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Preview: Priscilla Bakes

Priscilla Bakes

The adventures of a seventeen year old girl in her Mom's kitchen.

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Blog Decision!


Hello my faithful blog readers, first off. Thank you SO MUCH for all the comments and encouragement to keep blogging. I didn't even know that I still have blog followers after not blogging for two years! Niiiice surprise :)

I have decided that I AM going to blog my baking adventures, but on my "other" blog.... It is my photography blog but I also do personal/random posts sometimes and I am going to add baking posts there. This blog will still be open, but all my new baking posts will be on my other blog.

I will have a new recipe up on the blog this weekend, can't wait to do this again. I have missed it!

Hope to see some of you all there!!! :)





I have no idea how many readers still follow this blog but I am realizing how much I miss baking and sharing recipes with you all. I can't bake nearly as often as I did with a full time job but I can on the weekends.

So this post is pretty much asking if anyone still reads this and if you guys would still be interested in me posting again? I've been gone awhile, and I miss it!


Visit Me Here Now!


Hello blog readers, I am no longer going to be blogging here. But I am still going to be keeping this open for those of you who asked me to for the recipes. I haven't baked/cooked in a VERY long time....but you can visit me at this new blog:
Thank you again for being great blog readers!!


Already Middle Of September..??


Hello Blog Readers! I'm sorry...for such another long time with no posting. Thing is, I honestly haven't baked anything for months. Why, I don't know. But I have something up my sleeve for tomorrow. A Neopalitian Banana Cake....we will see how it turns out.

Right now I am currently taking this semester off school and working. And in-between doing photo sessions, frisbee games, hitting the mall, trips to the theater w/family or friends, multiple trips to get ice cream with friends, church activities, and then of course the usual...spending time with family and friends.

Annnd, last Friday was a whole new experience for me. I'm currently the 2nd baseman on our softball team and well. Last Friday, which was our last game for the season....I ended up spending most of the evening in the ER. During the game I went to catch a fly ball and the ball ended up landing on my face instead of the mit.
I fractured my nose and received 2 black eyes. It was also my first time ever in the ER....a tough night.
Buuut, God has healed me amazingly. My black eyes are almost completely gone and I got my stitches out yesterday. My family took amazing care of me and I found out during my week of recovery that God has truly given me the "best" family and friends in this world.

I also think I had enough injuries for the year. Lets see...a fat bruised lip from snowboarding, breaking my middle finger when the wind shut the door on my hand, and a fractured nose....hmmm. Yup. Hopefully that is all.

And Lord willing. Next softball season. I will be back out on that field.


My latest photo session was of my softball coach's family.
Ohhhh Adalyn. She is my very favorite 1 year little girl. Her pigtails are melting. Her little smile with 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth are equally melting. I think we have a future Miss America on our hands.

(image) (image)

Have a wonderful Friday! We have had 20 days of sunshine and beautiful weather....I couldn't ask for anything better. See you with a recipe very soon!!

Savoring the last days of Summer.


I cannot believe it is already September. Seriously, this summer was the fastest summer ever. I have no doubt now that as you get older time goes by faster. Because that is how I have been feeling.Frisbee. How we all love it.Want to know something funny? Until this year we had never heard of Ultimate Frisbee. Sure we knew what a frisbee was...but playing a sport with a brothers and sisters and I were thinking how dumb does that sound. Ha. That was until we played. And um...simply. We are addicted now. Another sad thing about summer winding down. Frisbee winds down too. Until next spring.My brothers sometimes forget we aren't playing Tackle Football and decide to take out players. I can say I survived being smashed by my 19 year old brother who is over 6 ft. My sisters and I have kinda learned to play rough in sports....with 3 brothers. I think it is a bit hard not too. Steven (in the tan cargos)...why he is leaning up against the pole...I do not know. I'm in the blue shorts on the far left and my sister Lisa is on the right in the blue shorts. We bring a LOT of players...ha. 6 of us. Park Days with friends on a sunny day. Pretty sweet.We are sane. I assure you.Our Church Softball Team. My 3 brothers and I played. We have a couple more games and then sadly we have to wait until next summer. I will be back in not too long with a food post. Thank you guys for sticking around while I was taking a break from blogging this summer!! God gave me a amazing summer and one I will remember forever. He is good.Priscilla[...]

