Hyplo.com – Hyperlocal Directory

Feedage.com has just launched Hyplo.com.

Hyplo.com is a Free directory of hyperlocal sites. Users can find blogs and news sites about their local town. Currently we have over 20,000 local sites in the directory. Every site is GEO-located, with user ratings and reviews.

Users looking for hyperlocal news can search by zip, city or state. With over 20,000 sites we already have sites for most US cities. We are constantly reviewing and approving new sites. Like our efforts on Feedage.com, we continually strive to have just the best sites in our directories.

Authors and editors of hyperlocal sites can suggest their site for review. Our multistage review process works to ensure that only the highest quality sites are approved and GEO-tagged with the appropriate location.

No Images No Videos

In an effort to remove adult content we no longer display images or embedded content like videos in our Feed preview.

We have made good strides in cutting down text based adult content, but images and videos continued to get through.

We believe our users can still preview RSS Feeds and understand its topics and quality without the images.

Feedage.com is committed to providing the Highest Quality RSS Feed directory.

Share RSS Feeds

Share RSS Feeds: one of the many functions of Feedage.com.  Sharing your RSS Feeds has never been easier. Simply create a free account and submit your RSS Feeds, thats all it takes to share RSS Feeds with the world.

Why share RSS Feeds with Feedage.com? We have a proven record of maintaining a directory of only the best RSS Feeds. Our users and the major search engines have come to expect only high quality RSS Feeds. With over 2 million page views per month, Feedage.com gives your RSS Feeds the exposure it needs.

Already sharing RSS Feeds using Feedage.com? Tell us about your experience and results.  Have you found RSS Feeds using the Feedage.com directory?  Tell us what you think.

Sharing RSS Feeds is a great way to get your message out. Many Feedage.com users have had great success sharing RSS Feeds with friends and the world. Create your free account and start submitting today.

Submit your RSS Feed today! Once you have submitted your RSS Feeds to Feedage.com RSS Directory, readers can subscribe to your Feed using many popular RSS readers including Google Reader, Yahoo and many more. Readers can search and find RSS Feeds with the content they are looking for.

Looking for an RSS media Directory? Feedage.com supports media RSS and allows users to search for RSS media feeds based on both content and media type. What is RSS Media? RSS Media is an extension to the RSS standard that allows content providers to syndicate media like video, audio and images.

A Giant RSS Feed list. Feedage.com’s RSS Directory is a giant RSS Feed list. Our list of Feeds cover every topic and every language from around the globe. Users can search our RSS Feed list to find and subscribe to high quality RSS Feeds. Every Feed is graded by our Feed inspector and rated by our readers. This keeps recent, informative authoritative Feeds at the top of our RSS Feed list.

Updated Adult Content Detection Algorithm

We have just made a major upgrade to our adult content detection algorithm. This new method should both catch more adult sites that are against our Terms of Service and not block content that is acceptable.

We believe it is valuable to both our content providers and users looking for high quality RSS Feeds to block adult content and content that the major search engines see as spam.

If you believe your RSS Feed has been wrongly marked adult, please contact Feedage.com support and we will look into it.

Thanks for your interest and support in making the Internets best RSS Directory.

Know your Feedage.com User Rating – Your Feeds depend on it.

I want to start off by saying if you submit good quality feeds, you don’t spam our RSS directory and you are not submitting thousands of affiliate feeds then these changes should not effect you. Keep up the great work! Feedage.com is committed to helping you promote your content, and to users looking for your high quality content.

To cut down on users intent on spamming our directory and submitting thousands of affiliate feeds we have enabled some new rules. Users now need to maintain a user rating of 50  to  submit RSS Feeds to the Feedage.com RSS Directory.

Your user rating is displayed on your profile page and you can get additional details on how your rating is calculated. The two most critical elements of your user rating are the grade of your RSS Feeds, and the number of duplicate Feeds you submit. New users get a user rating of 0 until we rate them, usually within a few days. Until a user is rated, you can submit feeds.

To learn how to improve your Feed grade you can read about our Feedage.com Grading System and you can user our Feed Inspector to get hints on what to improve.

Duplicate Feeds are probably even more important to maintaining a good user rating. Duplicate feeds are where the content of the feed is identical to one or more feeds you submitted. While we have always blocked duplicate URLs from being submitted  users have found ways to submit the same content under different URLs. While you think this might improve your chances of getting syndicated, it will now lower your user rating.

To help users identify duplicate feeds your My Feeds will display duplicates will a red back-ground. You will need to delete the duplicate.

Is Feedage.com against affiliate marketing? No. We have many users that run successful affiliate marketing businesses by adding value in the form of reviews and clean promoting methods. We welcome these users. We do not want users submitting the 12 most common misspellings of IPOD, or the same feed with four different URLs.

How to promote your Squidoo lens

You can use http://www.feedage.com/ to promote your Squidoo lens.  To get started go to http://www.Squidoo.com/, create an account and create a lens (a single page about a specific topic).  You can create a lens about any topic of interest and then write about it.  Squidoo.com is a free way to publish your own lens.  You can then take the RSS Feed that Squidoo generates for your lens and submit it to Feedage.com to further promote your content.  You will also share the earnings made on the ads on Squidoo pages.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Find the URL for your Squidoo RSS Feed by clicking on the orange RSS symbol on your lens (this will open your RSS Feed in a new browser)
  • Copy the URL from the address bar
  • Go to http://www.feedage.com/submit.php
  • Log in (or create an account if you do not have one)
  • Paste the URL of your RSS Feed into the “Enter the URL of the Feed” spot
  • Select a niche
  • Hit submit

Follow these steps and you will soon be on your way to promoting your Squidoo lens and earning some $$ too.

