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Hello, Lindsey

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(image) darling owen, 
happy one month little one! what a cutie you are! you are super snuggly and love to be held, especially when you're napping. you've started to fuss just to get our attention, and you really scream when you're hungry. you have a huge appetite, and are already getting little rolls here and there- can't wait for you to chub up some more! you sleep pretty great, which we love. you smell divine, and make the cutest wrinkly sad face ever. how lucky we are to call you ours! we love you so very much little owen!
mama & papa

darling oliver,
happy one month ollie boy!! you are such a calm, content sweetheart! you love to sleep, and you far prefer to be swaddled than not. you have been more awake and alert lately, and are generally content, as long as you're not hungry haha. when you're hungry or getting a bath, you scream bloody murder, but you're easy to calm down. you love to stare at luc and lia, and are THIS CLOSE to smiling! you're so handsome and we love you so so much buddy!
mama & papa

and three cheers to us for surviving an entire month with four kiddos, woo hoo!!!



one of my favorite parts of having a new baby is seeing them with their sibling(s). sibling love is just so so special, and one of my very favorite parts of parenthood. this time, luc was absolutely in love, and on cloud nine to visit us in the hospital. he wanted to hold the twins right away, and never wanted to leave. he was very tender and sweet. at one moment, oliver was crying, and he stood up to the bassinet, pressed his face up to the basket, and said  soothingly 'why you crying baby twin? i'm here, i'm here, don't cry.' and another time, he spontaneously started singing 'i am a child of god' to them both, and the pediatrician and both nurses in the room stopped what they were doing, and we all just sat and listened to him sing to them. they said over and over afterwards that they were blown away by how sweet he was and i got all choked up. he is our best big brother and i know he was sent to be the example, leader, and protector of his siblings. how we love him!lia was very anxious at the hospital, she is terrified of doctors, and she didn't want anything to do with me once she saw me in the hospital bed, all hooked up to the machines. but she adored the babies, and gave them lots of slobbery kisses. she wanted to hold their bottles and put on their hats and help with everything. it was darling. she has such a natural maternal instinct, it warms my heart. having my whole family of six there together for the first time was amazing. a little overwhelming- i looked around and i couldn't believe how many kids we have! but each one brings something so special to our home and i couldn't imagine my life without them. what treasures they are! we consider ourselves incredibly blessed to call each of them ours.[...]



on the drive home, and the drive to the hospital, my back hurt so bad. i had a few sporadic contractions that definitely hurt, but more than anything, i was in a lot of pain from the pressure in my lower back. we parked and i rejected the wheelchair- sitting was so much worse than standing at this point! so we slowly made our way up to labor & delivery, and the took us back to a triage room. it was the most beautiful room i've ever seen, because it meant our boys were going to be born that very day! i'm not sure i've ever been happier to be in the hospital and in pain!my doctor came in and did a quick ultrasound to check the babies positions, and to our shock, baby b (little owen!) was BREECH! he was head down on thursday, and i have no idea how he found room to completely flip around, but there he was, head up by my ribs, his little feet on his brother's bum. at this point, i was, i admit, a teeny bit crushed. since i was in labor on my own, i had been thrilled at the chance to have them vaginally. i tried to convince the doctor and orlando that i could still pull it off, but the chance of delivering baby a vaginally and then baby b by c-section was way to awful to ignore. i'd rather have just a c-section instead of one of each any day of the year, so in the end, i conceded, and i instantly knew it was the right choice. my heart was peaceful and happy, and honestly, the thought of no longer being pregnant filled me with such joy, that my disappointment flitted away entirely.they gave me a muscle relaxer to stop my labor, and set us up to wait for an hour until the operating room was available. it was the most surreal hour of  my life- there we were, happy, not in pain, just waiting excitedly to meet our sweet boys. i had been dreaming of this moment for 9 months, and i couldn't believe it was finally here! we called family, texted friends, and talked about what to name them and what they were going to look like. it was like waiting for the sun to come up on christmas morning!finally it was our turn! because i wasn't in labor, the spinal hurt like the dickens, and i may have screamed a little bit (i've never felt it before! labor has a way of distracting you i guess). but then we were good to go! it was the fastest delivery i've ever had- within 4 minutes of them starting, oliver was born, and just one minute later owen made his entrance too! two nurses brought them over for us to see, and they were red and perfect and screaming, and the whole room was filled with this electric joy. my face hurt from smiling and my heart was racing out of my chest. it was incredible! we all burst out laughing when they simultaneously started peeing all over the nurses, and everyone was congratulating us and cheering- it was a party! orlando followed them over to the warmers, and one by one, brought them over to me so i could cover their sweet faces in kisses. it was such a fun, happy delivery, and i loved every minute of the whole experience.when i got to recovery, they placed them both on my chest and i couldn't contain my happy tears. they were here in my arms! they were so perfect, so pink and screaming with the cutest little scrunched up faces! i wasn't pregnant anymore! it felt amazing in every way to finally hold them. they were so tiny, yet i could not believe they both fit inside me! it was the perfect end of a long journey of carrying them and growing them, and it felt like such a gift, the fruits of my 9 months labors here and healthy and perfect. i don't think i've ever felt so accomplished and complete, and i fully basked in that moment. it was exactly what i'd hope and prayed for during all the hard days and moments. oliver and owen were completely and entirely worth it and i feel so honored to be their mama. they are truly double the fun, double the joy, double the blessings!oliverowenoliver mama & oliverpapa & owenmama & oliverowenoliver[...]



