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My Day Zero Challenge: My list 37-47


...ten more

37. finish all of my children's baby books
38. take a photography course.
39. take a french cooking class.
40. learn how to ballroom dance with my hubby.
41. knit a pair of socks.
42. host a "knit along" on sheknows.
43. plant a vegetable garden in my back yard.
44. organize my pantry.
45. make Photo Christmas cards for 2011.
46. mail out my Christmas cards!
47. learn how to make a good margarita.

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We are moving!!

2011-01-08T19:01:17.683-07:00 my new blog!
Come and visit me over at:my new adventures with four

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Day 2: 365 photo challenge


nothing beats a great pair of blue jeans!
Punky's first pair!!
Two months today!!

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Day 1: 365 Photo challenge


We officially have a thumb sucker!!
We have never had a thumb sucker so this is taking a little adjusting to what I had anticipated this little one would be like. Guess that teaches me for thinking all of my children would belong in the same mould!

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My Day Zero Challenge



Some of you may have heard of Day Zero. If not, I'll tell you that it is much like a bucket list. I decided to embark on this challenge because it seems like a lot of us are just strolling through life waiting for it to end. We wake up, go to work or school or start our daily household tasks. The day goes on, business as usual. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner - most often times it is the same type of meal: oatmeal or scrambled eggs, turkey sandwich for lunch, you get my drift.

Then we retire to the couch and watch our tv shows every night like clockwork. Off to bed and do it all again the next day. It is like we are programmed and it is okay to go on living status quo. Sure we look forward to the big events in life - like weddings, childbirth and family trips. But once those milestones have been reached and that day goes by, we are "life as usual" again.

Maybe the daunting task of being a mother to four has effected my thinking but lately I have been wondering "What is the point of life, really?" actually I was up most of last night thinking and I realized if we keep doing these routine things in life, we just might miss it. The moments will just "pass us by". Although I thoroughly enjoy my life now, I don't want to miss everything that this world has to offer. Now obviously I don't expect to see and do it all, but I want to be able to have things to talk about.

Enter, Day Zero. 101 things to do in the next 1001 days. It is less finite than a bucket list and I have a time limit. Some things on my list are easy enough (I have to feel like I can accomplish some of them, right?), some are more difficult. So, here I go on my journey to try and complete most of these, and you can follow along too.

My Day Zero Challenge: My list


..the beginning.
The list will grow to 101 but for are the first 36 that I could think of.
1. Go to Las Vegas
2. Make a custom recipe book
3. Go whale-watching
4. Take the kids camping
5. Achieve my goal weight
6. Buy something from Etsy
7. Go to Disney World
8. Go to the strawberry farm and pick my own strawberries
9. Write a love letter to my husband
10. Write a letter to be opened when the 1001 days is over
11. Write a children's book
12. Visit New York
13. Watch a movie at a drive-in
14. Ride on a train
15. Buy a piece of original art
16. Buy a little red dress
17. Climb a tree and take a photo of the view
18. Send a message in a bottle
19. Get a hot rock massage
20. Don't complain about anything for a week
21. start a 365 Day Photo Challenge
22. Don't log into Facebook for one week
23. read the bible from Genesis to Revelations
24. Achieve my goal weight (again!)
25. learn to identify 10 constellations
26. Perform a Chinese fire drill
27. Take a photo of the same place every month for year and then turn it into a calendar for the next year.
28. Throw away all my underwear and start again
29.Listen to 26 bands I’ve never heard of, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
30. Plant a window box herb garden
31. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
32. Watch turtles enter the sea for the first time
33. Write my name in the sand
34. Don’t swear for a week
35. milk a cow
36.Don’t use internet for a week

1. visit all 7 continents
2. visit the Grand Canyon
3. Go to Newfoundland
4. Make a Year in Pictures Album
5. Ride a gondola in Venice
6. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
7. Try every specialty beverage on the Starbuck's menu
8. Re-new my wedding vows in Hawaii
9. Write a memoir for my children and my grandchildren.
10. Watch the ball drop on New Year's in Times Square


6 weeks old today!!


