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here shall you see no enemy but winter and rough weather

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May Video and Sundry


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Finally got around to making a May video! It is extra long because we went to Disneyland when we thought Danny had cancer again, and I could not sell the happiest place on earth short.

So now it is the end of June.  School ended, which was fantastic, then I had the flu and strep throat for a week, which was not fantastic, and now I have started school of my own, on my way to getting a teaching credential through CSU East Bay.  The pros: campus is less than five minutes from my house! The cons: school! Homework! Reading assignments!  Also because I was so out of it with illness I was in total denial about school starting so I didn't order my books last week like I should have, so now I am suffering from the looming dread of having like 10 chapters of combined reading for all my classes due next week and no chance of any books getting to me until MAYBE Monday at the most early.  I forgot what being a student was like-- turns out I was really okay with not having this kind of stress in my life! Oh well.  Pros about life in general: got to be apart of Ashley's lovely wedding last weekend (once I was no longer strep contagious) and spend the weekend with Becca and Celia; today after school I get to drive up to Tahoe and join the rest of the fam for the weekend (Dad stayed back with me, but everyone else left Tuesday! Jealousy.); my dearest darling Whitney is home from her mission so now I get to plan how I will save my pennies that I am no longer earning on a flight to Wisconsin to kiss attack her; my lovely local friend Tara is ALSO just starting back at school so we are already planning weekly Panera study parties (finally I can be the punk kid bumming off their free wifi!).  Ok well gotta go freak out about how I'm NOT doing the reading for my equity and diversity class, peace.

April Movie!


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See!  I am all about the hyper-timely postings now!  Or, you know, I did one video this morning and was still in the mood so I did the next one this evening.  As Lucy would say, "Whatever! Blah!"  Six is going to be a fun age.

March video


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Oh my goodness.  So, life got kind of touch and go there for a while you guys, but I am back! This video (which is yeah about a month late goooooosh) features loooooots of Joyce and Lydia, with special guests Ruby and Becca showing up at the end during their Spring Break trip!  Seriously though it is like 95% babies up in this video, which I guess is a pretty accurate representation of how I spend my life.  I mean come on given the chance, wouldn't you?

Updates from the front:

So like two hours ago I sent in my application for a teaching credential program.  It starts at the end of June and only takes one year to finish.  In other good news, it's at Cal State East Bay, which has a satellite campus literally less than 5 minutes from my house.  Pretty sweet deal, yeah?  It's taken me over a month to get all the application gear together--letters of recommendation, TB test, fingerprint clearance, essay, transcripts, and oh yeah TWO STANDARDIZED TESTS. And an interview, which was scheduled for the same day as the bigger of the tests so I didn't even have time to worry about it!  So, we'll see what happens.  This time next year I could be gearing up for graduation and getting ready to be A Real Teacher.  Whaaaaaaaaaat.



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So here is the February video.  The quality has gone even further down, unforch, because of my total lack of skillz.  Oh well.

So, today I was getting bit by children before 8 am.  Does that seem right to you? His teeth only got as far as my jacket, luckily, but super unluckily I think he managed to jack up my zipper!  For reals, I went to unzip my jacket at the end of the day (because I keep it zipped up like armor all day long!) and some of the teeth were out of alignment, right at little fella's biting altitude.  Bummer!  And all because he is not allowed to climb up and lie down on the cafeteria tables, and I had to be the one to tell him.



Um so after seeing Kyle's awesome movie of parts of 2012 I thought I would try to copy him and do a video of 2013--there's supposed to be a 1 second clip of video from every day.  So, obviously I had to cheat, because sometimes I needed like 2 or 3 seconds to really capture the awesome, so just be cool mkay? Oh and so also 2013 isn't over [UGH this year is taking FOREVER amiright?], but I thought I could show it off at monthly intervals? If you watch closely you will catch a peek of my most colorful student in his natural environment! Oh and sorry that the quality is beyond awful....I'm just pretending to know what I am doing here.
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Classy Old Timey Pictures


As promised!  Here we go:ADORBSADORBS + HILAR(ious)Gramma Lucy + tomatoesGrampa Dee as a debonair man about townI DIE.Mom= Lydia, Gramma Kay= a FOXGrampa Dee+ some Egyptian skeletons, you know, as one is frequently pictured.[...]

You Thought I Was Dead, Didn't You?


