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Boo turned 7!!!!







Boo turned 7 this past week. (which, by the way is INSANE :( ) Anyways she had a party at the local bounce house place here in town and had a BLAST!!! Here are a few pictures....

where oh where have my babies gone?!?


So, I used to have these sweet babies......but suddenly they've grown up!!!! Lil Earl is 55 inches and has grown 1 and 1/5 inch since May!! Boo is up to his shoulder but I don't have her measurement ( I only know his because he went to the doctor last week). They are Growing before our very eyes...I swear it's every day!!!! The ONLY thing NOT growing is Boo's front teeth!!! LOL!!![...]

First day of school 2011


(image) Wow!!! Today was the first day of school. Lil Earl started 4th grade and Boo started 1st grade! They are growing up too fast! The funny smiles are because they were saying "Cheeeeeese" while they were waving their arms and mumbling "HURRY UP....WE ARE GONNA BE LATE!!!!"

Happy Birthday Lil Earl!!!


(image) where does the time go???? Lil Earl turned 9 today. seems like just yesterday he was born........

fun times


well, we have had lots happening since I last blogged. So this post has LOTS of pictures. (which are in a random order b/c I forgot how to upload them correctly I guess)Our Drive Inn theater showed GREASE last weekend and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE GREASE!!!! And, although Benito has tried to "shield" the children from my LOVE of GREASE, alas.......he FAILED!!!!! They LOVE it just as I do!!!!(insert evil laugh) So the drive in had contest to dress up like GREASE and if you got the most "likes" on their page you would win free tickets. Well,we didn't win but we had a TON of fun. And we made our shirts before the movie.Lil Earl....cheese:) Boo.......cheese:)back of shirt: "T" Birdsfront: GREASEback of shirt: Pink Ladiesback view of all of our shirtsfront view of our shirts......LOOKIN GOOD!!! ;)back viewthey were ALL ABOUT these shirts.....:)standing in front of big screen waiting for it to startAt the 4th of July parade they had DANA BOWMAN parachute in. He is AWESOME!!!! He was in the special forces and then he lost his legs in a jumping accident. Now he is a double amputee who travels world wide and parachutes in to events to help support the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. Go check out his site.....Lil Earl and Boo with Dana Bowmanmy nephew JJ pointing at his grandfather's name on the Veteran's MemorialClint and Enemee watching the paradeAt the parade there was a banner to sign to support our nephew JJ (age 3 1/2) with his hand over his heart during the National AnthemDana Bowman coming in for a landing Dana Bowman high in the skyClint & Enemee at parade Lil Earl watching paradeBoo watching paradeswimming at Grandma & PaPa'swent to chuck e. cheese and Lil Earl got HIGH SCORE on Nascar.....he is going to be like Uncle Corey.....he can beat any game he playsBoo showing off her "no teef"Lil Earl acting silly Benito being silly :) Lil Earl with his teacher after awards ceremony Boo with her teacher after awards ceremony The girls had dance recitals on different days but had to dress in their outfits to get their pictures taken :)fun day at the park with daddyEnemee at her dance recital hey, do what I dofamily picture after Boo's dance recital. the sun was in our eyeskids with NanaCarnival came to town carshow standing in front of Papa's truck with Papa and Grandma at car showMonster truck show came to town. Lil Earl got to ride "shotgun". Boo doesn't go to Monster truck shows because it's too loud but the drivers were nice enough to let her get up close the night before because she is a BIG fan too. :)can you find Boo?there she is!!!!!Bounty Hunter driver was the one who let us come into their "camp"....we were driving by and "stalking.....ummm....looking" at the 6 monster trucks and he waved us in. Then he sent us to see his buddies. Plus, we got autographs! :)Whew, that's a LOT of pictures! As you can see....we've had fun....even went to the DALLAS ZOOz(will post those pics later). Hope to see you soon![...]

beginning of may



a few more random pictures



where has the time gone?!?!


holy cow!!! time FLIES when you are having fun!!! we have been super busy and had lots of fun. here's some pics to catch you's Lil Earl mowing the lawn for the first time. he's getting so big... ;(cheerleader Boo...face painting handsome and little miss diva...what happens when they are!!!!baby goats...Boo at cheer camp...scary skeletons...Boo and Enemee...cheerleading debut...Enemee...Boo and Ethan...say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeze....Boo....Boo, Enemee and Melissa...Corey and with Grandma Billye...Boo has grown so much we had to change colors again. she calls these "red and green for christmas"...Boo recently turned 6. these pics were taken on her b-day as requested by her. I DID NOT POSE THESE!!! she was working the camera all on her own with Lil Earl. She also picked her birthday ensemble. WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!George the rat dog dressed as woody from toy story 3...wax mustaches....Jesse...Captain America...Buzz Lightyear (AKA JJ), Jesse and Captain America...Buzz Lightyear and his big sister Tracy...Siblings for sale.... their shirts say "brother/sister for sale $1.00 or best offer"here is the banana pudding they made at thanksgiving all by themselves...Boo at christmas program...Lil Earl at christmas program. he even said a line!!!Boo lost her first tooth last week. if she smiles you can't see it so she said she had to frown. lolwe LOVE the grinch!!! will blog again soon!!![...]

how much....


