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Blog Party!!!


This is my first ever blog party. I joined Blogaholics when I first started blogging a little over two months ago. Kim from Piece a cake decorating is the group owner. I am excited and hope this gets more and more readers for our blogs. I am going to highlight each person that is involved in the party..

Piece a cake decorating: Kim has awesome tips on cake decorating and sells edible images which as most of you know I used just a last week for my sons birthday cake. She is great about answering any questions and super fast on her shipping!!

Mother Trekker: Jen talks about traveling and how to make it easier on your kids . She gives some great travel activities for kids ages 3-5.

Boutique Stitches: Jennette features some of the most beautiful jewelry I have come across yet. She promotes other peoples jewelry to help spread the word . She also has a esty shop where she makes handmade bibs, washies and baby bottle wraps..

Mommy's Online Garage Sale: Jen has it all, baby, girls, boys, giveaways, handmade, junior, men, women, toys, reviews, and misc. No matter what your looking for you can find it here.

Stop by and check out these great blogs who knows what you will learn or find!! If you want to join the Party feel free and link with us.
Have a great Friday. I get to spend the day cleaning out my youngest closet. For the last six years I have used it as a place to store all the kids clothing, baby clothes everything. I am now going to go through it all. My oldest wants to change rooms and have her own room. I am going to move my youngest in with her brother and give my oldest her own room for awhile. Of course I have help of my two younger kids. My son does not have preschool today and my husband took Lexis to school. Lyssa already wants to go outside and jump on the trampoline. When I told her it was to cold out yet her response was no mommy its HOT HOT... OUTSIDE PLEASSSSSEEEEE... I can already tell how the day will go cleaning for maybe a hour if I am lucky and then outside for us...

Thankful Thursday


Today I got up and got the kids ready for school and I will admit I was not even going to post today. I have been so moody, sad and just plain no fun to be around. I do not like posting when I am like this its so hard for me to come across happy. I don't like posting like that. So I sat down at the computer and started reading my blog list. First one I came to was The Baking Hen and she has some of the most amazing looking recipes. Its funny how such a small thing made my day but lately I have been so frustrated with my family and never helping me out with what to make for dinner. Now all I have to do is look at her blog bam dinner ideas done! I read a few more that I always read then I come across The Attic Girl and she had Thankful Thursday and made me realize that life is all about how you look at it. She had a list of 5 things so here is my list.

1. I am thankful for the things my family does do all the little things that makes me smile!!

2. For all my friends that listens to me and are here for me no matter what.

3. I am thankful that my family is healthy!

4. I am thankful I can be a stay at home mom even if it frustrates me to no end sometimes.

5. I am very thankful I started blogging and got to meet some wonder people. You all inspire me to be a better person and always make me smile.

Thanks so much to Shelly for making me see the brighter side of life and now I am going to go spend time with some friends and family..

Need ideas!!!


I can not believe that two years has flown by. My baby my last one I will ever have is turning two years old on October 2nd. I know I have a couple weeks still but I have no idea what to do for her birthday party. She does not really watch t.v. or have a favorite character. She does love her little gray stuff kitten "GRACE". I am debating on another edible image from Kim that worked great for Trevens birthday but not 100% sure. I do not know what to do... sigh. Plus I have no idea what gift to get her. The worst thing is she has everything because my older two just passed down all their stuff. My mother in law is getting her a little pink car that she can sit in. We have legos, playdough, baby dolls, tons and tons of stuff. I want something that is just for her. Not a hand me down. UGGGG I just do not know what to do. All ideas suggestions are need and welcome...I want it to be a special birthday, I know she won't really care but I care!!!

MckLinky blog Hop~Favorite Recipe



I do love art and when I was in high school and college I used to draw all the time. It was a stress reliever. When I get time I still draw. If I was at home I would scan in one of my works of art. I love drawing with pencil and painting with oil. My oldest daughter also takes a art class after school on Mondays. She loves to draw, paint, color, anything and everything that is art... I do some graphic designs I am working on many but have not done enough for a website yet.

I also have a great friend that is a Artist. Brandon Parkinson he is so talented and a really great guy. I still have some of his artwork and some jewerly he made for me. He is also a designer for a new company TATCo. The Artist Tattoo Company, brings to the fans the artwork featured on performers around the globe. Conceived by guitarist Scott Bartlett on his tour bus, over a bottle and conversation with a former band mate. Our unique original designs reflect the deeply personal imagery of our Artists. Their ink on your gear, join us in sporting the artwork inspired by the artists who wear it.

