Feedage.com review from SEO Hosting

The other day I read a review of Feedage.com:

Increase Traffic and Backlinks by Submitting Your RSS Feed To Feedage.com

by Garry Conn from SEO Hosting.

The article is neither really positive nor really negative. It is well thought out and I felt it was fair and accurate. I encourage everyone to go read the article and share your thoughts. What I appreciated the most in the article is the acknowledgment that Feedage.com does benefit the content owner and is successful in promoting users content.

I Agree

There are many RSS directories that are pure spam/splog and there are definitely sites that monetize other peoples’ content with no benefit back to the content owner. I agree there is the chance that the Feedage.com page will rank better then the source. I also agree that providing links to your RSS Feed on Feedage.com should improve the ranking of the page which will lead to better back links and increase the chance that readers will find your content. To help facilitate these links we have a wordpress plugin, Feedage Certification and Feedage Tracker that will allow Feedage.com to track your subscriptions and provide links back to your Feedage.com page.

Why Does Feedage.com Work?

There are several factors that are key to Feedage.com’s success. We try very hard to make a site that helps users find quality RSS Feeds and we know we must provide good benefit to the content providers. We do this by leveraging our technology, knowledge and experience in SEO to promote both our users content and the Feedage.com brand. We understand this is a balance.

The Balance

There is a balance between using peoples content to generate revenue, and providing a valuable service. Feedage.com provides a venue for people to promote their blogs and websites. This includes a place to find readers and to provide valuable links and ranking for the large search engines. In return we generate revenue from ads. I appreciate the feedback about ad placement and I will look into how we might improve the site to look better and feel less spammy.

Feedback is Always Welcome

In the form of a reviews, emails or comments; I want to hear your feedback. Tell me how we can better help you find quality RSS Feeds. Tell me how we can better promote your content. Tell me how we can improve your Feedage.com experience. Tell me what you are thinking.