Okay, I will admit that I couldn't wait for her to be born.
I was exhausted with being pregnant and just wanted the "prize at the end" but shesh is this going by fast!! I can't believe that my sweet little punky is already 6 weeks old!!


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Ho ho ho....


Tis the season! wrestle with Christmas lights, wade through a sea of people at the mall and try desperately to keep what is real about this season close to my heart.It's not about the sights, sounds or smell.It's about family.It's about a baby born in a smelly manger all those years ago.It's about the man that baby grew up to be.The only man who could take on all my sin so I could have a relationship not only with him but with the father. You may have seen this on facebook:Greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. Re-post if you believe with your heart.....Merry CHRISTmas!I posted it...did you?and now for some pictures... The kids trimming the tree.Most of the ornaments are 3feet high..all the way around!Then last night we were baking/decorating shortbread cookies.... [...]

One month in...


A new "normal" is beginning to emerge.
One with a little less sleep and a lot more laundry that's for sure!
But I think we are all adjusting pretty well.
Giggles still is a little confused as to why I can't feed the baby juice and Mr.D loves to smother Punky with kisses.
Lots and lots of kisses.
Hard to imagine what life was like before Punky joined our little family but she defiantly has found her place in all of our hearts.
It's only been a month but it has been a busy one!
At her one week well baby check the family doctor though that he heard a "click" in her right hip so we took her to see a pediatric specialist for a consultation. He didn't hear anything so next week we are taking her for an ultrasound.
I'm not worried.
God has her covered and we are believing that she is totally fine!!
we also have already faced our first breast feeding issues (dang thrush!!) too and on the mend.
So, that's where I have been... How has life been with you?

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my adventure with 4 has started


Our newest Addition "Punky"! (a little late I know but life with 4 can be a little daunting to say the least!)As most of you know I had been dealing with braxton hicks on and off since Thanksgiving and had done 1 trip to labor and delivery for a non-stress test and the very next day (which was my birthday) I was back thinking that "this was it!"We were wrong...they sent me home as we weren't progressing fast enough for them to keep me.Actually, she said that I had a "cranky uterus" so, we went home.The contractions continued but they didn't really have a pattern and they defiantly weren't doing anything to convince me that we were having this baby any time soon.Fast forward to the 5th of November.My dear friend came over for coffee and unfortunately "shared" the stomach flu with my entire family unbeknownst to me at the time.Mr.D promptly started getting sick late Friday night so I was thankful that baby hadn't arrived yet as I didn't want to deal with a sick baby as well.Thankfully he is such a trooper and he got over it pretty quick!Saturday went by with me cleaning like a crazy woman then I crashed and had a really long nap.Guess my body knew before I did what was coming next!Early Sunday afternoon we were back at labor and deliver to get "checked"My back hurt so bad I was convinced that I was in labor and found out that I was in "early labor" and just like last time I wasn't progressing fast enough so they sent me home and told me to nap and get some rest.They said my back was hurting because baby was "sunny side up" and to get on all fours and the baby would turn. I was dilated 1.5 cm and 60% effaced at the time so I went home.Frustrated but I knew that my doctor's appointment was the next day and the doctor was going to strip my membranes and get the "show on the road" so I went home and napped. Got a good one in too until the phone ran!It was my mil calling to tell me that Giggles was throwing up and wanted her momma so, I grabbed some ginger ale from the grocery store and headed over to get her. Stepped out of my van and promptly threw up in their rock garden.Great! Just great eh!So, Giggles and I headed home to get some rest.She was such a trooper and only got sick two more times and then she was totally fine.I, on the other hand was a blubbering mess.We ended up heading to bed at 6:45 for the night but I spent most of that time running back and forth to the washroom.Add to the fact that Giggles is sleeping on the floor in my room and I have to navigate around her to get to the washroom too each and every time I need to get in there.I was starting to feel like I was disturbing the entire world! :teeheeAround 1:00 I got a hankering for some apple juice.The things you want when you are sick!So, I went and got a nice cold glass of apple juice and had 1 sip and it bounced.Then I wanted an ice cube.Tried that and it bounced.You know you are really really sick when you are sitting on the toilet and throwing up in a pail your in trouble.Around 1:10 I had a HUGE contraction that sucked the very wind out of you and you know that you are in really really big trouble!I headed to the computer and pulled up the contraction monitor.I timed 4 contractions.They were 1 1/2 minutes long and 3 minutes apart.Time to go!And of course, I felt like I had to go pee so I went to the washroom and felt a "pop" and knew that my water had broken and it was time to get to the hospital.Waddled upstairs, flicked on the light in our closet and told my hubby "time to go!"Which woke him up in a hurry.I got dressed went all the way downstairs to the basement to tell my oldest she needed to come up and watch Giggles as we were going to the hospital. Grabbed my coat and the hospital bag and told my dh I would wait for him in the van. :teeheeWe left the house around 1:30ish. Hubby ran every red light an[...]