♪♪♪♪How much are those children in the window...♪♪♪♪

Soccer time


It's soccer season again here at Hacienda Hernandez. Kids are enjoying, parents would enjoy it more if it weren't so stinkin hot! ;)


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!


hello again!!!! my hardrive on my computer crashed and i had to send my computer away ;( BUT it has been returned to me YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE:) here are a few catch up posts :)

Labor day fun & fishing


we took kids fishing this weekend. we caught LOTS of small fish, a few "keepers" and one "WEALLY BIG FISH". this is the first time we brought any home to clean. Ahh...making memories with the kiddos....PRICELESS :)here are the 3 posing with the BIG UN....Lil Earl and his big catch.....worth the hours of fishing for him to FINALLY catch a keeper that it took to see his smiling face :)here the kids are watching daddy clean the fish (I remember doing the same with Papa Earl). Notice Lil Earl is wearing gloves, didn't want to get "fish blood" on him :) Boo thought it was cool, was playing with the fish heads and eyes ( like I used to do to freak corey out:))headlock/hug...this was staged by the children..."HEY MOM!!! TAKE OUR PICTURE!!! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol...poor brainwashed children!!! ;)Usually Boo catches more fish than everyone else, this time she caught more MOSS than anyone else:) and she wanted to pose with it...go figure?!?! lol :) here they are with what they thought was a big fish...we kept 3 or 4 more like it...later they deemed it a "medium" fish....[...]

house of royalty?!?


here is the princess' mani/pedi she got right before school started. i had NOTHING to do with the design...she and the lady were in kahoots and i didn't see them until they were done. it's only her second time to ever have them done (although she did tell her daddy tonight that her nails were "gone and i need to go back"..sheesh ;))))


and here is George the rat dog on a couch that Boo has for her dolls. He is watching TV....PAMPERED POOCH :)


JJ turned 3!!!!


My nephew JJ recently turned 3 and had his party at Chuck E Cheese....what fun!!!!



company tshirts



first day of school 2010


here are the kids on the first day of school yesterday. my, how big they have gotten!! Lil Earl is in the 3rd grade and Boo is in Kindergarden.


road trip


this past weekend we took kids on a mini trip to arbuckle wilderness and norman,oklahoma home to the OU BOOMER SOONERS. here are a few time you see the kids ask them about the camels....[...]

WHEW!!! what a crazy summer!!!!


so, what a crazy couple of months!!! lots of happenings at Hacienda Hernandez. Kids got out of school... Grandma Billye broke her hip :(... Got new summer do's... Momma ran over Molly :(.....4th of July....Lil Earl had a birthday and got George the rat dog :).... Shaved off summer do...... So, this will be an overload of pictures to kinda catch up....HERE YA GO!!!!!! Strike a pose.....ahhhhh...showered with LOVE....muscle manpinky promise...goofy kids...oh no!!! the silliness spread to Grandma Billye!!!Summer do's...Lil Earl with a GREEN mohawk and Boo with pink and purle streaks..JJNow switch hair color to RED...Lil Earl and George the rat dogBoo and EnemeeEnemee3 amigosbunny earsEnemee's new silly faceLil Earl turned 8 (and now has ORANGE hair)ROCKSTARMake-up...Swimming fun...[...]

weekend fun


last weekend we had enemee ALL weekend. WHAT FUN!!! Bubble wands...$1 each, fuuny glasses... 4/$1......LOTS OF LAUGHS.....PRICELESS!!!!!!! enjoy the pics. 1...2.....3......JUMP!!!!do you know these children?!?!jump hug Lil Earl drinking rainBoo picked a flowerchees, EmEnemee jumpsLil Earl jumpsBoo and her bubblesLil Earl and his bubblesEnemee likes bubbles toototem polemore funny glasses pictures...p.s. i LOVE my new camera!!!;)[...]



Corey recently had his junior recital at MSU. Here are a few pics...


Mother's Day


the kids and the Mr. took a trip to Wichita and we ate at Samuria (yum yum). Then we went to the mall and I got a massage. Then we went to Sam's and he bought me a new CAMERA!!!!! whoo hoo!!! yep, I am a brat;) But what stole the show was my cards the kids wrote.....Boo's said , "Dear Mom, you are as beautiful as _______" she said " a dog". When asked why she said that "there's nothing cuter than a puppy"
Lil Earl's card said "Dear Mom, you are the best mom I ever had." (I guess he's had his share of Hallmark, you got nothing on my babies!!!

Boo's first dance recital


This weekend Boo had her first dance recital. She of course was WONDERFUL!!! She loved it and says she's gonna be in dance forever....Here are some pics, wish I could get the videos to upload.....[...]

class pictures