High Quality RSS Feeds – Cleaning out the cruft

The number of feeds submitted to Feedage.com from our many users has been accelerating recently. While this is a good thing it also comes with a cost. The number of RSS Feeds that are of low quality has become too large.

To keep the directory of the highest quality we have made some changes. First, we will not accept any feed that receives a failing grade. If you attempt to submit a low quality feed you will receive a error message and the feed will not be entered. Secondly we will be deleting existing low quality feeds from the directory.

Keeping the directory at the highest quality level will benefit us all. Users looking for good RSS feeds will not have as much cruft to sift through, publishers of quality content will have less competition from junk feeds and Google and the other search engines will also value a clean, authoritative directory.

If you think you have a legitimate high quality feed that is being blocked or delete please contact our support team and we will look into it.

Feedage.com review from SEO Hosting

The other day I read a review of Feedage.com:

Increase Traffic and Backlinks by Submitting Your RSS Feed To Feedage.com

by Garry Conn from SEO Hosting.

The article is neither really positive nor really negative. It is well thought out and I felt it was fair and accurate. I encourage everyone to go read the article and share your thoughts. What I appreciated the most in the article is the acknowledgment that Feedage.com does benefit the content owner and is successful in promoting users content.

I Agree

There are many RSS directories that are pure spam/splog and there are definitely sites that monetize other peoples’ content with no benefit back to the content owner. I agree there is the chance that the Feedage.com page will rank better then the source. I also agree that providing links to your RSS Feed on Feedage.com should improve the ranking of the page which will lead to better back links and increase the chance that readers will find your content. To help facilitate these links we have a wordpress plugin, Feedage Certification and Feedage Tracker that will allow Feedage.com to track your subscriptions and provide links back to your Feedage.com page.

Why Does Feedage.com Work?

There are several factors that are key to Feedage.com’s success. We try very hard to make a site that helps users find quality RSS Feeds and we know we must provide good benefit to the content providers. We do this by leveraging our technology, knowledge and experience in SEO to promote both our users content and the Feedage.com brand. We understand this is a balance.

The Balance

There is a balance between using peoples content to generate revenue, and providing a valuable service. Feedage.com provides a venue for people to promote their blogs and websites. This includes a place to find readers and to provide valuable links and ranking for the large search engines. In return we generate revenue from ads. I appreciate the feedback about ad placement and I will look into how we might improve the site to look better and feel less spammy.

Feedback is Always Welcome

In the form of a reviews, emails or comments; I want to hear your feedback. Tell me how we can better help you find quality RSS Feeds. Tell me how we can better promote your content. Tell me how we can improve your Feedage.com experience. Tell me what you are thinking.

How to Get the Most Benefit from Feedage.com – Part 2: Publishers

This is the second of a two part article describing how to make the most of the features and services offered on Feedage.com. Feedage.com provides features and benefits for both content readers and content publishers. This article will give content publishers some ideas on how they can get the most from Feedage.com.

Most publishers submit their RSS Feeds to Feedage.com to increase their exposure. While our directory is the primary way to get exposure we also have several other features that will help to increase the visibility of your RSS Feed and ultimately your content. Here are 4 tools that you should use to make the most of Feedage.com.

1. Submit your RSS Feed to our directory. This will create a Feed preview page where readers can preview your RSS feed and easily subscribe to it. The preview maintains all the links back to your website which will have SEO benefits. The directory allows users to find your feed by both search and categories. Submitting your RSS Feed is Free and easy. Once in the Feedage.com directory, you can also track the number of views and subscriptions. If you have a blog, make sure you submit the RSS Feeds for both your blog entries and for your blog comments.

2. HTML2RSS is a free tool to convert any web page to a RSS Feed. This is very valuable for sites that do not generate RSS Feeds directly. Even if you already have a RSS Feed, you should use our HTML2RSS tool to create a unique content view and submit it to our directory. Using HTML2RSS is as simple as entering the URL (address) of your website and receiving the URL of your generated RSS Feed.

3. RSS Blender creates a custom RSS blend (mashup) from multiple Feeds. This easy to use tool allows you to enter up to 5 RSS Feeds and select the number of items to be included from each feed. If you have multiple feeds you can create unique content by blending them together.

4. My Groups is a tool where you can create a group of RSS Feeds. Readers can search for these groups and export them as OPML to be import into other RSS tools. By creating a group of RSS Feeds that cover a specific topic, with a clear title and good description you create another page where readers can find your content. Creating a group is straight forward. You can add and remove Feeds from your groups at any time. An example of a Feed group.

Now start mixing and matching. You can create a number of unique RSS feeds by combining these tools. For example you could submit your blog entries RSS Feed (1), create a unique version with HTML2RSS (2), blend them (3) and create a group(4). This is getting the most from your 1 RSS Feed.

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