**twiddles thumbs**


I have been hiding.
I will admit that.
Sitting here waiting for our baby to make his/her grand arrival can be a little frustrating.
Okay, okay...a lot frustrating!
Feeling like I am living my life on hold is a little more than I can bare some days but God is helping me thru it.
I might not like it but at least I am learning how to get through it.
Trying to memorize how it feels when baby rolls and kicks so down the road I will be able to remember what it felt like.
Almost 39 weeks and honestly, I believed baby would be here sooner.
Which is probably part of my problem.
When you are expecting early and you don't get it it's easy to feel like your a "labor failure" but I know that the next time I go to the hospital it will be for real and I will leave with a baby in my arms!
The little ones are getting anxious too and it's hard to imagine that my due date is in 10 days!!
10 days.
Almost to single digits... Shesh, where did the time go?

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37 weeks and holding...


I'm just done.
so done.
I want this baby NOW!!

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guess who's back!


Ouch!"service not available"Apparently blogspot is unimpressed with my shoddy attendance record too..I haven't forgotten least not Intentionally.But I am sure your not interested in excuses.Just hurry up and get to the good stuff right?Yeah, I thought so too.Well seeing as my last post *cough* was in August I guess I should have quite a bit to share so, grab a coffee and settle in.This might take awhile.August wasn't quite the warm month we had hoped or expected it to be but it was memorable.Nightly we were got to experience God's awesome display of power with beautiful thunderstorm.Watching the lightning streak across the sky and waiting to hear that boom has always been exciting to me.If I wasn't such a chicken I am sure I would be a storm chaser but for now I will just enjoy watching the show from the comfort of home. Those nightly storms brought with it a ton of rain. So, the few warm days where the temperature was above 30 we either had to bathe ourselves in bug repellent or hide in the house as we were plagued with hoards of blood sucking mosquitoes which made going outside unbearable for a good week. August also saw the arrival of a funky pregnancy rash all over my growing baby bump.It wasn't itchy, but it sure wasn't attractive!So, off to the medi center I went where I was assured my pretty little rash was either viral (something I caught from my children) or an allergic reaction so I was sent off for blood work.Needless to say I never did hear any results so I wasn't too concerned until I saw my obgyn who sent me for a bile acid test to check for cholestasis. Did I mention that there is only 1 place in town where you can get such test taken.So off to the university hospital I go to get this test taken.Considering the nurse at the office told me there was no prep work I assumed that I could just go there, get the blood test taken and go home. Apparently I was the lucky one because I am the only one from my clinic who got sent home for not fasting for 8 hours.Not cool to do to a very pregnant woman! The stress you feel when you can't take a test you know is important for your baby is horrific to comprehend.And yes, that was me sobbing my eyes out in the parking lot and now you know why!And the worse thing to tell me is what you are testing me for.Google on a good day is a great thing.Google when you wonder what the heck is going on with your baby is not.The fear is overwhelming but thankfully God was with me every step of the way.The rash disappeared and the test results came back normal.I also had to do the dreaded gestational diabetes test in August too.For those of you who don't know what this test is let me share!They give you what looks like orange pop with 100% more sugar in it then normal pop.You have 5 minutes to drink the entire thing and then they make you sit in the waiting room for an hour, take your blood and then send you home.I Flunked the first time.How do you flunk a blood test!! So, on Mr.D's first day of kindergarten I was trapped in a lab doing the 2 hour test.Lucky for me I passed that one and dogged another common pregnancy complication. The coolness of September was a relief because at least we knew the bugs would get killed off with the early morning frost.September ushered us all into a new phase of our lives.One that I had hoped I had entered gracefully but I will admit, there were more than my share of tears.Some in secret.Some down right ugly that could not be contained and I am sure brought a little embarrassment to my family. Two of my three children are now in school.Do you have any idea how weird that is to say?Niffy Nunu began her "high school career" and entered Grade 10 **sob**and with that came a flurry of expensive back to school necessities an[...]

