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Major General James Gilman, M.D., tapped to lead NIH Clinical Center

2016-12-09 14:15:00

National Institutes of Health Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., announces the selection of Major General James K. Gilman, M.D.

NIH competition seeks wearable device to detect alcohol levels in real-time

2016-12-08 14:00:00

NIAAA seeks innovative designs that use alternatives to measuring BAC through sweat.

Cellular immunotherapy targets a common human cancer mutation

2016-12-07 21:00:00

Researchers identified a method for targeting the cancer-causing protein produced by a mutant form of the KRAS gene.

Raising the curtain on cerebral malaria’s deadly agents

2016-12-06 20:00:00

NIH scientists film inside mouse brains to uncover biology behind the disease.

No safe level of smoking: Even low-intensity smokers are at increased risk of earlier death

2016-12-05 16:00:00

Less than one cigarette per day over a lifetime caused 64 percent higher risk of earlier death.

NIH Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

2016-12-01 16:30:00

Annual awareness day focuses on development of effective treatments and prolonging the lives of those living with HIV.

NIAID-sponsored study to assess shorter-duration antibiotics in children

2016-11-28 19:30:00

Trial will examine antibiotic use for community-acquired pneumonia.

First new HIV vaccine efficacy study in seven years has begun

2016-11-28 18:15:00

South Africa hosts historic NIH-supported clinical trial.

A new strategic direction for behavioral and social sciences research at NIH

2016-11-23 19:45:00

Strategic plan focuses on scientific priorities which reflect key research challenges that OBSSR is uniquely positioned to address.

NIH-led effort examines use of big data for infectious disease surveillance

2016-11-14 18:45:00

Digital sources have the potential to provide more timely and detailed information on infectious disease threats or outbreaks.