i was so pregnant. sooooooooo pregnant. did you know that 36.5 weeks pregnant with twins is the equivalent of 44.5 weeks pregnant with one baby? every inch of my body ached, and the skin on my belly was sore to the touch.i was trying to stay positive, to remain upbeat til the very end, but it was rough. once we reached 36 weeks, my doctor told me they could come safely anytime and from that moment on i was almost constantly praying for delivery at the earliest possible second. i know the longer they can stay in, the better, but i WAS DONE! on thursday (july 21st) i went to my twice-weekly doctor appointment, and to my joy, discovered i was 75% effaced and dilated to a 4. hip hip hooray! i don't think i've ever been as thrilled about the status of my cervix as i was that day. i had contractions every 8-10 minutes the entire day, and although they weren't very painful yet, they were steady as a heartbeat, and i was SO EXCITED. i called orlando and he rushed home early from work, and we headed to the mall to walk these boys OUT! we walked and walked and when we finally came home for dinner, i mopped the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, vacuumed, and paced the hallway- but the contractions didn't get harder or closer together. finally around midnight, i gave up and passed out asleep, exhausted from the contractions and physical exercise. i was bummed, but felt certain that sometime in the next 24 hours,  i'd be in labor.well, the universe must have had a good laugh at me, because for the next three days, i didn't have a single contraction. not one! not even braxton hicks contractions, which had been my constant companions for the last 6 weeks. it felt strange, like everything was way too calm, and it was completely maddening. orlando and i were on edge all weekend, waiting, walking, waiting, walking, and when absolutely nothing happened day after day, it made us crazy. the weekend stretched on for an eternity, and on monday morning, a very disappointed orlando headed back to work again. i was starting to think that the twins were going to hang in there all the way until august 3rd (the c-section date!)!tuesday morning was 37 weeks on the dot, and another doctor appointment, and i told myself on the way not to expect much, as all signs of labor had completely disappeared- or so i thought. my back had been hurting really bad since i woke up that morning, but i just assumed it was another lovely pregnancy ache. it was strong, deep and low, but was constant- it didn't come and go like contractions. my appointment was with the physicians assistant, as my doctor was working at the hospital that day, and when she checked me to see how dilated i was, her face was surprised. she said i was very dilated, and would i mind having the midwife check me to verify? of course i said yes, and at this point i was wondering how dilated 'very' was. the midwife came in and checked me, and almost immediately my back pain intensified, and a strong contraction came rolling in like a tidal wave. she smiled and announced 'you're a very stretchy 6, possibly a 7 and 100% effaced! looks like you need to head over to the hospital!' seriously??!! i was not expecting that at all and my heart was suddenly racing. TODAY! TODAY WAS THE DAY! my relief and excitement could not be contained!! they called the hospital to let my doctor know i was on my way, i called orlando to hurry home and meet me at home so we could go over together, and the whole way i was praying that they wouldn't be born in the car...[...]



welcome to the world, we are SO GLAD you're here!

oliver samuel león
born at 2:34 pm
5lbs 3oz
19 inches long


owen santiago león 
born at 2:35pm
5lbs 11oz
18.75 inches long

birth story and more pictures to come. 
we are loving these two little angels, and soaking up lots of time with our family of SIX!



happy 4th! hope you had a wonderful holiday! we had a blast! monday morning, our ward had a breakfast with water games, and luc was the first one to get soaked, though he was quickly joined by papa and the rest of the kids. he didn't even eat breakfast haha, he was having too much fun! lia was very apprehensive, and stayed dry with mama the entire time.    later, we swam and bbq'd with our friends, and it was so fun to get all the kids together and play! the food was delicious and the kids LOVED the fireworks, even lia, which was a big surprise! she clapped the entire time and did not want help holding her sparkler haha :) we made such happy memories with our little family, and i loved the entire day. [...]