we have critters!


.. the creepy crawly kind.and yes, I am actually okay with having them live in my house.Seriously.No screaming for big daddy to come and squash them!!Having a saltwater tank in an exercise in patience.It takes awhile for the chemical levels to finally behave and do what they are supposed to but we have finally gone thru both our ammonia spike and our nitrite spike which means that we are actually able to host creatures in our tank!! The first to arrive were our emerald green crabWhom I have nick named "Mister crabs".He's pretty hard to catch actually.Loves to hide in the rocks so I am actually pretty lucky to have snapped this one of him.we have snails ...and hermit crabs...We also have a cute scooter blenny who apparently is a little camera shy and a funky shrimpWe also have our first piece of coral....a hammer head.This is what "he" looks like when the light is turned off in the tank.but it sure looks nice when the light is on!And nemo..well two.Who are nameless for now...this is what our tank looks like now.the base rock is starting to show signs that it is becoming "live rock" as there are tiny speckles of purple which means that it is growing coralline algae starting to show up.Really exciting to watch!This is definitely a great hobby to get into![...]

One Minute Sermon


(object) (embed)

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the tale of two tanks...


I guess if you can't live near the ocean the next best thing is to bring the ocean to you!My kid sister gave us her old 38 gallon tank so since we have a space big enough we decided to make this tank a saltwater tank.An expensive and time consuming adventure to say the least but so far we are really enjoying the adventure so far.The first step we had to clean out the tank and scrub off the water marks.Then we added our live sand and water then began the slow process of adding salt to our mixture.We finished our 7 day stability treatment yesterday so we were able to purchase 20lbs of base rock (that's the stuff that looks white) and 10lbs live rock (that's the rock that looks a rich darker brown/gray)So this is what our tank looks like now.We more than likely will move the rock around until we find a "look" we like but when we added everything yesterday it stirred up all of the sand and it was like a dust cloud in there making it impossible to see what we were doing.But for now it looks like this.On one of our pieces of tonga live rock we have this:Not really sure what it is yet but we "officially have one living thing (beside the rock and the sand) in our tank!!Our next step is to wait..again..but this time we want to make sure that our ammonia levels haven't spiked so when we add in our "cleaner crew" we won't kill everything we add.So our next purchase we will be adding : 30 blue legged hermit crabs At least their bright blue legs will give us some much needed color to the tank! 5 red scarlet hermit crab 10 astrea snails 10 margarita snails 10 cerith snails My son is going to freek out.He HATES snails with a passion!!...once these guys are well established we will move on to the fun stuff!Brightly colored fish and corals!! **happy sigh**by that time the weather will probably be turing and the color will be greatly desired.We can not wait!![...]

Why is there glitter all over my floor?


I will tell you why.
It's because SHE showed up...

We had a surprise visit from the tooth fairy a week ago

..just when I started to get comfortable with Mr. D heading off to school in the fall this happens .
" Momma!
I lost my tooth!!
I'm a big boy now!!"

I realize that baby teeth are supposed to fall out.
I went thru this years ago with Niffy Nunu so I should have been more on the ball that we were close.
But I didn't think we were this close.
This happened on the 7th and wouldn't you know it.
A week later and the OTHER tooth is wiggly.
Big Daddy told Mr. D that the "tooth fairy is on vacation and won't be back until September"
I wonder if he bought it?
Yeah, me either **sigh**
And, of course.
The tooth fairy didn't leave the customary quarter or loonie from when we were kids.
She left him ...