First day of School!!


First day of school.. My daughter was so excited this morning I do not think she even slept much. When I woke her up this morning she popped out of bed saying FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL... FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL... We fixed her hair, got dressed in the clothes she set out the night before then sat down for breakfast. She only ate two bites before she was done and ready to leave.. Are you ready yet mom??? She was even getting her little sisters shoes for her. All the way to town she could not sit still I could see her in my rear view mirror wiggling around. I pull up to the school and then she got a little scared. Asked me to walk her in and make sure she gets to the right classroom. I got her to stand still long enough to get her picture. I can not believe my baby is in the first grade. I know I have two younger kids, but on days like today I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with Lexis and now she is in the first grade. I handled it all very well, last year I cried hard when I had to leave her there. In about a hour I go and pick her up. I can not wait to hear all about her new classroom and teacher...

On another note the last couple of weeks I was on Jury for a murder trial. It was one of the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. We deliberated for four hours then we all decided he was guilty. There is no doubt in my heart he was guilty. I will not go into details but he should have been in jail a long time ago. I am so thankful to be done and on with my life!!!!

Relaxing Weekend


After a really long week of jury duty, this weekend I just spent it with my family. Saturday we went to town to get school supplies.. First off I would have gone earlier so I could have missed the last minute shoppers, weekend shoppers and wall to wall people in Wal-Mart. I do not do well with lots of people crowding the isles. I know what I want and go get it. I do not linger, I do not search around. I am a in and out kinda gal. With three kids you kinda have to be. Otherwise its... I am hungry, or I wanna look at toys, I need to pee or all the other eight million other things they can think of to side track my mission. Lyssa my youngest rides in the cart, I am a stickler for this. I do have to keep her entertained while she is sitting but I have that down to a science after three. Playing with her feet, fingers, or just by making the cart go a little faster then normal. I multitask well I can play, drag two other kids and shop all at the same time. My husband ( god bless him) follows and never gets in my way!!! We got almost everything we needed except the pink eraser and watercolor paints. NOWHERE in Wal-Mart were the big pink eraser!!! Staples here we come lucky for me they had the eraser and watercolors. Next shoes... is it just me or do all kids out grow shoes every six months or so.. I think I am always buying shoes. After trying on FIVE pairs finally we find a pair that fit and thank goodness they were on SALE... $11.00 yay instead of $25.00. Groceries next which I was not in the shopping mood so that went fast zoom in zoom out of Sams Club. Still being in town takes us 2 hours which isn't bad considering everything I had to get and all the people I had to move around. On our way home we stop at the hospital where my grandmother is at. She is recovering from kidney surgery. This is another post but I wanted to check on her make sure she is really doing okay. She has been out of surgery for 11 days and is in swing bed by now. But I know her she is super strong and refuses to ask for help. I walk in to find her making her own bed!!! This is because she was bored not because they were not taking care of her. She just really likes to do things herself. Finally we get home around 5 pm. I really just wanted to fall in bed and sleep but... no our community was having a dance tonight and since we skipped the parade, kids games and dinner we promised the kids we would go. We get into town around dark just in time to see the fireworks. Lyssa hated them and just put her head in my shoulder. Never cried just didn't want to watch. My older two loved them tho. The kids danced some and finally at 10:30pm we dragged them home. Where of course they all fell asleep on the way home in the car. Sunday we took the kids to Monument Park.We spent the afternoon climbing and playing on the chalk rocks. All of us had a blast just hanging out and playing together. Reminds me that we do not need to spend money to enjoy being together. These beautiful rocks are about 10 miles from our house. They are in the middle of nowhere. All around is pasture then bam... here are these amazing rocks. They are chalk rocks and have tons of tiny little shells in the side of them. Sharks teeth are found around them. We did not find any but as a kid I did find some. After a rough week I could not have spent a better and more relaxing weekend. I know this week will be one of the most stressful and hardest I will have ever dealt with. I just look at my family and know I can deal with this and I know in my heart I will make the correct decision. Thanks for sticking with me!![...]