darling luc,
FOUR! i'm seriously in denial this year, i can't believe you're four! what a happy, fun, curious, energetic kid you are. you are always asking questions, talking nonstop, telling stories, and being silly to make us laugh. you are a jokester and you love being the center of attention. you climb, jump, and run constantly, you never take naps, and you usually fall asleep at night in under 4 minutes, you're worn out! you love to swim and play with your friends and you are a great big brother to lia, always giving her kisses and tickling her. you want to be big and strong and are fiercely independent. you love to sing primary songs and read stories and play games like hungry hippos and duck duck goose. you make us laugh all the time with the hilarious things you say, and you are very tenderhearted, always quick to tell us how much you love us, and to forgive us and others. you know all your letters and can write your name, and you ask constantly when preschool starts again- i love that you have a passion for learning! your favorite treats are cookies and popsicles, and you still love the color red, race cars, and transformers. we are LOVING watching you grow into the smart, fun little man you are! you are everything we ever dreamed of and more, bud, and we love you with all our hearts! 

mama & papa



a few months ago, when we started talking about luc's upcoming birthday, he declared his heart's wish was a HOT WHEELS PARTYYYYYY!!! he saw these balloons at party city way back then, and never forgot them, he talked about them all the time. so we got the balloons and a piñata and i put hot wheels cars on his cake, and he was in HEAVEN. he's pretty easy to please :) he told me his cake was 'super beautiful!' and that he LOVED his balloons 'sooo much!' haha what a fun day we had, celebrating our luc with friends- and nana and grandpa came too, which was AWESOME! we swam, ate pizza and cake, and then the dad's got to relive their childhoods and smash the piñata because it was way to strong for the little kids to break open. all of luc's friends took home a hot wheels car and a bag full of candy, and he got some super fun gifts. it was a huge success, and probably the easiest birthday party i've ever planned. happy 4th birthday lucalicious, we love you!!![...]



alternate title of this blogpost: 32 weeks

well, here we are. i've made it to the point that 15 weeks ago, i thought i would never make it to, so that's something to celebrate. both boys were head down at my last appointment, which is very exciting, seeing as how they've been breech most of the time. they are ALWAYS moving, which is very reassuring and cute, but exhausting. the heartburn is epic, and i have gestational diabetes, so i have to carefully watch what i eat and take my blood sugar four times a day {translation- NOT FUN}. my whole body aches from the braxton hicks contractions i've started having numerous times throughout the day, and i'm so huge, i seriously feel like i am going to face plant at any moment. 

but! i am sleeping well still, which makes a huge difference in my outlook on life. luc has become a BIG helper, he will pick up anything and everything off the floor for me so i don't have to bend over, which i will always love him for. and swimming is heaven sent because the water takes the weight off for a few hours and it feels amazing. also, i'm getting pretty excited to snuggle these two cuties, and see what they look like. they're fraternal, but i'm dying to know if they look alike, or if they're opposites like luc and lia. 

so you know, just your typical '32 weeks pregnant' feelings. so ready to be done, but willing to keep them cooking another six weeks so they're healthy. ahh the things we do for our children :)



to kick off luc's birthday weekend, we planned a surprise just for the three of us, to go see finding dory. luc was SUPER excited about his surprise, but as soon as the movie started, he had a meltdown {thanks to a lost and terrified baby dory} and we couldn't convince him to stay and see the movie. haha, so backup plan was taking him to target where he got to pick out some new hot wheels cars. he was thrilled, you'd never know our original plan crashed and burned ;) nonetheless, it was fun to spend some one on one time with our cute boy, he is so talkative and inquisitive and smart and we are always laughing at the things he says. we love this kid!on his birthday, he woke up at 6am, so we opened presents before orlando left for work. he was ecstatic, and kept saying 'i love my presents guys! am i four now?! i'm not three anymore?! it's my birthday today!!!' then we had donuts for breakfast, and he blew out four candles in his chocolate bar while we sang happy birthday to him.he has been excited to turn four for a long time, so it was a really happy day. :) we played with his new toys all morning, and then went to the church gym with some friends to ride his new bike. he is already super confident on it and he loves it. for lunch he requested 'chicken nuggets and french fries from the good place' {chick fil-a} and afterwards, we snuggled up to a few episodes of transformers {his current favorite show} while lia napped {he was so tired from waking up so early, but he's four now {i'm too big, mom!}, so all of my suggestions that he nap too went unheeded haha}. when papa got home from work, we went to dinner, and then out for ice cream at luc's favorite place. he was on cloud nine all day, gave us a million hugs, and said 'i love my birthday!' at least a dozen times. it was a pretty perfect day for our happy, wonderful boy![...]



