Sync your Mobile – QR codes for RSS Feeds

Finding RSS Feeds for your Mobile based RSS reader is easier then ever.

Our latest update is to add QR codes to every Feed preview page. This will allow users to subscribe to an RSS Feed on their mobile device. Readers can use the tools to find RSS feeds and then scan the QR code with their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc) and transfer the RSS Feed URL to their mobile reader. – Hyperlocal Directory has just launched is a Free directory of hyperlocal sites. Users can find blogs and news sites about their local town. Currently we have over 20,000 local sites in the directory. Every site is GEO-located, with user ratings and reviews.

Users looking for hyperlocal news can search by zip, city or state. With over 20,000 sites we already have sites for most US cities. We are constantly reviewing and approving new sites. Like our efforts on, we continually strive to have just the best sites in our directories.

Authors and editors of hyperlocal sites can suggest their site for review. Our multistage review process works to ensure that only the highest quality sites are approved and GEO-tagged with the appropriate location.

Promote Your RSS Feeds

We have added a new – Promote – action to the My Feeds dashboard. This new tool makes it easy to share your Feeds to Twitter and Facebook. Also you can get HTML to add your Feed grade to your website or blog.

Sharing is easy, simply click on the Twitter or Facebook Icons, log in, and then share with your friends and followers.

Get started promoting your RSS Feed today!

Updated Adult Content Detection Algorithm

We have just made a major upgrade to our adult content detection algorithm. This new method should both catch more adult sites that are against our Terms of Service and not block content that is acceptable.

We believe it is valuable to both our content providers and users looking for high quality RSS Feeds to block adult content and content that the major search engines see as spam.

If you believe your RSS Feed has been wrongly marked adult, please contact support and we will look into it.

Thanks for your interest and support in making the Internets best RSS Directory.

Know your User Rating – Your Feeds depend on it.

I want to start off by saying if you submit good quality feeds, you don’t spam our RSS directory and you are not submitting thousands of affiliate feeds then these changes should not effect you. Keep up the great work! is committed to helping you promote your content, and to users looking for your high quality content.

To cut down on users intent on spamming our directory and submitting thousands of affiliate feeds we have enabled some new rules. Users now need to maintain a user rating of 50  to  submit RSS Feeds to the RSS Directory.

Your user rating is displayed on your profile page and you can get additional details on how your rating is calculated. The two most critical elements of your user rating are the grade of your RSS Feeds, and the number of duplicate Feeds you submit. New users get a user rating of 0 until we rate them, usually within a few days. Until a user is rated, you can submit feeds.

To learn how to improve your Feed grade you can read about our Grading System and you can user our Feed Inspector to get hints on what to improve.

Duplicate Feeds are probably even more important to maintaining a good user rating. Duplicate feeds are where the content of the feed is identical to one or more feeds you submitted. While we have always blocked duplicate URLs from being submitted  users have found ways to submit the same content under different URLs. While you think this might improve your chances of getting syndicated, it will now lower your user rating.

To help users identify duplicate feeds your My Feeds will display duplicates will a red back-ground. You will need to delete the duplicate.

Is against affiliate marketing? No. We have many users that run successful affiliate marketing businesses by adding value in the form of reviews and clean promoting methods. We welcome these users. We do not want users submitting the 12 most common misspellings of IPOD, or the same feed with four different URLs.

Get your Tee-shirt

For a while now I wanted to have some tee-shirts to help spread the word. Today I have enabled the Store.

The Feedage Store will sell tee-shirts and hats (soon) to allow people to show their support. I am sure we will add other goodies over time.

Our first offering is a 50/50 ash colored tee-shirt with our logo across the chest. We have set the price very reasonable ($7.99), because we are not trying to make money from the items. Instead, we are trying to promote

So checkout the Feedage Store and show your support.

Adding tracking to your WordPress Blog


To better help users add subscription buttons to their WordPress blog and to automatically submit your WordPress RSS Feed to we have created the feedage-tracker plugin for WordPress.

Using the feedage-tracker plugin is very straight-forward.

1. Upload `feedage-tracker.php` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Configure the plugin by visiting the Feedage Tracker submenu under plugins.

If you plan to use to track your RSS Feed usage, you will want to create a free account with You can then enter your username into the plugin.

The subscription buttons can be located in the sidebar or the footer of your blog. This blog you will see the subscription buttons in the sidebar.