Well, that's okay.  It's sort of my fault, being all neglectful and whatnot.  So I thought I would dive back into the world of telling my life to the Internet by showing you pictures of what I've been doing since Mom has been off galavanting to Utah and I am left to my own devices:Remember that t shirt quilt I started like a year ago, and has been sitting rolled up under my bed ever since?  Yeah well I didn't either but then I did and now I'm finishing that bid'ness.Mom has recently developed an addiction to spray paint, which I am carrying on in her absence.  Soon these brightly colored boxes (and their similarly primary-colored brethren) will be full of pencils, crayons, and glue sticks and gracing the tables of D-2.  And if the little Kindergarten angels amuse themselves by chipping off the paint, SO HELP ME.Scanning slides.  Soooooo many slides!  I've got Mom and Dad's mission photos done, and I'm maybe halfway done with the Jacobs selection, which honestly has been a pretty awesome job--and man oh man it JUST occurred to me that I can post some choice selections HERE. Adorable pics of Mom's First Birthday to follow!!This is perhaps the most delicious bread ever baked by human hands?  Found the recipe on Pinterest, and I un-sarcastically NAILED IT.  I made some on Sunday and that's basically all Dad and I ate all day, so I figured why not, what's good on Sunday's good on Tuesday.So um that about does it.  I'm off for a few hours of babysitting, which is good for variety, right? Right.[...]

the end of all things


Well fiz-ellas, here we are.  The end of class has come and gone and now I am tucked up in bed waiting for 11 hours until Mom and Dad to get here and we drive merrily away.  Don gave me a 4.5/5 on the class, which seemed unbelievably generous, but Don is just great that way.  My alum-tawed book is BEAUTIFUL and I am in love with it.  Unfortunately I have not been able to come up with a photograph that does it justice so you just have to imagine with your mind and heart the most beautiful thing that I have ever made and probably that is exactly what it looks like.  So, I am leaving these two weeks with at least one thing that I am proud of, and hey probably maybe 2 or 3 things that I'm not totally ashamed of, so that's not too bad a showing. Now on to a weekend driving around pretty parts of Colorado and then 2 weeks with all my baby girls!  Woo!

thursday lunch


Hey guys. A while ago Christy mentioned that she liked the picture of Main St I posted a while ago so I thought hey hey oh hey, why not take some more Main St pics and give the people what they want?  So this is what it looked like this morning walking to class:

And this is what my book looked like when I left for lunch:
I thiiiiink I will have it finished by the end of the day.  Then tomorrow I will...twiddle my thumbs?  No I'm sure there are finishing touches I can do on my cloth and goat books.  Silly cloth and goat books.  Always wanting more finishing touches.  Psh! In other news, I am taking a LONG. LUNCH. today, because you know what?  That is how I roll.  KATY OUT.



Here is my new and improved History of the Scandanavian Mission, with his brand new leather title label.  Woo!  Here is what I did basically all day, and what I will certainly be doing all day tomorrow.  All morning was spent making that pattern on the left--I am rather notorious (in my own mind at least) for being an anti-planner where any kind of craft or Craft is involved, but Don was insistent on having an accurate pattern for your alum-tawed book tooling.  So, I did it, and I actually had a really fun time.  I've never paid all that much attention to the design aspects of fine binding so it was cool to approach the book this way.  Anyway, I spent all afternoon marking the lines and then tooling them.  Tooling on alum-tawed is a bit different form goat or calf--it is tough stuff so you have to go over it again and again to make any sort of impression.  What I found out after several hours is that .  it also helps if you get it a bit wet.  So, my day tomorrow is going to be entirely composed of damping a bit of leather, and then tooling it.  And then damping.  And then tooling.  And...and so on.  Pretty much, I think it;s probably a good thing i have 2 days left of class cuz it might take me that long to finish this beast.  And the thing is that those dark strips on the pattern?  Those are places where I am tooling with this one tiny little tool. . .I tried to get a picture of the detail but it wouldn't come out.  Anyway, this is just really slow, perhaps tedious work.  So, tomorrow would be an ok time for you to send me lots of funny texts.  I will not be disturbed. And HERE are some of the doodles that Gabby drew today and left around the table.  Gabby, the lucky dog, has already finished basically all of her work, so we are devising things for her to do tomorrow.  One current scheme is to improvise a creepy story and have her do illustrations and make a little book.  As you might notice, she has a terrifying aesthetic.  I need to take some pictures of her books for you guys....seriously, she is going places, and those places will be creepy and awesome.[...]