happy happy 4th birthday to our favorite boy! at 4 years old, luc is energetic, a nonstop talker, curious about everything, super smart, and a big helper. he loves transformers, race cars, painting, and jumping on/off furniture. he adores his papa and sister, and is generous in saying 'i love you' and giving hugs and kisses. last night i told him the story of his birth, and he asked me if i was so happy in my heart when i first saw him. my luc, i am always happy in my heart when i see you! we love you so much buddy! for fun, we did a little birthday interview today, and his answers were AWESOME!1. what is your name?   luc orlando león2. how old are you?    FOUR!3. What is your favorite color?   red4. what is your favorite show?   transformers5. what is your favorite song?   'sugar rush' & 'i love to see the temple' {sugar rush is from wreck-it ralph}6. what is your favorite food?   chicken nuggets & french fries from the good place {the good place = chick fil-a}7. who is your best friend?   enzo8. what are you the very best at?   running & jumping9. where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere?  nana and grandpa's house10. who is your hero?  papa & the hulk11. what do you like to do with your family?  play transformers12. what is your favorite game?   'i spy with my little eye...'13. what makes you laugh?   when i tell jokes and trick mom!14. what's your favorite ice cream?  green ice cream {mint choc chip}[...]




happy father's day to our very favorite person! when he's home, we're all attached to him like glue, because he's the best. he makes the kids laugh, takes time to play with them, tells them freely how much he loves them, gets up with them in the night, and is always putting us first, happily. he truly loves being a father, and i love him all the more for it. our kids don't know how lucky they are, but i do, and i'm grateful everyday for him. when i asked luc what he wanted to put on orlando's card he said 'YOU'RE OUR BEST PAPA!' and i think he said it perfectly :)

we celebrated him with german oven pancakes and puzzle {orlando's favorites!}, presents before church, lots of 'anaconda squeeze!' hugs, and we {attempted to} let him watch the cavaliers win game 7 uninterrupted. it was a wonderful day and we hope he knows how loved he is!



 summer so far can be summed up in two words: snacks and swimming. haha! our daily ritual involves spending the afternoon at the pool, with plenty of snack breaks. i dunno if it's cause they're growing, exhausting so much energy swimming, or if it's my lack of cooking {TOO HOT!} but i cannot keep snacks in the cupboard, they're eating them faster than i can buy them haha. we just snack allllllllllll day long, which the twins rather enjoy too. ;) we're on the countdown to the twins arrival {7 weeks!} so i'm trying to take the kiddos out as much as we can, and enjoy these last few weeks with just the two of them. they both love the water and we have a blast together! i love love love then both so much. what a joy it is to be their mama!



one of my very earliest memories is of my mom reading to me. she read to us everyday, without fail, and dozens of books at a time. i remember sitting on the floor next to her, my baby brother in her lap, and a big pile of library books next to us, and she would read the entire stack- sometimes twice! she wasn't big on playing barbies or trucks or other toys, but she loved to read to us. she definitely passed that love on to me. reading has been one of my favorite things my entire life. i used to sneak away from my chores and hide somewhere in the house with a book. and i can't count the number of times i've stayed up until 5 am because i just HAD to finish what i was reading. when i finish a truly good book, i immediately want to read it again, and when characters i love die or endings don't turn out how i wanted, i will mope for days. i get REALLY in to my books. since having kids, i've added children's books to my addiction, and THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES! i could spend a million dollars at barnes and noble and still find more books we need. cue my discovery of usborne books. it was my best friend stacy who first told me about them, and i've been hooked ever since. these books are colorful, fun, full of facts and beautiful illustrations. the quality is EXCELLENT, so they hold up really well, and my kids LOVE them. there are flaps to life, textures to touch, and so many fun, silly stories. those train books in the picture are possibly the most read books in our house... well at least they were until we got All Better a few weeks ago. my kids are both obsessed with that book, and i read it at least 6 times a day.i can't recommend these highly enough, and i've been buying them for several years now. over a year ago, i attended another usborne facebook party, and the consultant mentioned that i'd be good at selling them, because my passion for them was contagious. i considered it, but decided not to... and then for months and months it stayed on my mind. i really wanted to do it! but i had a long list of excuses, and put it off for months and months. then about 6 weeks ago, i attended yet another usborne book party and decided that i'd waited long enough- it was time to give myself and my love of books a chance! plus, as a stay-at-home mom (which i absolutely love) sometimes i find myself looking for a project to call my own, for something to do on the side that I WANT to do, that i do for myself. so signed up! and it's been 4 days and i am so so glad i did. i'm having so much fun so far, and i really think i can be successful at this! it's fun to have something to do on my own that i'm passionate and excited all this to say, i'm an usborne books consultant! and i have an official shopping link! i've had a lot of support and encouragement so far from family and friends and i really really appreciate it. and if you need any books, or want to get FREE books, let me know and we can party together! follow me on instagram as @lindseysbooks for all my favorites, and good deals too! seriously though, you'll get hooked, i promise :) [...]



luc loves to talk to his baby brothers, and give my belly kisses. lia joins in, but she just blows raspberries.

