximately 48 Cookies

Food Allergy Awareness Week: The Perspective of Time


It is Food Allergy Awareness Week.  In a food allergy home, though, as I've said before, we are ALWAYS aware of food allergies. My son showed signs of food allergy almost right away. When he was under two years old, we had already seen an allergist and had our first diagnoses. He had a full range of symptoms: eczema, breathing issues, vomiting. He was initially diagnosed with allergies

Vegan Mushroom Ramen


Is there a food that conjures up college meals better than ramen? When I say ramen, I'm talking about those little plastic-wrapped packets of curly noodles with a foil packet of salty seasoning. We could buy them at the corner store for next to nothing. We only needed a way to boil water to have a meal. Today, I know that those little packages are not a healthy meal. They are loaded

Giveaway to Celebrate Celiac and Food Allergy Awareness Month!


When I was a little girl, one of our family friends had celiac. She was diagnosed when she was very young, and we knew that she couldn't eat certain foods, though honestly it was a long time before I knew what gluten is. My awareness of food allergies went from a vague understanding to an immersive crash course when my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies 13 years ago. Since then,

Vegan Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake


Why have a breakfast rut, when it's so easy to pull together a quick mug cake? I love the convenience of throwing a few ingredients together and coming out with something special that mug cakes provide. This Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake is vegan, gluten-free and food allergy-friendly, because it is free of the top-8 allergens. You can make as many or as few as you need, as each is a single

Quick Vegan Chocolate Pudding


I love dessert. I come from a long line of dessert lovers. I believe in a little (or not so little) something sweet at the end of the day. That doesn't mean that my sweet has to be full of junk. No way. This Simple Vegan Chocolate Pudding uses just a few wholesome ingredients and blends up in a jiffy if you already have baked sweet

Wild Rice and Carrots from The Migraine Relief Plan by Stephanie Weaver


Recipe photography copyright 2016 by Laura Bashar I know a thing or two about changing your diet for health reasons. As I've written before, when I changed to a vegan diet, my life-long asthma dramatically improved, my high cholesterol came into normal ranges, and I overall felt better. My son has had to change his diet to accommodate his food allergies. Recipe photography copyright

My Child Passed a Nut Food Allergy Challenge. Now What?


For years, my son had to avoid all tree nuts, peanuts, eggs and dairy. We spent so much time telling him how to be safe. How to avoid his allergens. What could happen if he was exposed to something he's allergic to. What he should do. Then he passed his peanut challenge. Over the next few years, he has passed challenges for almonds,

Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie


Have you ever seen such a vibrant smoothie?! What gives it this glorious hue? Purple Sweet Potatoes! I love to add veggies to my smoothies -- some of my favorites are spinach, kale and carrots. When I spied purple sweet potatoes at Trader Joe's the other day, I knew I'd love them. I baked a bunch up so I could have a healthy snack

Food Allergy Kids and School Inclusion


I wrote the post below 5 years ago when Casey was in 3rd grade. Now he's in 8th grade and all I can say is, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  It definitely gets easier when your child is older. They aren't doing arts and crafts using food, and he is better able to negotiate food-related situations. There is the

Airfryer Crispy Smoky Polenta Snacks


One of my favorite gifts this year was an AIR FRYER. I LOVE fried food, but never deep-fry anything -- too messy, too bad for you, etc. A kitchen gadget that could give me the feeling of fried food without frying?! Count me in! I have been having a blast playing with it. I have had some really good successes that I'm excited to share

Decadent Chocolate Brownies - Vegan, Gluten-free, Allergen-free


My kids always ask me what my favorite foods are. When it comes to treats, brownies top the list for me. I have brownie recipes in every book I write, because you can never have enough brownie options in my opinion.  These brownies are probably my favorites, though. I make them again and again, and I always get rave reviews. The

Kale and Sweet Potato Saute from The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution


One of the best parts of being a member of the allergy community over the past several years has been meeting (virtually and in person) so many smart, caring, interesting people who I am proud to now call my friends. One of these friends is Lisa Cantkier. Lisa is a holistic nutritionist and a dynamo in the gluten-free and natural foods world. Lisa has teamed up with another holistic

Vegan Lentil Soup - Welcoming Kitchen (Allergen-free and Gluten-free)


It's soup time!  Soup is my go-to dinner in fall and winter. I eat the leftovers for lunch and send soup with my husband in a Thermos for his lunch at work. This Lentil Soup is just what I like -- filling and hearty. Since it's food-allergy friendly, gluten-free and vegan, you can serve it as a meal for company without any special-diet worries.   If you use a food processor to dice