The Weekend and Monday...I forgot to take any pictures today ok?


This is what I did for fun on Sunday ---I made tortilla espanola!  I had it for lunch two days in a row now and I regret NOTHING.  I might use up the rest of my potatoes in a similar fashion...Because bookbinding decided it didn't seem old-timey enough, it decided to make it necessary to burn candles and hold your tools over the flames so that they get all sooty and then you use them and the lines and shapes and things are all black and um sooty. It, it is a real thing.  There is a boox in the cabinet of binding supplies labelled 'Candles and Matches' and that is no joke.Here is my dang calf book. The dark lines?  Darkened by candle.  So yeah it is all Cambridge panel-y and soot darkened and I guess I don't hate it for reals anymore...but it was veeeeery close to being tossed on top of a pile of multiple burning candles.  Which I guess wouldn't really burn that well.  But um yes anyway.Here is calf book in the finishing press so I could do lines on his spine.This is my friend Gabby!  She probably wouldn't have let me take her picture if she had known it would end up on my blog.  Sorry Gabby!  Gabby and I share a room and also have similar feelings about the annoying-ness of most finishing practices.  Over the weekend we took a little road trip to Montrose to go to the movies and it was delightful.  Gabby is going to proper bookbinding school in Boston in the fall.  She does THE COOLEST design bindings.  I'mna have to take a picture of her MONSTER BOOK to show you guys; it is SERIOUSLY AWESOME.Here're some book titles I did on the Kwikprint, which is a stupidly spelled machine that makes printing reeaaaalllly better than you ever thought it could be. Here are calf book and Pelham, all happy in their done-ness.  Actually they weren't done; I did some more decorative nonesense to calf's spine this morning, and I guess  I will do that to Pelham tomorrow.  I turned out pretty terrible on calfy calf but then I guess the whole point of that calf book is for me to horrendously screw up on it.  Poor lil guy.[...]

Friday at last!


Heeeeeeey guys.  Oh man, I am BEAT.  And very ready for a little weekend breaky-break.  Here are some pictures of some things I have been doing:Here is fake-Pelham with all his gold tooling done.  Here is a picture of a pretty front yard I walk by every day.  I've never been in Telluride so late in the season, so all the pretty flowers are a fun surprise.These are the giant poppies in the yard down the road.  I...I like them.Here is Main Street.  Apparently next up is a Wild West Fest?  I do not yet know what that entails but I hope it is awesome.  Here is my sample of doign leather in-lay.  It is what all the fancy people do when they do fancy design bindings.  Turns out it is very simple--you cut out whatever shape you want in the main piece, and then in the piece you7 are replacing it with, and you um just put it right in there. The only tricky thing is cutting EXACTLY perfectly, TWO TIMES IN A ROW, or else it doesn't fit right and it looks gross.  This is my calf-skin plaquette.  This style of fanci-tude is called a Cambridge Panel.  You can't really see it with the annoying flash in this picture, but anyway the outer and inner rectangles are flecked with paint so they are different colors, and then you go back and make the lines and put on decorative stamps in the corners and whatever.  I did this sample I think on Wednesday?  Today I started doing it on my real calf book...with limited success....Oh brother, this is what I tried doing with real gold leaf, as opposed to the gold foil we usually use which is fake gold and super easy to apply.  Gold leaf is 23 karats, and it totally SUCKS.  The picture below is of the special Gold Cushion where you put the little square of gold leaf, which, by the way, is THINNER THAN A WAVE OF LIGHT, and IMPOSSIBLE TO DEAL WITH.  Of course when Don demos it he makes it work like a dream, settling perfectly on the cushion, cutting it in perfect thin lines with his gold knife and whatever.  Then when I do it it is a crumpled messon that I try to hack into usable pieces, and then yeah it all just tanks.  When you do gold foil all you do is stick the sheet of foil under your tool and press down and voile, there you have it.  But with gold leaf you have to paint the leather with stuff to make the leaf stick and then paint your tool with vaseline to make the leaf stick and then get it to go from the sticky vaseline to the sticky stuff on the leather and ....yeah, basically it is the devil and I plan on never doing it again.  Yeah so see how the little decorative flourish things are all black and gross looking?  That's because gold leaf is the devil.Phew, new topic!  Here is Pelham-for-realsies, getting his spine lines all golded up!  Here's Pelham's front cover, with his gold line like I did on the practice plaquette.  This is the first thing I've done this week that I am almost unreservedly proud of.  Those likes are SOLID, yo.  This is how everything gets set up to do those lines on the cover.  There is felt on the bottom to cushion the book, then the book with white card in the front cover so things don't get screwed up when I push like crazy on the fillet to make the line solid.  Then there is some blue tape to mask off the margins, and the edge of the gold foil itself, and then The Gizmo, which is what Don calls this fabulous creation that helps you to cheat and get straight lines--it is just some mylar and binder's board that helps you see the line you are trying to toll over and get yourself all straight and together.  Then on top there is a weight so that you don't jigger the Gizmo around after you have it all lined up accurately[...]