27 weeks! phew. i feel like someone flipped a switch this week. where before i was comfortable, energetic, sleeping great, and feeling good all-around, this week i am cranky, uncomfortable, tired, and feeling so so huge. i think part of it is that both babies are now breech, so i've got two little heads up in my ribs/diaphragm, and i can barely breathe! just making my bed completely wears me out and i have to sit down, huffing and puffing for air, to catch my breath. throw in two very active kiddos, and i'm huffing and puffing all day long. it's kind of funny but also a little miserable. 

babies are super active and getting stronger, their little kicks are starting to have some power to them! so far baby a is pretty chill and baby b is super wiggly. it's fun to be able to tell a little bit about their different personalities before they even get here. they're growing beautifully and everything is looking great so far. a dear friend had her baby a week ago and it's made me newborn hungry, so i'm looking forward to their arrival even more now. three more months!

it's getting pretty hot out, and i have to say i am in love love LOVE with swimming. it feels amazing, like i almost don't even feel pregnant when i'm in the water. it's such a relief and i'm so glad we can go everyday for the next three months. so despite the desert heat, i'm giving summertime two big thumbs up already! 

i'm still craving sour punch straws and ice cream, and i can't ever get enough to drink. i never want to eat meat, and i could eat my weight in strawberries. i'm gaining an average of 2.5 lbs a week, which is great for the babies, but it's crazy how much harder it makes simple things like going up stairs and loading kids in the car. i feel like a whale haha! my clothes are fitting the same way they did when i was about 38 weeks pregnant with luc and lia, so... my plan is to hit up goodwill for an assortment of muumuus, cause that's about all that's going to fit me pretty soon.

we made a list this weekend of everything we still need to get for these two, and holy cow, two babies is no joke! our house is going to be bursting with baby gear pretty soon! but it'll also be bursting with love, so we are really very excited, despite some nervousness here and there. we feel so blessed to have these two little guys joining our family!



our sweet lia at 15 months:- she waves and claps and high fives and gives the best open mouth kisses- she follows her brother everywhere, and is always trying to do whatever he does - she loves snack food and treats and regularly refuses to eat her meal so she can eat cheez-its and fruit snacks instead- she has the biggest sweet tooth i've ever seen. if luc earns a treat, he has to eat it in hiding. if i want to drink a diet pepsi, i have to hide it in a dark cup, and sip it when she's not looking. it's nuts.- she says 'mama,' 'dada,' 'hi,' 'no,' and 'agua'-she is very meticulous and has excellent fine motor skills. she can already correctly use utensils to eat with, and prefers them over her hands. she loves to take all the fridge magnets off, place them in a tupperware bowl, and then put them all back on the fridge, over and over. she plays with her toys very methodically and carefully, and can stay busy with a single toy for long periods of time. she is pretty content and can play on her own happily, which is amazing. the only time she struggles is when she wants whatever toy luc has and he won't give it to her. {which happens often haha}- she is super happy... until she's not. haha she's quite dramatic and can go from giggling to full-blown tantrum in an instant. she throws herself on the floor and rolls around, crying, looking up occasionally to make sure we're watching. she also has some awesome scowly faces that she pulls when she doesn't get her way.- her favorite foods {besides treats and snacks} are milk, eggs, pancakes, and mashed potatoes. she still doesn't eat a single vegetable {do potatoes count?} and the only fruits she likes are bananas and apples. - she loves to bring me books and sit on my lap for a story. she absolutely hates it when i close a door between us {like to go to the bathroom} and will cry hysterically until i come out. she has the biggest crocodile tears, and will cling to me, hiccuping, like we've been separated for eons. she still has pretty intense stranger danger, and can be very shy, but is a big goof around her family.we sure do love our lia girl! she makes us laugh and we love her snuggles and her big green eyes. we are pretty smitten with her and are so happy she's ours![...]