(object) (embed)

Granted, he loves it.
But what is she going to bring him for his second "lost" tooth?

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Our mini vacation.. in pictures!


We needed a break.Even if it was only a mini vacation.We sure packed a lot of fun into a short amount of time!First stop!The calgary zoo....the wild boyo scaling up a gigantic tree.(the funny part was he got up there and then he couldn't get down!!A friendly face greets us on our way into the prehistoric park...huh? What's beside me?Just follow the big yellow footprints!!oops!!So that sign means "no climbing" too bad the 5 year old couldn't read that!Surprise!I ran into one of my Bridesmaids!We haven't seen each other in 9 years... please more pictures!!Back in the truck we go!!On their way to throw some rocks into the water we caught a little bit of rain on the way out of Banff...We stumbled upon this little gem after the GPS took us on a "detour" Ghost Lake Reservoir....[...]

Studying and spoiled rotten


...Niffy Nunu has been studying all week for her final exams.
Guess the "stress" finally caught up with her!
This is how I found her yesterday afternoon "studying" for her Science test!!

Yesterday was Bid Daddy and my 9th wedding anniversary and I got SPOILED rotten!!
Just check out this beautiful bouquet :)


We snuck off for dinner just the two of us and had a nice quiet evening at home :)
Time sure does fly!!

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Well, that's funny...


I remember when going on the internet was something fun, exciting..there were so many sites I wanted to visit and things I had to do that my time got sucked up in a vortex and what started off as a quick 15 minute check turned into hours. Wasted.But somewhere along the way it became...boring. Did I just hear you gasp or was that me?Probably me.Saying it out-loud doesn't change how I feel by any stretch of the imagination but it does feel better.Like I am justified in my obscure views of technology.I find I visit a handful of sites over and over again through the course of the hoping for something new.Anything new!!Something that might catch my attention for longer than 15 seconds but let's just be honest here.I wasn't meant to spend my time scouring the internet and neither were you.The fact that you are reading this blog means that you have either stumbled upon it quite by mistake or you have been following me since I started my ramblings and I thank you for your loyalty.But be honest with yourself.... how much time do you spend online?Probably more than you would like to. I know, I feel the same way.I have been feeling this way for there has got to be more to life than "this".It's like at the end of the day I curl up in bed and press "re-wind"Do you ever feel like this too?I want my joy back and zeal for life instead of wasting time in front of our mac typAnd I have figured out how to find it...but I am going to have to back away from the keyboard to find it.Hidden away from people and nature have left me feeling empty and alone and it is so easy to feel that way.Or at least be lead to believe that's how I feel.Spring is a season meant to be enjoyed.With the warm sun on my face and the gentle breezes tickling my toes.I want to take my children back to the zoo and see the excitement in their eyes as they watch the animals:I want to encourage Mr.D to play with the bugs:I want to sit on my deck and enjoy my children running through the sprinkler their laughter filling the air.Not in front of the computer plugging out of life.So, while I have a chance...I am going to take it.Starting today I am going to cut my computer time drastically.It might be days before I post something new but I know finding myself again will be worth the wait.Re-connecting with my friends and family and nature, enjoying my children while they are still little..enjoying the remainder of my pregnancy are things that I can never "google" on the net.And that...will be time well spent![...]

our little peanut...


It's been a few days since we got our first sneak peak at our littlest one so you will have to forgive me for not sharing sooner.
The weekend has been a bit of a blur with time spent with friends and family.
So, here it is.
Our sweet little peanut!
If you look closely you can see one little hand over by the face and another reaching to give me a little poke.
Squiggly wiggly child and honestly I didn't feel a thing!
Soon I will be feeling those kicks but for now not much.


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The rest of the weekend we were busy with our oldest at her dance recital.
Here is a sneak peak of her Ballet dance...