I like tooling but I'm not a tool


You guys, tooling is SO MUCH FUN.  It is also sort of nerve-wracking and frustrating and when you screw up, you screw up big and it is almost impossible to fix.  But still.  FUN TIMES.  Today we made practice-book spines so that we can practice titling and lines on the curvy weirdness that is the spine of a book.  Basically we just put a bit of leather on a bit of wood and that was that.  Then we TOOLED IT.  There's a lot of planning that goes into it, especially the titling--what font do you use, what size, how will the words be arranged, etc.  There's a lot of measuring and figuring out and pattern making--so much so that when you finally go to put the bit of hot metal to the leather, it feels like, wait, what?  Now I just DO it?  All that preparation, and it still comes down to Oh man oh man I WISH MY HANDS WOULD STOP SHAKING.These are the letter tools.  Apparently there are all kinds of ways to do lettering, and we are going to tackle them all.  This first kind is called Hand Lettering, because you do each letter individually by hand. It opens the door to lots of issues in letter spacing and possibilities of serious skewage, but Don says he likes it best of all the ways because it has the most character. :)  Don continues to be awesome and adorable, btw. Here's my fake book, complete with fake raised cords.  That white thing is the paper pattern for the lettering.  You do all the font size and spacing figuring out on a piece of paper, and then do like a dry run on a square of paper that is the same size as on the book, and then you tape it on and do the actual tooling through the paper.  You just have to press really hard to make sure it goes nice all the way through the extra layer.Here is the set up with all my letters on the stove getting nice and hot.  At this stage, we were doing 'blind tooling,' which is when you press something into the board but you leave just the impression--no colored foil or gold leaf or anything.  Et voile!!  You were supposed to practice with the title of one of your real books, so here is a fake precursor to Pelham! You guys, I am so excited to do Pelham for realsies, I have been messing with that book for OVER A YEAR.  Um here is another angle.  Ir is blurry on purpose.Oh snap!!  This is fake Pelham after I gold foiled lines around all his fake bands!!  Who knew it was so hard to make straight lines?  I had no idea.  About half of these I did, they came out totally blurred or bowed or slanty, so I scraped the gold off and did it over.  Right now in our practicey stage we are using gold foil, which is not real gold, so it is okay to shiz it up all the time.  I still think it looks pretty though, although apparently it goes a bit green over time.  Oh wellAnd here is where I left it for the day--all set up to go back over the blind tooled letters with gold foil.  I did the P and it sort of sucked so I decided to come back to it fresh in the morning.  This is a situation where if little elves came in the night and finished my work for me, I would be ok with that.  [...]

Day One in Paradise


So, here we are.  I am now a person who sort of knows what happens in a finishing class! Or at least the first day of one.  Most of the day was spent making 'plaquettes,' which is a sort of dumb sounding name for a board that you cover with leather and line with decorative paper and basically pretend like is the cover of a book.  We made one in goat, calf, and pig skin so that we see how the different leathers handle tooling and such before we do it for reals on our books.  So, as I said, almost all day was just sanding the boards and paring leather and covering and in filling and lining, but THEN at the very end when all that was finished, we started doing actual tooling!  I JUST realized that it was dumb of me to not take a picture of the tooling set up.  I think I am not even going to try explaining it, we will save that for tomorrow because really without pics it kind of is lame.  But anyway here are some pictures of my plaquettes, with and without tooling:  Woo hoo, right??  You should be very impressed by that single gold border line, it is a VERY big deal.  Actually the great thing is that it turns out that it is not very hard to do a simple line like that, so that is um lucky.  We only started doing the tooling in literally the last hour of the day, so tomorrow I hope we will do lots of new cool things and there will be more impressive things to show off.This is a picture of my lunch break, it was AWESOME:  Did you notice the duck in the background?  Seriously, I am living the life.   Last time I walked though this part and took a picture of this pond it was frozen solid.  I am realizing that I have never really been here before when the weather was this AWESOME. I mean, the rain and snow times are fun and dramatic too, but it is reaaaaally nice to have it be like 75 degrees and sunny, and to be able to walk in the park and actually sit and have lunch on the benches instead of having them be covered in a foot of snow.[...]