I love you Friday!



Can I say summer is flying by way too fast?! Popping in to say have a great weekend. Off to enjoy a full Friday!

Perfectly Rounded Choc. Chip Cookies.


Good Monday everyone! Whew. Crazy weekend. But a blast. I love Mondays because they are the only day all of us are home evenings.Ever since getting this recipe from a friend, I haven't been able to stop making these! They are superb. I prefer these with Chocolate Chunks but I don't always have those on hand so sometimes I use Chips. Still delicious either way.To get those perfectly rounded must use a cookie scoop. My Mom bought one at some Amish Country Store but I bet Wal-Mart or any other store with cook/baking ware would have one. My size is about medium. I started using it a couple months ago and haven't stopped. Can't use spoons anymore! Perfectly Rounded Choc. Chip CookiesIngredients:1 cup packed brown sugar1/2 cup granulated sugar1/2 cup butter or stick margarine, softened1/2 cup shortening1 tsp. vanilla1 large egg2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour1 tsp. baking soda1/4 tsp. salt2 cups chocolate chips (or 1 bag of chocolate chunks)DIRECTIONS:Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Beat sugars, butter, shortening, vanilla, and egg in large mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Stir in flour, baking soda, and salt (dough will be stiff). Stir in chocolate chips/chunks. Using a cookie scoop, drop onto ungreased cookie sheets about 2 inches apart. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until light brown. Cool 1 to 2 minues; remove from cookie sheet to wire rack.________________We recently discovered Ultimate Frisbee earlier this summer. Wow. We had no clue what we were missing out on. All 6 of us kids play. And we love it. It is a bunch of friends that get together weekly.We can get rough with each other....grabbing the frisbee from someone else or crashing and taking out other players. But with most of us under 25....I think that is pretty normal.Mr. Joe...sporting his new haircut. Yeah...that is me with those red shorts. It is good to be back! Looking forward to another busy week...see you in not too long with another food post!Priscilla[...]

Final Check-In Post...Because I'm Back Now!


Hello blog readers. This is my final check-in summer post. I am excited to get back in the kitchen...and start cooking up some recipes! Thank you much guys for sticking with me thru my blogging break.

You can't really tell but we are all sweaty and gross here. A few of the many friends that we play frisbee with. Ignore my brothers shoe tan....he thanks you.
(image) (my Mom on the far right)
1st day of VBS! It was pretty amazing to see God working thru the hearts of the children. The praise and worship time was the best.

Dancin' and singing with Miss Hailey. One of my favorite little people.

(image) Oh Miss Maggie. My favorite 3 year old blonde little girl.
I will see you next with a post for the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe ever and I found out how to make your cookies perfectly round! Have a great rest of a week and see you soon!

Summer, Summer, Summer.


(image) I'm still here. I've come to the conclusion that summer is going by way "too" fast. Way too fast. But I'm soaking it all up. We have been busy with softball practices, softball games, Ultimate Frisbee, swimming, being with friends, and now this whole week VBS. We were able to go to our county fair last was pretty hard to get one of everyone smiling. Thus resulting in the above picture.

(image) Softball and more softball. Teaches you a lot.


My sisters and I with a friend....yeah I'm a total goof.
Have a great rest of a week and I will see you with another update in not too long!


Summer Days....Summer Fun.


Whew, good Friday everyone! Hope your summer has been going well. Mine has been very busy but beyond fun. We are heading into another packed 4th of July weekend....which will include lots of food. I will be back with some food posts next week and lots more pictures. Thank you again guys for hanging in here with me!
(image) Ultimate Frisbee is amazing.

(image) We had spent the day at a friends graduation party and then playing ultimate frisbee afterwards. Here we are just goofin off....a must for our famalies.

