Introducing Niche RSS Directories

Today launched a collection of RSS directories that target Niche areas.

Building on the success of this first round of categories represents improvements for both content readers and content providers.

The concept is very straight forward. By creating many, smaller more focused directories readers searching for content can narrow-in on the smaller set of RSS Feeds faster. Content providers benefit from additional outlets for their content increasing their exposure.

The new niche sites are driven from the over 3.3 million RSS Feeds in the directory. By submitting your RSS Feeds to the directory we will automatically assign it to the most appropriate niche directories.

Here is the current list of Niche RSS Directories:

Arts eeds-Arts
Business eeds-Business
Economy eeds-Economy
Electronics eeds-Electronics
Entertainment eeds-Entertainment
Finance eeds-Finance
Games eeds-Games
Government eeds-Government
Green eeds-Green
Health eeds-Health
Medical eeds-Medical
Nature eeds-Nature
News eeds-News
Pets eeds-Pets
Politics eeds-Politics
Recreation eeds-Recreation
Science eeds-Science
Shopping eeds-Shopping
Society eeds-Society
Sports eeds-Sports
World eeds-World