Create your favorite RSS Mashup with RSS Blender Tool Blender is a great tool that allows you to create custom RSS mashups and it is free to use. RSS Blender will create a custom RSS Feed from two or more sources. 

The Blender tool will create a RSS 2.0 Feed from any mix of Feeds.  Simply Enter the URL of the Feeds you want to mix, the number of stories from that feed and the Blender will create a custom RSS Feed for you. 
Try the Blender tool:
  • Sign in or create an account with
  • Under Quick Links – Click on RSS Blender
  • Choose a Blend name
  • Enter the URL’s you want
  • Enter the count
  • Hit Blend

Know your User Rating – Your Feeds depend on it.

I want to start off by saying if you submit good quality feeds, you don’t spam our RSS directory and you are not submitting thousands of affiliate feeds then these changes should not effect you. Keep up the great work! is committed to helping you promote your content, and to users looking for your high quality content.

To cut down on users intent on spamming our directory and submitting thousands of affiliate feeds we have enabled some new rules. Users now need to maintain a user rating of 50  to  submit RSS Feeds to the RSS Directory.

Your user rating is displayed on your profile page and you can get additional details on how your rating is calculated. The two most critical elements of your user rating are the grade of your RSS Feeds, and the number of duplicate Feeds you submit. New users get a user rating of 0 until we rate them, usually within a few days. Until a user is rated, you can submit feeds.

To learn how to improve your Feed grade you can read about our Grading System and you can user our Feed Inspector to get hints on what to improve.

Duplicate Feeds are probably even more important to maintaining a good user rating. Duplicate feeds are where the content of the feed is identical to one or more feeds you submitted. While we have always blocked duplicate URLs from being submitted  users have found ways to submit the same content under different URLs. While you think this might improve your chances of getting syndicated, it will now lower your user rating.

To help users identify duplicate feeds your My Feeds will display duplicates will a red back-ground. You will need to delete the duplicate.

Is against affiliate marketing? No. We have many users that run successful affiliate marketing businesses by adding value in the form of reviews and clean promoting methods. We welcome these users. We do not want users submitting the 12 most common misspellings of IPOD, or the same feed with four different URLs.