L to R: Steven, Me, Lisa, & Joe. Personally...I think we look nothing alike.

Happy 4th of July!

Summer Break.


I'm still here. I'm sorry for the absence. I won't be around for much this summer (LOTS of new things happening) so if you could bear with me while a take a break, I would love that. For those of you who decide to stick around...thank you so much! Not blogging for the summer doesn't mean I won't be popping in occasionaly to update you guys.

(image) This is the kind of face you get when playing Catch Phrase...nice Andrew.
(image) Katherine I love your earrings. I love how they match your shirt. The tongue thing, yes I love that too.

(image) Fish lips are the latest thing...that is what I heard friend Joss and me at Disneyland.


Lemon Poppy Seed & White Cupcakes.


Good Friday everyone! Whew, feels good to be back to creating recipes.California was a total blast....we got to go to Disneyland for the first time. I love that place! We were planning on going to Raging Waters in San Dimas Friday but they weren't open yet during the week. So we hopped on over to Knotts Soak City instead. How I missed going to Raging Waters again. Saturday was my friends graduation - pretty emotional time. We celebrated afterwards at Pat & Oscars. I thought Olive Garden had the best breadsticks....Pat & Oscars beats them by a longshot! California is pretty amazing.I love simple recipes. I was at Wallyworld the other day and thought about why not mix a white cake mix with a muffin mix? Mmm, the results are delicious. You can use whatever muffin mix, not just Lemon Poppy Seed. I'd try the Blueberry one for sure. I bet you can even change the cake mix to your liking! Swirled Lemon Poppy Seed White CupcakesIngredients:1 white cake mix, prepared according to box directions2 (7.6 oz) Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Mix, prepared according to package directionsDIRECTIONS:Grease 2 muffin tins. Fill 2/3 full with white cake mix batter. Pour 1 tbsp. over white cake mix batter and swirl. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until ready. Cool.______________ We left for California early Wednesday morning. Thursday was my friend's graduation beach party. Early Thursday we packed up food, boogie boards, chairs, wood for a fire, and headed to Oceanside. It was 64 degrees there. But that didn't stop us crazy girls from going in the water. And since I only get to go to the beach once a year...I wasn't going to pass this up. I did swallow too much salt water though and felt like puking...the waves were pretty big and kept going over my head. We had a blast at the beach party....I still can't believe we are both done with High School Joss! So glad I was able to be there with you! The mature graduate...right JR? Tonight is my brothers and mine second softball game...can't wait for it! Off to enjoy some sunny weather and a run...have a great Friday and weekend everyone!Priscilla[...]

I'm Staying.


Thank you. Wow. For all your sweet comments. I've decided that I will continue to blog. I know I would miss it and after your comments I don't think I can stop blogging!

(image) Look for a new food post tomorrow....we finally got to go to Disneyland when we were in California. AH-mazing. The Indiana Jones ride is my absolute favorite. Here is my sisters and I (L to R: Anna, Lisa, Me) in front of the castle. Have a great Thursday!

Thinking Of Closing My Blog.


Hi everyone! I'm back. I had a blast in California.

Upon arriving back from Cali, I was thinking about possibly no longer blogging. Closing my blog down. While I love blogging, sometimes it gets a bit much....and this season of life has me busier than ever.
So, I am either thinking of shutting it down for good, taking another month off, or continuing to blog 3 times a week.

Before I make my decision, what do my readers think? Sometimes from the lack of comments, I think not many people read my blog. And, for those of you who comment often...thank you!


Vacation From Blogging.


Hi Blog Readers. I've decided that I'm going to be taking a break from blogging until I get back from my vacation. Life is pretty busy right now and I need a break. Between graduations, softball games, birthdays, flying to California, getting ready to leave for a week, I don't have that much time to be in the kitchen right now. I think I could use a short break too.

So, I hope you guys understand and I'll see you June 3rd with some tasty recipes and pictures from Cali!

My blog is also acting up, will be getting it fixed pretty soon.