luc LOVES lightening mcqueen and mater. he can sing the rascal flats song from the movie word for word, and he plays race cars all day long. so we have been dreaming about taking him to disneyland + california adventure for several months, and had talked about going next spring. then we got pregnant with twins, and neither of us much liked the idea of going with two teeny babies. but we didn't want to miss this fun age where he is obsessed with cars either... so we spontaneously decided to just go, this month, before it gets too hot and i get too big/uncomfortable to walk around all day. it was a pretty last minute decision, but we are so so glad we decided to go for it! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! we spent our first day at disneyland and our second at california adventure. we started with a ride on 'it's a small world' {because it was the shortest line, and the kiddos were impatient after waiting in line for the tickets} and both of them loved it. i was a little worried lia would be terrified, but as long as she had her papa and my necklace, she was cheerful as could be.... until i foolishly tried to make her meet goofy while the boys were on a different ride, then she had a complete meltdown haha. she was NOT a fan! but she calmed down quickly and ran around the toon town playground, happy as could be five minutes later, so i don't think she has any lasting phycological damage :).  luc and orlando rode the star tours ride, which luc LOVED, and we all rode buzz lightyear, which was a blast. we met a storm trooper, played lightsaber battles, and showed sammy the sea turtle around. [sammy is luc's preschool class 'pet' and each child gets to take him home for one weekend. this just happened to be luc's weekend, and he was pretty excited to take him to disneyland!} after lunch, we rode more rides, including pirates of the caribbean, which luc rode with his face buried in my lap, he was not a fan. surprisingly again, lia was fine, she had her papa to hold her of course.we told luc he could chose a toy, and he was completely fixated on this cheap light-up spinning buzz lightyear toy. we told him he could have anything... and he picked that haha! it was adorable how happy he was with it, and how much fun he had with it during the night parade, which was the best part of our day. it was INCREDIBLE! seriously such a fun parade, with each character completely decked out in lights. i'll never forget luc's big, gleefully happy eyes during the night parade as lightening mcqueen and mack and buzz lightyear rode by, and his blushing grin when ariel blew him a kiss. he was enthralled! and lia was mesmerized by all the lights and music, her big eyes taking it all in. the parade was the highlight of our first day, it was so magical! i even got a little choked up, watching them revel in it all, i couldn't help myself. i love being a part of their childhoods. i'm so glad we stayed, we had considered going home earlier as it had been a long day already, but it was well worth staying for! the kids were beat, and both of them fell asleep in the car on the way two was california adventure {we saved the best for last} and it was our favorite! we spent 90% of the day in cars land, which completely blew us away with how real and detailed they made it- it's seriously radiator springs, straight from the movie. luc was in HEAVEN. he wanted to do and see everything at once! he and orlando rode the tractors and the dancing cars with luigi, while lia and i explored. then we got to MEET LIGHTENING MCQUEEN! i found him while luc was on a ride and i waited in the eternally long line, because no way were we mis[...]



our life as of late consists of enjoying every minute of this nice weather before it gets too hot to go to the park. {and eating at least a dozen popsicles a day. they've become a staple around here}lia, who hated the swings a few months ago, has warmed up to them and now loves them, and luc is always looking for a tree to climb or a mud pile to play in. it's very dirty fun, and some days we all need two baths.{if it's still snowing where you live, i'm so sorry. come be my neighbor!}[...]



happy {very late} easter! our easter this year was really different from our norm. we'd just gotten home from mexico friday, and on saturday, i got the worst toothache i've ever had and spent the entire night awake in terrible pain. blessedly, my dentist was able to call in a prescription for some painkillers on sunday morning, and i got two root canals on tuesday, so i'm feeling much better. it did sideline our holiday quite a bit though!we missed church, so none of us wore our easter sunday best, and orlando took amazing care of the kids and i all day sunday- i was pretty out of it- so we didn't do anything festive that day. but we did manage to dye some easter eggs, have a little backyard easter egg hunt, and have an FHE lesson on easter and the savior on monday. good thing the kiddos don't know the difference! it was a crazy weekend, but our lesson on easter and the savior was really sweet, luc had lots of questions and was super attentive, and the spirit was very strong. i love teaching moments like that, where you really feel like they are grasping the importance of it. lia wanted to eat EVERY chocolate egg the moment she found it, and luc was an egg hunting champ! it was adorable, and super fun watching them![...]



we had our first ever león/vidaña family vacation with orlando's entire immediate family, and it was SO MUCH FUN! we rented a couple of beach houses in san felipe, mexico, which turned out to be an awesome little city. great beach, great food, lots of shopping and treats- it was better than i expected.the drive down was pretty easy, and the kids travelled like champs. we had a few perfect beach days and some AMAZING tacos, and it was so fun to hang out with everyone, playing games and eating delicious mexican treats and soda nonstop. i LOVE this family i married into, they are so fun and such wonderful grandparents and aunts and uncles to my kiddos. they were spoiled with attention! luc loved the beach and the ocean, he begged to ride this giant yellow tube {twice!}, and i think he lived on doritos and manzanita {apple soda} the entire week. lia hated the beach AND the ocean at first, but eventually warmed up to the sand- though she never liked the water. she ate practically nothing the entire trip, and somehow stayed as happy as ever. we found some beautiful seashells and loved every minute of being together as a family. luc has already asked when we are going back to 'his' beach house, and i'll be honest, i want to go back too!  mmmm, diablitos my FAVORITE!{i need to get some more family pictures from patricia and then i can add them on here!}[...]



