An article form WebProNews on Content Syndication

I just read an interesting article from WebProNews on how  Content Syndication Is Your Friend
by Mike McDonald.

I suggest you have a quick read.

If I was to summarize the article; it suggests that the back links and exposure gained from syndication outweighs the unknown impact of duplicate content.

Obviously here at we believe this is very much the case. While having your website or blog show up on the first page of Google is what we all want, if you don’t have the time, money or knowledge to do good SEO for your content, submitting it to syndication services can be very beneficial.

Tell us your thoughts!

High Quality RSS Feeds – Cleaning out the cruft

The number of feeds submitted to from our many users has been accelerating recently. While this is a good thing it also comes with a cost. The number of RSS Feeds that are of low quality has become too large.

To keep the directory of the highest quality we have made some changes. First, we will not accept any feed that receives a failing grade. If you attempt to submit a low quality feed you will receive a error message and the feed will not be entered. Secondly we will be deleting existing low quality feeds from the directory.

Keeping the directory at the highest quality level will benefit us all. Users looking for good RSS feeds will not have as much cruft to sift through, publishers of quality content will have less competition from junk feeds and Google and the other search engines will also value a clean, authoritative directory.

If you think you have a legitimate high quality feed that is being blocked or delete please contact our support team and we will look into it.