Touchdown in Telluride!


Hey hey hey, so for the next two weeks I am in Telluride taking a class called Finishing.  Which is maybe not the most descriptive of titles, you think?  What I gather is that it means doing the, ahem, FINISHING touches on books that you've already overhauled.  So it means tooling leather covers and using gold leaf and titling.  And....much much more, maybe.  Who knows.  I have no idea how it will be structured or you know, anything at all, so this makes for a totally blind adventure.

I flew in this time, which always makes me remember how much I like driving to Telluride better.  After a regular flight to Denver, you take a tiny little prop plane down to Telluride--the kind where you walk down the tarmac and climb the little stairs that are build into the door and hand off your bag to the co-pilot who is standing there, who is the same guy who then goes over safety features and makes sure that everyone is sitting spaced out enough so that everything is balanced.  Having done all this, we taxied around for a while, and then another while, and by then like twenty minutes had passed so everyone's eyebrows were furrowed,  until finally we pulled back around to where we started and the pilot powered down and told us that one of the indicator lights was on, something to do with hydraulics, so they were going to have to check things out and fix the problem or get us a new plane.  So the 6 or 7 of us passengers got off, walked back to the terminal, waited for, I dunno, 30-40 minutes, until they sorted out whatever it was and loaded us on again and took off for realsies. 

You guys, I just had an epiphany.  Things like flights being delayed and oh man oh man, they are very interesting when they happen to you.  You text your mom and you have eyebrows with your fellow passengers and it's like an Event.  But it turns out that afterward, they are NOT INTERESTING STORIES AT ALL.  So. Ahem.  YOU'RE WELCOME.

Well, I've just gotten a load of groceries and unpacked my bag and gotten all settled, and there is still an hour and a half before we go down to the studio for the little meet n greet, so peace out suckers I am reading me some Game of Thrones up in here.

holetun chitore


A long time ago I realized that watching stuff while making stuff (bookish stuff, in this case) was brutally decreasing my productivity, so I decided to listen to stuff instead.  So I went to the library and got some books on CDs and loaded them on my computer and listened to them while screwing around with glue and paint and paper and things.  Then one day I decided to go to the gym with Mom which is weird because I was deeply anti-gym at the time, and though our tradition is to read books while plugging along on stationary bikes, I decided to test the hypothesis that my anti-gym sentiments sprang from boredom and lack of feeling like anything worthwhile or notable was happening to my body, because I was just slowly plodding along on a stationary bike.  So, I brought by iPod with a book loaded on it and stair mastered my way into pro-gym feelings and pro-listening to things feelings.  Then I got so into the book I was listening to, I started listening to it during my 20 min commute to work.  This growing dependence on listen-y things to make life bearable and happy led me to spend some time cruising around the library, browsing their audio selections, which thing I had never really cared to do previously.  And it was there, on a rare trip to the Central library (rather than the lil' branch down the road), following the shelves of CD cases snaking along the wall, that I turned a corner and stumbled upon the language-learning CDs.
 And now my life is FOREVER CHANGED.

My new addiction in life is Pimsler Short Courses.  4 CDs, 8 courses, learn how to say Excuse me, do you speak _____, I understand a little ______, Where is _______ Street?, I would like a ___(culturally appropriate beverage)____ in ANY LANGUAGE EVER.  So far I have mastered these essential phrases (and maaaany more, sort of) in German and Farsi.  Yesterday I started on Italian, which ooooooh my gosh is so nice and easy and natural after the Farsi, lemme tell you.  The funny thing is that since it's all audio, I have no idea how to spell anything in any of these languages.  So the title of this post is how my brain interpreted the spelling of "How are you?" in Farsi, but um I am embarrassed to admit that I'm not sure if it even uses the same alphabet?  For reals if someone wants to google that for me that would be ok.  The library has like 5 or 10 more of these babies in Portuguese, Cantonese, Hindi, Egyptian Arabic, and I can't think of what the other ones were, but yeah so this will last me a looooong happy time, and I will know a most-likely-never-to-be-used-again smidgeon of a lot of different languages.  So basically no matter what unlikely nation eventually takes over and becomes our oppressive overlords, I will hopefully know just enough to be able to sweet talk the stormtroopers and score some black market perks.  Excuse me sir, I am going to lunch at the Hotel La-Le.  Would you like a cup of chai?