TWIN BOYS will be joining our family in just about 4 months! can you even believe it?? it was a huge surprise! twins don't run in our families, and we'd joked about 'what if it's twins? haha yeah right!' so many times in the past, that it seriously felt like a crazy dream. after a few weeks, it finally sunk in that this is for real, and now we are just super excited. they're healthy and growing beautifully and most definitely both boys. i thought for sure there was at least one girl in there, but i was way wrong haha! luc is excited to have two brothers, he oohs and awes over the ultrasound pics and calls them the 'cutest babies ever ever' which is adorable. he's going to be an amazing helper when they get here. lia is completely unaware, but i can say from experience that she is going to enjoy being the only girl haha!so far, it's been a pretty easy pregnancy, though all my symptoms have been doubly intense. i was pretty nauseous the first trimester, way more than ever before, and i was so tired i could have fallen asleep anywhere, anytime. it was pure survival mode there for awhile! thankfully, the last four weeks have been much better, and i'm feeling energized and way less moody. i'm also always starving, so i eat constantly. my biggest cravings have been sour/tart things like lemonade, sour candy, cucumbers with lime and salt, and randomly- asparagus. i could eat a pound of asparagus all by myself (and i have a few times!). i started feeling them move around 13-14 weeks, which was way earlier than the two before, and has been really fun. they're very wiggly!the only con of the last 20 weeks is that i've broken two molars, and i've had some major toothache pain. these babies are sucking the life out of my teeth! i finally got two root canals this past week, and i'm feeling so much better! i still need another root canal, 4 crowns, and 8 fillings but little by little, i'll get it all done.we've had several ultrasounds to check on the twinners growth and my cervix, and it has been so wonderful to see them so often! they're fraternal, and have separate placentas and sacks. they're always right up next to each other, with their heads together, or this last time, curled up like little yin and yang, with baby b's bum right in baby a's face haha. they already looked squished, so i'm nervous about how big i'm going to get to give them room to get chubby. but it'll be worth it haha. the doctor says they won't let me go much past 38 weeks, which makes me very happy. this'll be my first time not going alllllll the way to my due date (or beyond!) and i'm thrilled about it. i don't want them to come too early of course, but a little early would be very nice!i can't wait to see their cute faces and get double the newborn snuggles! it's going to be a fun summer over here![...]



orlando is now a full-time employee at jp morgan chase {hooray!} which means he gets paid holidays! and to celebrate his first, we played all day on monday. orlando, who knows the way to my heart, suggested breakfast at butters {only the best breakfast EVER!} followed by a day at the zoo. it was warm and sunny and perfect! luc loved the zoo, lia loved being outside all day, and i love love loved breakfast. an all-around fantastic holiday with my family!{strawberry cheesecake french toast. you can't see it, but in between each slice of perfectly fluffy bread is a layer of strawberry cheesecake. oh. my. heaven.}[...]



see this sweet, sleepy babe? goodness i love her. i love her cheeks and those long eyelashes, i love the way she holds her ears while she sleeps, i love how easy she is to put to bed every night, and i love that she sleeps all night long. the one thing i have struggled to love- since the week she was born!- is that she is very much a morning person, and her idea of morning is usually before 6am. i am very much NOT a morning person. i can't fake it even when i try. i hate having to function/converse/move before 8am. i will stay in bed until forced to move, answer all conversation in grunts or single words when required, and put off any kind of getting dressed or making breakfast type activities as long as possible. this has, thus far, served me just fine. lucky me, luc is not a morning person like his mama, so we've regularly slept until 8 or 9 since he was born. he also wakes up slowly, so he's always pretty content to lay by me in bed for a few minutes while we both adjust to the terrible truth that it's morning. but then this cute lia girl came along and brought with her a daily 6am {usually more like 5:45am!} wakeup time- and she isn't content to lay around and snuggle, oh no. she wants a sippy of milk! and breakfast! and peek-a-boo! she is all smiles and squeals and climbing all over her poor mama who is desperately trying to pretend there isn't a child sitting on her head, and go back to sleep for a few more precious minutes. i've fought this every morning for a year now, and lately it has just been really hard. i have been SUPER grumpy every morning, trying to snatch a few more minutes of sleep- or at least just avoiding having to move from my bed- while lia squeals and fusses and demands my attention and pulls my hair and pokes me in the eyes. and when i wake up super grumpy, it is really challenging for me to NOT stay grumpy the rest of the day. i don't just snap out of it, or feel cheerful after finally getting out of bed. i stay in a grumpy funk the whole day, and my poor kiddos get the brunt of my moodiness. and this has been happening more and more often lately, to the point that i knew i needed to change something, or i was just going to be that perma-grumpy mom that no one wants to be around.but what could i change??????? i've never been a cheery person first thing in the morning, and having kids who bounce out of bed and start asking for things first thing in the am went against all of my natural inclinations. sigh. so i asked orlando what i should do {with the hope that he would suggest hiring a morning nanny to take care of the first two hours of every day} and turns out, his response was not what i wanted to hear. he said that instead of fighting that moment when i finally have to get out of bed EVERY SINGLE MORNING, i should just embrace it, and get up. just get up right when lia gets up, and go. stop avoiding the inevitable. without any other ideas, i said i'd try it, but i seriously doubted it would make any difference. HA! my husband is a genius, and i should not doubt him. it has been amazing what a difference this has made in our days this past week. i get up, i fill lia's sippy, i start breakfast, and she giggles and chatters and i am not annoyed or grumpy or cursing the universe. i'm still not incredibly talkative, but i am awake and productive and a thousand times more cheerful than i was before. no more grumpy mom for the entire day! {i still have my moments, i'm human} i don't feel like i have this[...]