My week


This past week has been very busy. Monday I showed up for Jury Duty after being there all day I found out I was in the top 40 to be picked from. They narrowed it down to 40 then pick 14. Tuesday morning they narrowed it down and yep I was chose. I was not to shocked to be chose. This week has been long. We start at 9am but since I have to drive a hour to even get there I leave around 7:30am. They also like us there about 15 min's early. We get done at 5pm so by the time I get home its 6pm. I pick up the kids from my mother in laws or husband depending on who has them. Fix dinner, give kids a bath, pick up the house( you would think it would not be getting messy with me gone.. but it is WORSE), get kids in bed I am just done for the day. How women work full time, have kids and still have time to get online amaze me.. They think we will be done by next Friday. Tomorrow I have to go to town and get all of the kids school supplies. We start school on the 17 th. Tonight we are going to town to eat dinner and have a drink. I need about three glasses of white wine and my bed.

Jury Duty


Today I had to go in for Jury Duty. When I first got there I was so hoping I would be able to get out of it. After sitting all day I was chose for the top 40. I go back tomorrow and they chose down to 14. I should know by noon or so. If I do have to serve it will go for two weeks. If I do get picked I will not be posting for those two weeks. I will just have to much to do with driving 60 miles to court and getting the kids ready for the next day. Please bear with me while I go through this and hope they just cut me tomorrow:)

Weddings and Kids!!!


Today's post is going to kinda short. I know you all are thinking YAY I get to save on reading today... My husbands cousin is getting married today and we are all attending. Lexis and Treven get to hand out bubbles to all the guest and then we are also helping with clean up. I can tell you right now today will be STRESSFUL.... I am not concerned about Lexis and Treven they are great kids never cause me any trouble in PUBLIC... Not that they are always angels at home but that is a whole new post. Lyssa my youngest now she is the one that I know I just know deep down that she is going to do something. Last Sunday in church while we were praying she speaks out LOUD " Grandpa Night Night".. Of course the whole congregation hears and just laughs mean while I am turning red. She doesn't sit still well and I know its because she is only 21 months. So a hour sitting won't be easy. I will have my little bag of goodies for her, all you moms know what I am talking about. Books, small QUIET toys, sippy cup of water, and the save all baggie of some type of snack( gummies, cheerios, crackers) all the clean snacks I can think of. Oh yeah and my mother in law decided since the whole family was going to be there we should take family pictures. So not only do I have to keep three kids entertained and happy through the wedding I have to get them to smile after we are done. As you can tell I am not 100% happy about this. Not that I do not want family pictures, I just feel like we have enough to deal with. Then we have a dinner and dance to get through. That should be the easy part but now that I have said that something will happen... Knocking on wood right now!!! I will post pictures tomorrow or Monday.. Wish me luck I hope everyone else has a nice fun Saturday!!!

My first Blog Award


Okay so last week I was a bad blogger and did not post for a week. I did have a good excuse that my sister was visiting from Florida. Yesterday while I was catching up on my reading (which took me a couple hours) I found out I was given the One Lovely Blog Award from not one but TWO other blogs. I was so excited and touched. I have to say THANKS SO MUCH to Kristy and Smart Pumpkin.There are some rules that come with receiving One Lovely Blog Award.Claim your award.Post it on your blog along with the name of the person who gave it to you linking it to the person's blog.Pass on the award to 15 newly discovered blogs that you find...well...lovely. :)Don't forget to contact the recipients. Now the hard part trying to just give this to 15 of my favorite blogs.1. The Croley Gang: Caroline always makes me smile and reminds me to take joy in my life!!2.Perfectly Paula: Paula has great giveaways!3. The Attic Girl: Shelly has a little of everything, giveaways, advice, and wonderful deals on clothes!4. Tarot Mom: MamaJosephine has a amazing sense of humor and a unique way of looking at things. I love to read her everyday she makes me think and laugh...5. My Parenting 411: Her title says it all..she has wonderful parenting advice and great sites to check out.6. Piece of Cake Decorating: Awesome cakes and great tips. I can not wait for my next birthday to try out one of her cakes!!7. Ladybugs, Butterflies, and Boxing: Sonya has some of the cutest pictures ever!8. I Hate Pink: Anna just plain cracks me up. I found her blog through the blog hop and her title just jumped out at me. Once I read her story I was hooked.9. In the Gray Twilight: V.J. Chambers is the author to Breathless, which I started reading last week. I really enjoyed her book!10. Green Around the Edges: Kate and Miss Mouse are the sweetest. I really enjoy reading post.11. The Life as a Bushey: Mrs Bushey is struggling with infertility but is always so positive! Has offers for free shipping and discounts with other sites.12. Magness Family Mayhem: Becky is my fellow Twilight addict! Plus she has a wonderful family life.13. Mommy's Online Garage Sale: She is a online garage sale goddess with a booth at Bonanzle!14. Mommygaga: Deanna always has great links to giveaways, plus tips for stay at home moms and money saving ideas!15. Road to Bliss: Her blog is a day in the life of a punk rock mama. She makes me laugh which is one of the main reason I read blogs.Those are my 15 picks they are in random order. Every blog I read I have a personal reason for it. Every one has made my life happier and better. I want to thank them all for even blogging!! [...]