Kick Off Your Monday W/A Giveaway!


(image) Good Monday! I apologize readers for being such a slacker this past week in my blogging. Preparing for my party and cooking up goodies wasn't possible.
Since I will be leaving again next week (I'm heading to California for a week to attend my good friend's graduation) this week will be filled with lots of posts. I'm going to try to post every day this week, won't all be food though. I have lots and lots of party pictures I must share with you guys. But, it is up to you.

I thought I'd kick my one-a-day post week with a giveaway. Dawn at Ferguson Pottery has a pretty amazing store. I'm not your biggest pottery fan, but her work is beautiful! I am loving her bowls. I'd love to have this bowl too, but she graciously let me have this to give to one of you guys.

To enter, tell me do you want me to do a post every day? Or is that too much? It'll be a challenge but I am up for it!

Deadline is tomorrow at 3 o'clock PM CST.

Have fun guys and see you tomorrow! Have a great start to your week!

Sneak Preview.......


(image) ......of one of the MANY graduation party pictures snapped yesterday. Since boys usually stand about 10 ft. away from each other when in pictures, I told these guys to act like they "liked" each other. Thus the hugging all around. L to R: David, Steven (hey brother!), Austin (giving me, um, what do you call that look?), and Tim.


I'll see you tomorrow with lots more pictures! It was a total blast! Have a good Sunday!

Ice Cream Sugar Cookies, W/A Twist.


Good Tuesday everyone! I have so been enjoying this beautiful and cool spring weather.I finally got to see Hannah Montana. I absolutely loved it! The music was very well done, and yes I was singing in the theater. Seriously, it is hard not too. I won't say anymore in case some of you guys haven't seen it, but I can't wait to go see it again! I loved the addition of Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. Guh, I love Taylor Swift's music.I love sugar cookies. Soft and gooey sugar cookies with a glass of milk, yum. I will have to be pulled away to stop eating. We love this sugar cookie recipe we got from a friend. They are so simple to make but they are the best tasting sugar cookie I've had homemade. I thought why not add ice cream to these and make them ice cream sandwich cookies with sprinkles? Mmmm, they are delicious. Any kind of ice cream though I bet would be tasty in these, I am thinking of chocolate.....Sugar Ice-Cream CookiesIngridents:1 cup butter1 1/2 cup sugar3 well beaten egg yolks2 cups flour1 tsp. baking soda1 tsp. vanilla1 tsp. cream of tarter4 cups of vanilla ice cream (or half of a 1.75 qt. of ice cream)Colored sprinklesDIRECTIONS:Preheat oven to 350. Cream butter and sugar. Add yolks, mix well. Add flour, soda, and tarter. Add vanilla. Roll into balls. Dip in sugar. Bake for 9 minutes. Cool. Take 2 cookies, on one side spread ice cream. Top with other cookie. Roll in sprinkles. Eat right away or cover with Saran Wrap and freeze.**To keep these soft and chewy, make sure you put them in foil or cover them - they harden quickly. Also, do "not" overbake these for this recipe, hard sugar cookies in an ice cream sandwich doesn't taste good! Underbake them a little.**___________I have been going thru pictures from when I was born until now. I need pictures for my collage for my party this weekend. My parents had 6 babies at one point or another....I didn't win cutest baby out of us kids. I was chubby, red, and had a double chin. My little sister Anna took the title for cutest baby. I was very weird then, and I still am. I am also a known clutz. I get injured often. Some people in life have everything in perfect order and in tact, I have never been one of them. Don't think I ever will. This week and weekend is hectic crazy so I won't be seeing you guys until Monday. I've got lots of things to still do before my party this weekend....not to mention our church's first Softball game is this Friday evening. I'll be back with lots of pictures and another tasty recipe! See you next week!Priscilla[...]

We Jump.