(object) (embed)

Keeper of the Cheerios


..that should be my new title.
Because I swear all that I have done this morning is feed children.
And wipe snotty noses.
And try and convince my darling 3 year old that there are no monsters and "no I can't kill them because they are not real"
She doesn't believe me.
At all.
Utterly panicked with a tear stained face she begged me to "kill the monster"
Where she picked up "kill" is a little beyond me.
Kind of disturbing none the less but more disheartening that it took almost a half hour to calm her down.
You would never know now that she had such a fear filled morning.
She is happily playing upstairs..after 3 bowls of cheerios.
The kid must have a hollow leg or something..or is going into another growth spurt.
Funny, I just weeded out her clothing drawer and it looks like I might be doing that again soon...

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Snow, Fire & Blood and fights...


I think that is an accurate description of our past weekend.
And no, I am not exaggerating.
I wish I was, trust me but only in our lives do we see all 4 in the span of a few hours.
Blame the snow on us.
We foolishly ordered the remaining fence boards so of course the weather had to turn on us.
It poured buckets while we were building our deck so why would we even think that the weather would be nice so we could finish off our fence.
Mother nature proved us wrong and blanketed our entire world with thick wet flakes.
Our poor tree look like it might snap under the weigh of the snow.
Thankfully it didn't but our plans were altered.
And so were friends of ours so we had company!
Which brings me to the fire part of our weekend.
My dh took a can of spray duster in an attempt to clear a way ward hair off of the lens of our projector (which was hot at the time) and when he started spraying fire shot out of the air vents. Oops!!
Needless to say either the hair is still there (haven't really looked) or it has been singed off and we won't have to worry about that one.
Once that was done we settled in to watch UFC.
Couldn't tell you who won though because somewhere durning the fight I fell asleep on the couch.
Blaming that one on pregnancy hormones or the fact that my dd tried to make me ill when she baked some peanut butter cookies which turned my tummy quite the opposite direction that this former peanut butter lover would have assumed.
Anyways...I decided the couch was not for me so I abandoned my post and headed for the bed only to be up a few hours later with a nosebleed.
Another perk of pregnancy!
And to top it off when I woke up in the morning I got another one... UGH!!

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..time flies when your having fun!


**happy sigh**
We had such a great weekend hanging out with friends, laughing, watching our children get down and dirty playing in the earth.
Really puts into focus what is important in my life and what is just "filler".
We spend so much of our time and energy focusing on stuff that doesn't really matter so it was refreshing to just sit and enjoy everyone and everything around me.
I must admit.
I really did enjoy laying on a lounger enjoying the sun on my toes but keeping it out of my face with a huge umbrella.
Sipping water and enjoying the laughter around me.
Makes me wonder how much time I have actually wasted doing things that ultimately don't matter.
How many days are spent wasted in front of the t.v. when really we could be walking in the trees exploring nature?
I guess it's all about balance.
Finding time to spend with God, with nature and with the people you love most in the world.
Being real.
Being who you are and not caring who see's it.
After all..wouldn't you rather focusing your energy on the people who you love instead of laundry?
Yeah. Me too!!

An update:


Your Baby: Week 14

Your adorable little fetus is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, and (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth

This week I get to hear the little ones heartbeat.
Something I have been waiting for since my last ultrasound.
Apparently they don't even try to find it until 14 weeks so at this appointment I will get to hear that wonderful sound again.
Slowly getting out of the morning sickness phase and am actually able to enjoy food again.
And no, I am not eating for two.
Really, I have no desire to gain 14 bazillion pounds this pregnancy.

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we have critters...


I know,
Sound worse than it really is.
We are actually "hand raising" Painted Lady Butterflies just like we did last spring.
We had so much fun last year that we had to participate again this year.
Funny, the day I picked them up we were in the middle of a blinding snowstorm!

Snapped on the 4th of May the day after we "brought" them home.
Two days later and these little critters are already on a major growth spurt.
(image) Snapped on the weekend.

And here is where they are living today:
They are starting to cocoon so they are entering into the next phase of their life.
Should be interesting to watch!

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