Today after school Mom and I are going to go buy baby chicks for our class.  I AM SO EXCITED.  Pictures to follow, once they exist in reality and not exclusively in my rosy colored mind.



All the kids are at the carpet doing the math board.  I'm at the teacher's desk filing field trip forms and money.  Gavin is sitting on the edge of the carpet over the desk from me.  He sits up on his knees and whispers to get my attention. I should tell him to be quiet and pay attention but it's Gavin (who is a loveable rapscallion) so I say "What?"  And he says, "I think you're the best."
NO GAVIN, YOU ARE THE BEST. The best at making me FEEL GOOD.  Six-year-olds, you guys.  They are The Shiz.



What. The. What.  I know there has been shiz about 'blogger's new look' popping up here and there but now the change is here and it weirds me the heck out.

Things that are good that have happened to me lately:
I got to pet a baby goat.  It was EXACTLY as wonderful as I always dreamed.  I subsequently had a dream that school was having an Adopt-A-Baby-Goat event and I was trying SO HARD to convince Mom that we should do it.  The goat was at the Smith Family Farm in Brentwood where we went on a field trip.  It was FABULOUS.  Also it made me want to live on a farm, even more than I already did.  So, you know, DANG.  There were beehives and goats and peacocks and a calf and 2 donkeys and chickens and greenhouse of herbs...basically  just all the nice things you can think of.  Also the kids LOVED IT and what really is more adorable than nice little kids holding baby chicks and bunnies?  NOTHING IN THIS WORLD.  That is the answer.

3 for 3


So yesterday at school, much to my chagrin, some kids started punking on my little dude.  Have I explained about what my job is?  I'm the one to one aide for a lil dude in mom's kindergarten classroom.  I follow him around and keep him on task and take him to his resource and speech and OT sessions.  He's a sweet lil dude and it's a pretty good time all around.  But so anyway yesterday some kids were being sort of punks to him and I a)gave them the fierce eye of death and made throat cutting motions at them [no joke, it was my knee jerk reaction which I only later realized may have been over-doing it...] and b)told on them to my mommy and then SHE a)read them all the freaking riot act--imagine that scene in Muppet Treasure Island when the pirates turn on Tim Curry and give him the black spot but then he does his whole "SATAN is HEATIN' his POKERS for ye!" awesome time and they are shamed to the dust?  Yeah that is the kind of shock and awe that mom unleashed on them yesterday.  And THEN, to SEAL THE DEAL, today we are teaching them that Primary song "If you don't walk like most people do", tragically (for public school legality reasons) sans the chorus that talks about Jesus.  I think they'll still get the message though.  THEY HAD BETTER.  Because you do NOT. Screw. With. My. Lil. Dude.

What? Two Days in a Row? Obviously I am lulling you into a renewed sense of blog security only so that when I inevitably fall back on my lackadaisical blogging ways your heart will be crushed all the more heavily.


After writing that title, filling in this box seems a bit redundant.

But I will do it anyway!

Today is Wednesday and technically I could go home from school right now but because I am AWESOME, I am staying til the end of class time to run a center for the late friends.  I will pretend like I am only doing it as a sacrifice to prove my everlasting love for my dear mother, but really it's because I had so much fun running this center this morning with the early group.  It was like a 1.5 hour hang out party time with my 5 year old homies. Mostly cuz all I have to do is give them their paper to finish coloring the project they started yesterday, and then I just chat at them and tell them how good a job they are doing for the next 10 min. Also this morning I had Mom's camera so I started taking pictures of each kid making a funny face, which is a good way to make both yourself and small children VERY. HAPPY.  It was awesome.  So.  Off to do that for another 1.5 hours.  Gosh life is SO HAAAAAARD amiright?