_________Congrats to the Winner of the Hello, Cupcake book picked by who said: for me it's food! Love the food.Congrats Laura! Please email me at so I can get your book out to you!________ (I am getting a 10x13 of this one for our wall...)Good Sunday afternoon! Goodness, what a busy weekend. House work, workout, softball practice, taking our Mom out to dinner, shopping, more shopping for graduation party clothes, church....whew! And this week isn't going to be any less busy. I know I will survive.I am so glad to know you all (most of you...can't please everyone) enjoy my blog just the way it is! Getting comments like that are thank you! I am going to see what I can come up with for some more breakfast, appetizer, and side dish recipes.So, I thought a jumping shot would be pretty amazing of all 6 of us....little brother in brown polo shirt thought otherwise. See how in the 3rd picture from the top, he is about 4 inches off the ground but completely upright? Not to mention a interesting look. Don't worry, we still love you Joe. This isn't even close to all the pictures we took, the rest will be popping around here and there in the upcoming months. I am trying to decide which ones to hang up on the walls, choices choices! See you guys with that cookie post next that will have you scurring to make them yourselves! Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom's and especially to mine!Priscilla[...]

Hello, Cupcake Book Giveaway!


This is a giveaway to thank you guys. To thank you for always leaving such nice comments. I love blogging but you guys truly make it funner. Even those of you who are readers but don't comment. Thank you readers. For reading my blog. Trying my recipes. For sending me emails and letting me know how much your family loved my recipes. Thank you!

So, I am giving away a copy of "Hello, Cupcake" to 1 of my readers. I've looked thru the book and there are some pretty neat ways to dress cupcakes up. The Panda Bears really caught my eye. I'd have a hard time eating those cuties. And the spaghetti cupcakes....whoa! Amazing!

To enter, tell me what you'd like to see more of on Priscilla Bakes. Less family pictures? More food recipes? More giveaways? Tell me in a comment and you'll be entered for this contest.

Deadline is Sunday at 3 PM CST.

Have a fantastic weekend guys. I'll be back with a cookie post next!
Also check this youtube video out, I have been listening to this non-stop since I found it!

Buttered Egg Noodles W/Parmesan Chicken.


Good Wednesday everyone!My family and I love love eating at Noodles & Company. If you guys haven't ever tried their food you are seriously missing out. My sister and I love to order "Buttered Noodles". They are noodles fried in butter, mixed with seasonings, and topped with Parmesan Chicken and Mozzarella Cheese. That and a Coke for dinner....that is real living.I wanted to try to see if I could come up with something similar to Noodles' version. Let me say I got pretty close! For the breading I mixed up different seasonings, Parmesan Cheese, and salt and pepper. Dipped it then in egg and fried until done. The breaded chicken alone was very good. The family loved this, it was great to see my brother and sister saying..."mmm this is pretty good". Buttered Noodles: My VersionIngredients:2 chicken breasts, thawed3 cups egg noodles, cooked2 sticks of butter3 eggs1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated3/4 tsp. pepper1/2 tsp. salt1/2 tsp. garlic powder1 tsp. Italian Seasoning1/2 cup Mozzarella CheeseSalt and pepper to tasteDIRECTIONS:Cut chicken breasts into strips. Beat eggs in a bowl and set aside. Combine bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Place 3 tbsp. of butter in pan over stove on low-medium heat. Melt all over pan. Dip chicken in eggs (let excess egg mixture drip off) and then roll in bread crumb mixture. Place in pan and cook for 2 minutes or until done, turning as needed. In another pan, melt 5tbsp. of butter on medium-high heat. Pour the egg noodles into the pan and cook until crisp, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Season with Italian Seasoning and salt and pepper. Mix. Put noodles in bowl and top with chicken and Mozzarella Cheese. Yield: 2 servings.____________We did it. We took pictures. It is a big accomplishment because if we don't go get them done, you will never see a decent picture of us 6 together. There will be pictures of us 6. But they don't go past our family seeing them. The weather was perfect, couldn't have asked for a better day...especially nice since it had been raining the previous days. All I could say was "thank you God....for no rain and a beautiful day to boot". So, here we are. These 5 (not including our parents) are the ones that devour all of the food you see on my blog. Those 3 boys are the ones who I have to thank. The 2 girls are the ones I have to thank for keeping me somewhat girly. And my youngest brother. Joe. He is perfectly fine. He wasn't being tortured. He doesn't like to smile for the camera. Thus the uncovincing grins. These are only some of the many pictures we took, would my readers like to see more? Hope you all are enjoying summer weather....looking forward to seeing Star Trek this Friday. Hopefully it will be a good one!Priscilla[...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Added Into Brownies.


