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Preview: The Fifth Street Palace

The Fifth Street Palace

A hodge podge of ideas and thoughts...

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Motivate Me Monday- The Final Curtain


I have been reading a book called One Month To Live by Chris and Kerry Shook. I am taking inventory of how I spend my time and what the most worthwhile ways to spend my time are.

As much as I love to blog, read comments and read and comment on other's blogs I am saying goodbye to this.

There are two little human beings and one big human being who deserve to have my attention.  Not only that there is a sewing machine that I love to sit at and create and there are runs to train for.  There are places for me to go and see...

So with this last post I want to ask you to examine your own life and see if there is something that you feel the need to sacrifice to really start living.

Be blessed!


Friday Funnies- What did you call me?


(Hudson Catching the ball he threw into Grandpa's pond.)

Hudson: What are we having in our hot dog buns?
Me: European wieners.
Hudson: I'm not a peeing wiener!


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Wordless Wednesday - Brain Freeze 2 AKA First Popsicle


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Zibbet Tuesday- 3 Hog Candle Company - Tart Review


I was blessed to have received three different scented melting wax tarts from 3 Hog Candle Company. I was sent Hawaiian Escape, Fresh Linen and Bubble Gum. They smell divine! I was so pleased to come upstairs and have my house smell fresh and clean. The colors are vibrant and pretty. Soy and paraffin wax is used to make these scent tarts and they melt so smoothly. 3 Hog Candle Company's prices are exceptional as well! Only $3.75 per 6 pack. There are a ton of scents to choose from so head on over and order your favorite.


I have not fallen off the planet...


I will be back to blogging for sure Wednesday. Just taking a little rest :)


Show Off Your Stuff - Glass Etching


Oh how I love to try new things. Especially if I think I will be successful at them. So when I found a glass etching tutorial over at Make It and Love It I just had to try it out.

 I etched 2 of these wine goblets with tree branches for a wedding gift.  It was quite easy peasy.
Taking a clear picture late at night was not so easy peasy however :)


Wordless Wednesday - The Road Less Traveled



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Zibbet Tuesday- For the Birds!


I have grown quite affectionate over birds recently:) They are quite pretty to decorate and play pull up a perch and take a gander!

50s Birdcage Pillow 

Birdie Blanky - Millie

PICTURE BOOK I Hear Two Birds 

Birds of a Feather Train Case 

Motivate Me Monday - Kicking the Bucket List


If you read my review of Same Kind of Different as Me by Denver Moore and Ron Hall yesterday, then you may have been pondering the question I asked.

Does the way you live your life attract others to Christ?  

In other words are you letting His light shine through you?  Are you loving?

Oh how easy it is to love our children or our spouse.  It's not a problem to love your parents or siblings (most of the time).
To love those who may not love you back, those who are unlovely, that is the real challenge.

So today think of someone to love that may not (even probably won't) return the favor.  Heck they may not even accept your love.
Then step out in faith and practically love that person.
You may start with prayer asking God to open your eyes to opportunities to help this person (or others).  Next comes the uncomfortable part.  Obey.  See the need and meet it.

This is a huge challenge for me as well, but I want to step out of the here I go.


Book Review- I am Hutterite By Mary Ann Kirkby


I Am Hutterite takes readers into the hidden heart of the little-known Hutterite colony where author Mary-Ann Kirkby spent her childhood. When she was ten, her parents packed up their seven children and a handful of possessions and left the colony to start a new life. Overnight they were thrust into a world they didn't understand, a world that did not understand them.
With great humor, Kirkby describes how she adapted to popular culture, and with raw honesty she describes her family's deep sense of loss for their community. More than a history lesson, I Am Hutterite is a powerful tale of retracing steps and understanding how our beginnings often define us.

I must tell you I loved this book!  I could not put it down.  I learned so many interesting things about the Hutterite culture.  I had no idea that they pooled their resources and shared their assets.  I love that each member of the community has a job to do and that the function of the colony is so well organized.  I actually found myself thinking that Hutterite living just might be a great idea (then I remembered how much I love my ipod and my SUV). 

I highly recommend reading I am Hutterite.  The only thing I didn't like about the book is that it ended and I wanted the story to go on.

Saturday Links


Yay!  The weather is hot and it's the weekend! Here are some of my favorite finds this week.

Tara has some tips on clients you should RUN from.

I plan to make this apron in an hour just as soon as I find an hour to do it :)

Are you tossing some of your unneeded stuff? Here is a list of places that could benefit from your clutter.


Defying the Odds!


Some of you know that Cystic Fibrosis took my sister Julie's life 5 1/2 years ago. These girls Christina and Ali are such an inspiration. They are sisters who both have Cystic Fibrosis and are singing their hearts out on America's Got Talent.

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