Feedage.com Announces Advanced Search Improvements

It is now possible to search on Feedage.com based on both language and media types.  Feeds can be found in specific languages.  Feeds can also be found using specific media (applications, audio, image and video).  This is just another way Feedage.com is continuously looking at ways to improve while maintaining its user friendliness.
How to use one of the advanced search options:
  • Log in or create a free Feedage account
  • Click on advanced search
  • Select your search
  • Select the language and/or media type you want
  • Click on Search for results

Feedage.com Groups Tool

Feedage.com Group tool allows you to create lists of your favorite feeds.  Feeds can be added to or removed from your favorites list at any time.  You can also share your favorites list with friends.  This can be done simply by sending them the URL provided to you by Feedage.com.  This URL can be found under My Groups following your favorites list.  
How to use the Groups tool:
  • Log in or create a free Feedage account
  • Under Quick Links
  • Click on Feedage Groups
  • Create a group
  • Give it a Group Name
  • Give it a Group Description
  • Hit Create group (you now have your favorites list created)

Once you create a Group (favorites list) you can then add multiple feeds to it:

  • Search for feeds using the Search option
  • Enter the URL of the feed and click the Add button

Feedage.com Bulk Upload Tool

If you have multiple feeds to submit you can use the Bulk Upload tool.  Multiple feeds can be submitted at one time rather than submitting each feed separately.  Bulk Upload is a great tool that will save you a lot of time as long as it is used appropriately.  With that said, you can bulk load only one set at a time (opening multiple browsers to run multiple uploads is not possible) .  Something else to keep in mind is that you need to keep your User Rating above 50.  Duplicate feeds are a large contributor to your User Rating.  Submitting duplicate feeds will result in your User Rating falling below 50 at which time you can no longer submit new feeds.  Creating a new account to get around the 50 rating is against our Terms of Service.

How to use the Bulk Upload tool:

  • Log in or create a free Feedage account
  • Click on Submit Feed (gray bar)
  • Click on Bulk Loader
  • Enter the URL of each Feed to be submitted
  • Hit Submit

Feedage.com Tool – Alerts

Feedage.com RSS Alerts allow you to receive your favorite RSS Feeds in your E-mail. You can also enable custom filters that will only notify you if the RSS Feed has been updated and it meets the criteria specified in the filter. This gives the RSS reader the ability to filter feeds based on keywords and simple boolean logic.
Feedage.com RSS Alerts allows you to read your RSS Feed via your e-mail while at the same time filtering out what you do not want to receive. Our easy to use interface allows users to select RSS Feeds and create filter rules. Once configured, RSS Feeds are delivered directly to your e-mail. RSS Alerts will monitor the RSS Feed and send it to the specified E-mail address if the RSS Feed has been updated.  Feedage.com RSS Alerts is Free for up to 10 RSS Feeds monitored daily.
How to use Alerts:
  • Log In or Create a free Feedage Account
  • Click on My Alerts (orange tab)
  • Click on Add Alert
  • Fill in Alert name, RSS Feed URL, Filter & How often
  • Leave checked or uncheck Enabled box
  • Hit Save

New tools on Feedage.com

Go to Feedage.com and you’ll notice a new look to the front page.  You’ll see two boxes, one with a link to “Find RSS Feeds” and one with a link to “Promote your content”.  Adding these features is just another way that we are continuously looking at ways to improve while maintaining our user friendliness.

Click on “Find RSS Feeds” and you can access a list of tools to find quality RSS Feeds:

Click on “Promote your content” and you can access tools to promote your content:

Promoting your WordPress blogs

Use Feedage.com to promote your WordPress blog.  Get started by going to WordPress.org to download and install wordpress.  You’re then on your way to creating your own blogs.  And yes, WordPress.org is free to use.

Once you start creating blogs, you can then further promote them by submitting them to Feedage.com.  Feedage Tracker is a plugin and will allow you to add subscription buttons to your WordPress blog.  Using this plugin will allow you to track the subscriptions to your RSS Feeds.  Users can use the buttons to add your RSS Feed to the major readers and will allow you to use the Feedage.com tracker to monitor your RSS Feed usage.

The Feedage Tracker plugin is very easy to use.  Just follow these steps:

  • Create a Free Feedage.com account
  • Download the plugin
  • Copy or FTP it to the plugin directory of your WordPress installation
  • Activate the plugin
  • Configure the plugin by adding your Feedage.com username

Promote your WordPress blog through Feedage.com without using the plugin by following these simple steps:

  • WordPress generates two RSS feeds, one for the posts and one for comments.  Submit both feeds.
  • Find the URL for your RSS feed by clicking separately on Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)
  • Copy the URL for your RSS feed from the address bar
  • Go to http://www.feedage.com/submit.php
  • Log in (or create an account if you do not have one)
  • Paste the URL of your RSS Feed into the “Enter the URL of the Feed” spot
  • Select a niche
  • Hit submit

A few simple steps and you will be on your way to promoting your blogs with Feedage.com.