finally managed to snap some 1 year pictures of our beautiful lia. she's working on three teeth, so she was not in a smiling mood, but she's still pretty darn cute! {luc did not smile for his 1 year pictures either. apparently its a family tradition} regardless, we think she's wonderful and we adore her. she thinks she's all grown up, she's always trying to keep up with luc and his friends, and she is getting braver and more mischievous with every passing day. this is such a fun age!{plus her sad face is super darling}[...]



i feel like a post is due, but haven't much to write about... we have been busy little bees, but when i stop to think about what we're up to, i draw a blank. haha it's crazy to me how much of life is like that with two little kids running around. i'm always doing something, but at the end of the day, i've got very little to show for all my hard work. i've been trying to remind myself lately that happy, healthy kids are a real accomplishment!speaking of the kids, they are at a SUPER fun and exhausting stage. lia is a giggling machine, especially for luc, so watching them together is my favorite thing. she is also a human tornado. she is into EVERYTHING, and her speed of destruction is impressive. in the time it took me to brush my teeth this morning, she demolished an entire roll of toilet paper. she even ate some, yum! i'm certain that luc was just as energetic and mischievous as she is, but he was my only child and somehow his messes didn't seem as daunting- they were funny and cute instead. plus, he was not easily entertained, so twenty minutes of him ransacking the tupperware cupboard was well worth the 20 minutes of freedom. this time around, i feel like i am surrounded by endless messes and they are no longer funny or cute. poor lia, she does not get the same liberties her big brother got. no tupperware cupboard ransacking allowed!lia has always been a picky eater, but thankfully we have recently discovered that she LOVES breakfast food. pancakes, hash browns, eggs and french toast, she devours it all. this makes me very happy because it means she's not going to starve! her favorite time of the day is bath time and she has a very goofy/silly personality- around her family at least. she is still very shy in public. she has a mega sweet tooth and will throw quite a tantrum for candy/treats. she is sleeping through the night now {hallelujah!} and is so easy to put to bed. we just kiss her, lay her down in her crib, and hand her the binky and the three stuffed animals she loves {a lion, goofy, and a polar bear}. walk out, shut the door, and bam! she's done! we still marvel at this, it's like the greatest thing of all time. pretty sure we rocked luc to sleep until he was 2.5 years old.luc is three and hilarious, and he talks nonstop. most of the time, i love this. he is really into asking what things are made of, and he wants to know what every item of food on his plate will do to his body before he eats it. so we talk a lot about how fruit helps us fight germs and milk gives us strong bones and meat gives us bigger muscles 'LIKE THE HULK!' he will loudly growl with flexed arms. it's the best. sometimes though, after answering his 1000th question, i am so out of answers. especially when those questions center around thomas the train or rescue bots or another of his favorite shows and he's asking essentially the same thing over and over. i can only answer 'why did the rescue bots rescue the boy?!' in so many different ways. the other day i told luc it was my turn to ask him questions and he replied, 'no mom, i'm busy! you're not busy so you answer my questions.' HA! he is usually very sweet though, he likes to stroke my hair and say 'wow, mom you look very beautiful!' and he tells me that when he is 'strong like the hulk!' he will carry the groceries for me.i'm really glad they have each other, they play so well together. lia follows luc all around the house trying to do everyth[...]