Good Tuesday! I am glad to say we are all finally getting over colds we've had for 2 weeks. But now my sister has Larengidus....these past few months have been tough with us all getting colds often and the 24 hour flu thrown in the bunch. I hope this is the last of it for a while! Not until I am sick do I realize how great it is to be healthy. I currently have an addiction of making brownie mixes and adding different twists to them. I know this isn't helping those of us who are trying to loose some of that weight for summer! This will be the last one for a little while!I saw the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (Betty Crocker) on the shelf and thought why not add the cookie mix with cream cheese and sugar and then swirl it in the brownie batter....and top it off with frosting? Mmm, it is good. This chocolate frosting is one of my all time favorites...I love to eat the leftovers! I also love to eat Brownie batter....almost better than cookie dough batter. Swirled Chocolate Chip Cookie BrowniesIngredients:Batter:1 brownie mix1 (8 oz) cream cheese, softened3 eggs1/2 cup sugar1 (17.5 oz) Chocolate Chip Cookie mixDIRECTIONS:Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare brownie mix according to box directions. Pour batter into prepared baking pan. Beat cream cheese for 1 minute. Add eggs and sugar. Beat well. Dump cookie mix in and mix until blended. Drop spoonfuls of the cookie batter on brownie batter. Swirl lightly with knife. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until ready. Cool. Frost with below frosting recipe.FROSTING:1/4 cup baking cocoa1 stick salted butter, cut into pieces1/2 cup buttermilk3 3/4 cup powdered sugar1 tsp. vanillaDIRECTIONS:Combine cocoa, butter, and buttermilk in a pan. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add powdered sugar and vanilla. Pour over brownies and spread. Let sit until hardened. Cut into squares and serve.___________This brother is one of the three I have to thank. For doing something very significant in my life. Thank you Steven. Thank you for making me a girl who others would say...."is your sister coming to the airsoft games? She looks like a strong one". Or..."I saw your sister signed up for the softball team and wait, she is a sports is she a tomboy?" Growing up with 3 brothers I will admit it is a bit of a hard task to remain completely girly. I did also grow up with 2 sisters but for some reason outdoor activites and the boys games have always looked so much more exciting to me than playing dolls inside or having a tea party. And to 3 boys...Andrew, Steven, and Joe, guys....from the bottom of my heart I have to thank you. For making me who I am today. Hope you all enjoy a Tuesday afternoon! Not sure if you guys are familiar with a restaurant called Noodles...we love that place. I will see you next with a dish I created from that place that I get every time I go there! I'll also see you with some new family pictures we had taken, getting the boys to take pictures is a big accomplishement!Priscilla[...]

Sugar Cookie Mix Banana Bread.