Ten days of crazy!!!!!


This past week went so fast. My sister came to visit and everyday seemed to just fly by. All day last Sunday Treven and Lexis would ask..... are they here yet, what time did she say she would be here, have you called her to see where she is....and on and on the questions went. Finally at 7 pm she pulled up and my kids were so happy and excited. Well not Lyssa she turned shy on me. She grabbed my leg and buried her head in my lap. Then she decided it was bed time and went to bed. Ewen my nephew was just as excited as my kids. He is three weeks younger then my son. He told his mom they could not stop while they were driving so they could get here faster. What is so funny is they love each other so much but only been around each other a handful of times. We only get to see my sister once or twice a year. since our house is already full with us my sister and nephew stayed in town at our little house I use during the school year. So everyday we had to meet her in town or she had to drive out here.Monday we took the kids to the zoo. We are very lucky here the zoo is free to walk through and a dollar to drive through. Its not the biggest zoo I have been to but it is really nice. The kids had a blast. Monday night we started bible school from 6 to 8 pm. I left Lyssa with my sister so I wouldn't have to spend all night running after her while I taught crafts. Treven and Lexis were in separate classrooms but both did great. My kids are very shy and quiet I was concerned my son wouldn't even go but he surprised me and had no issues what so ever. Last year he threw the biggest fit and would not go at all. Amazes me what one year does. He attended preschool last year and this year he has really come out of his shell.Tuesday we went into town to the city park and let the kids play. At 1pm our pool opens and we took the kids swimming. Okay here is where I get the bad mom award. This is the first time we have gone swimming this year. All three of my kids are scared of the water and do not like getting their face wet. Bath time is a struggle around here and personally I was just putting off going to the pool until Lyssa was older. Lyssa ended up going with her dad so it was just the older kids. They had lots of fun. Ewen loves to swim and has no fears at all. My kids loved the baby pool. Lexis did get to where she would put her face in and blow bubbles. NOT Treven tho he is against it and refuses to even try. Wednesday we spent the day with family. First we went to see my Grandmother and then out to my Uncles house to ride horses. Well that was the plan until my kids seen the horse. My oldest loves horses but was scared once she got close to it. Treven wouldn't have anything to do with the horse at all. Lyssa pet the horse but wouldn't get on even with my cousin riding it. Thursday we spent the day hanging out at my house letting the kids play. Every night we would go to bible school and by the time Thursday came we were all tired. Friday we took the kids to Hays Aquatic Park. It is a zero entry pool with two slides, a lazy river and three other pools. We spent 3 hours here and had so much fun. Only hard part was Lyssa never left my side for a minute. She didn't like how the bottom of the pool felt on her feet and refused to get off my hip. Saturday we met some friends in Scott City and let the kids watch a parade. They got a half a bag of candy, plus bouncy balls and a couple hats. At noon we at lunch with my grandmother and mom. My mom came down to visit and go to backyard bash with us. Which is a car show, bbq cook offs and then they had five live bands. It is held at the local park in town. We went out to dinner then went to listen to the bands. Around 9 pm my sister and I took the kids back to the little house t[...]

Sister visiting!


I am not going to be posting for a week or so. My sister who lives in Florida is driving up to visit for ten days. She will be here in a couple hours, I am so excited. We do not get to see each other but twice a year if we are lucky. I will be back to posting my normal stuff after she goes home. Until then I hope everyone has a great week!!!!!