Automatic Celery


I feel like one of the main things people should know about me is that I have an...UNCOMFORTABLE relationship with vegetables. In the sense that it makes me uncomfortable how I have to go throw up every time I smell or, heaven forfend, TASTE a vegetable. They taste like green and dirt and although green and dirt are nice useful necessary things that I enjoy seeing with my eyes, I do not like it when they get in my nose and/or mouth. Gross. Interestingly enough I was just having a conversation about this with some gal pals last night, and was firmly asserting that vegetables are. the. WORST. when then I get home that night and what do I find? Mom, preparing EVERY VEGETABLE EVER. Because of school today when we are talking about farms at station day and the activity in out classroom is EATING EVERY VEGETABLE EVER. As an adult, I am horrified. Imagining myself as one of the five year olds coming through here today, it is apocalyptic.

Oh boy oh boy


Okay so you guys, what is the thing that always gets me back to blogging?  If your answer was Bookbinding Classes then dang you are sooooooo correct.  Next week I get to do another class (with that much beloved British gent, Don Etherington) on cloth and leather restoration!  And what is TRULY exclamation point-worthy is that it is going to be in San Francisco!  So I get to take BART into the city everyday and do fancy conservation shenanigans and return to the loving bosom of my family every night, TV watching schedule wholly un-messed with.  We have to be thankful for the really important things in life, right?  Right.

So, this morning found Mom and I going on a screwed-up-leather-book scavenger hunt throughout Berkeley, Oakland, and the East Bay.  Shocker of all shockers, the luckiest strike was a a random thrift store in Lafayette!   (wow seriously I need to lay off the exclamation points yeah? gosh) I bought um about a kajillion books that were sad and needed my tender attentions.  That sounded a little bit gross and creepy?  Maybe? Maybe I should be more professional to my books.  My clients.  My book clients.  Um.  Well now Dad is eating tagalongs and reading over my shoulder so I think that is my signal to skedaddle from the bloggin times.

school post


You guys I decided that if I were goin to get back in the bloggin' game it would be most fortuitous to do it from mom's kindergarten classroom, because I have had some real good luck blogging here before.  Also, because I am just sitting here right now so um why not?  Anyway. Some things:
1)I have a job now!  Well, I sort of have TWO jobs actually, but only one of them is above-board if you know what I mean.  Which is to say, I get to babysit some kids from church 2x a week, so that is a source of delight and also income. But in a more Jobby job job way, I am also currently employed by Mt Diable Unified friggin' School District!  I get to be the 1-to-1 aide for a little guy in Mom's class.  So, I come and sit by him and reiterate directions and keep him focused, and it is awesome.  We get to go to Speech, and Resource, and OT, and all the ladies in charge of those things are super nice and it's really fun and interesting.  To conclude: it is fun to have people give me monies, and it is fun when in return for that they only want me to do nice fun fulfilling things. 
2)Oh snap I actually gotta go now.  Because I am such a classy grown up lady-about-town that I am going to go MEET A FRIEND for LUNCH. ...I don't know why that sounds like such a grown up thing to me, is that weird?  It's like when you're really little and you feel like being an adult is typified by Going to the Bank, to me being a Classy Young Lady means Going To Lunch With Friend(s).  So.  In other words, I HAVE ARRIVED.

another attempt


So, upon consideration, I realized that my blog this morning was pretty bleak-sauce, amirite? Side bar: every time I say something is _____-sauce (which I swear is only like right there as a joke and then in the earlier post also as a is not something I just SAY, ok?  Please...please still respect me) it makes me think of the episode of Parks and Rec where April tells Andy she loves him and his response is "awesome sauce" and she's all mad, but by then end she forgives him and he's like, "I love you too--that's what makes the sauce so awesome!"  ...and it is funny.  So.  To sum up: the sauce this morning was pretty bleak, but that is not how I think I want to characterize my life right now, so I am CHANGING MY REALITY.

So I was just over on Goodreads setting my 2012 reading goal--I think I'm going to do the same as last year, which is 150 books (she casually mentioned so that you will be impressed and she can feel good about the one thing she does consistently and well), and they have this screen where you can see all the books you've read in the year, and it is funny to look at 2012 cuz I've read, like, 7 books so far, and the break down is pretty ridiculous: 2 are cheesy vampire novels, 3 are YA fantasy (all by Holly Black, who it turns out is actually a pretty legit author, so these stack up pretty well compared to other YA fantasy types I've been known to read, but still, you know...), 1 is a zombie comic book, and the other is The Capricorn Stone, by the immortal Madeline Brent, over whom I rhapsodized a couple months ago on this here blog. So, case you maybe thought that I had a New Year's resolution to only read Great Literature of Recognized Worth and Merit, you should know that you are tragically mistaken.  That's just not how I like to do business.