Happy Friday everyone! It is a beautiful summer day and I am looking forward to heading out with my family for dinner and to the theater. So this is going to be a quick post.We had some very ripe bananas on the counter that needed to be used up so I took my banana recipe and tweaked it. Instead of adding a chocolate cake mix I added a sugar cookie mix and some milk. Yum, the sugar cookie mix adds a wonderful flavor. This makes lots of batter so I would suggest not pouring it all into the 13x9 inch pan. Maybe make some cupcakes with the rest. I made the mistake of using all the batter in the pan and it takes forever to bake and turns overcooked slighty. Sugar Cookie Mix Banana BreadIngredients:1 cup butter1 cup sugar3 eggs1 1/2 cups flour1/4 tsp. salt3/4 tsp. baking soda3/4 tsp. vanilla3 medium bananas, ripe and smashed5 tbsp. sour cream1 (17.5 oz) sugar cookie mixDIRECTIONS:Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x13 in pan (and a muffin pan). Cream butter and sugar together. Add eggs and mix well. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt together and add to creamed mixture. Add vanilla, bananas, sour cream, and cookie mix. Mix very well. Pour into greased baking pan and muffin tin. Bake for 45 minutes or until ready.__________Graduation party date has been set. Invitations have been mailed. Decorations, food, and all the fun stuff is coming now. Choices. This is the picture we used for the invitations....maybe it is just me but I do not really care for this picture of myself. But since the world doesn't revolve around me (what?!) I didn't say anything. And knowing myself, I always critque pictures of people way too ignore me.Enjoy a beautiful weekend! Busy weekend ahead, picture time for us 6 kids and my Senior Pics tomorrow! See you with some more yummy food soon!Priscilla[...]

Italian Chicken Rotelle W/Broccoli & Cheese.


Good Tuesday everyone! I'm back with a food post. I love cooking, baking, and creating new recipes, but I do also love having breaks from the kitchen. Especially from those nasty dishes. I can pile stacks of dishes in no time....I still haven't seen Hannah Montana yet due to different complications, but my little sister and older sister got to. They came out raving and raving. I am hoping I can see it this weekend. But Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and X-Men are coming out this Friday and I am being pulled in 3 directions. Not sure what I'll see!I created this recipe when I saw my Mom had some Rotelle on the shelf. I love pasta....especially when it is cold. I added in some chicken for a more balanced meal. The broccoli and provolane cheese take it up a notch. I was out of the bottled Italian Dressing so made my own. A quick meal for those busy week nights. Chilled or eaten at room temperature, it is good.Italian Chicken Dressing RotelleIngredients:1 (16 oz.) bag of Garden Rotelle 2 cups chicken, cubed, cooked, and cooled1 cup broccoli, chopped in small pieces1 1/2 cup provolane cheese, cut into cubesDIRECTIONS:Cook pasta according to directions. Cool. Combine all ingredients together. Set aside. Make dressing and pour all over Rotelle. Refrigerate 4 hours or until chilled or eat room temperature.Italian Dressing:Ingredients:1 tbsp. garlic powder1 tbsp. onion powder1 tbsp. white sugar2 tbsp. dried oregano1 tsp. ground black pepper1 tbsp. Italian Seasoning1 tsp. dried basil1 tbsp. dried parsley1 tsp. salt1/4 cup white vinegar2/3 cup vegetable oilDIRECTIONS:Combine all ingredients together in a jar or bowl. Stir very well. ____________Andrew has always loved sports. He has loved being outside ever since I can remember. Baseball is what he does best. He's never been a big camera lover....he'd take pictures but would never ask to have a picture taken of himself. A lot of times he'll give a look, which means get that horrid thing out of my face. Or he'll do the craziest things for the camera. He can also break out in the cheeseiest grins. The last picture is one of his many cheesy grins.Have a good Tuesday, hopefully you are having some beautiful sunny weather. We are having cloudy cool weather. See you next with a dessert!Priscilla[...]

Cake Mix Winner And I'm Boring You.


Good Monday morning everyone! I think weekends need to be much longer. Much longer. But on second thought maybe they wouldn't be as sweet. I love you Saturday and Sunday. Don't ever leave me. Thank you. Thank you to all of you who made it in my Naturally Nora contest. I enjoyed reading your cake mix preferences! Chocolate edged everything else out by far. A big congrats to the winner picked by who said: Cookie cookie looks and sounds heavenly!!! Please contact me at so you can get your goodies.________Some of you were asking where you can purchase Nora's cake mixes at. You can find them available here.And, since I was too busy all weekend to be creative and create something up, I am going to bore you all with more pictures of my friend's senior session. Thank you for letting me bore you. Have a good one and I will have a recipe post very soon! I am looking forward to a Cubs game tonight....beat them D'backs! Priscilla[...]