Sync your Mobile – QR codes for RSS Feeds

Finding RSS Feeds for your Mobile based RSS reader is easier then ever.

Our latest update is to add QR codes to every Feed preview page. This will allow users to subscribe to an RSS Feed on their mobile device. Readers can use the tools to find RSS feeds and then scan the QR code with their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc) and transfer the RSS Feed URL to their mobile reader. – Hyperlocal Directory has just launched is a Free directory of hyperlocal sites. Users can find blogs and news sites about their local town. Currently we have over 20,000 local sites in the directory. Every site is GEO-located, with user ratings and reviews.

Users looking for hyperlocal news can search by zip, city or state. With over 20,000 sites we already have sites for most US cities. We are constantly reviewing and approving new sites. Like our efforts on, we continually strive to have just the best sites in our directories.

Authors and editors of hyperlocal sites can suggest their site for review. Our multistage review process works to ensure that only the highest quality sites are approved and GEO-tagged with the appropriate location.

Promote Your RSS Feeds

We have added a new – Promote – action to the My Feeds dashboard. This new tool makes it easy to share your Feeds to Twitter and Facebook. Also you can get HTML to add your Feed grade to your website or blog.

Sharing is easy, simply click on the Twitter or Facebook Icons, log in, and then share with your friends and followers.

Get started promoting your RSS Feed today!

No Images No Videos

In an effort to remove adult content we no longer display images or embedded content like videos in our Feed preview.

We have made good strides in cutting down text based adult content, but images and videos continued to get through.

We believe our users can still preview RSS Feeds and understand its topics and quality without the images. is committed to providing the Highest Quality RSS Feed directory.

More changes to focus on Quality RSS Feeds

We have put recaptcha on our html2rss and blender tools.

This was needed to cut down on the large number of people using automated tools to create URL link farms with these tools. While we understand and support the SEO aspects of our primary mission is to provide a high Quality categorized RSS Feed directory.

Unfortunately this will add more burden to our legitimate users. We feel this is needed to ensure we keep only high Quality RSS Feeds in our directory. RSS Forum

Want more information on our tools? Have suggestions on how to improve Share your thoughts on the current and future state of RSS.

Check-out our new RSS Forum. Signup and start sharing today! is dedicated to the RSS community and supporting our users. The RSS Forum is the latest feature to support our community.


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These forums are dedicated to our tools and services. Have questions? Need answers? This is where you will find them for tools like html2rss, RSS alerts, and of course our main RSS Directory.

RSS Technologies

Here you will find forums on the current and future of RSS. How RSS can be used to share information, promote websites and more. Have ideas on the furture of RSS, lets hear them.

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Mark Savoca

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I just wanted to share another project that we are working on

Our mission is to grow an effective and highly functional website where you can advertise property listings for FREE. Your feedback is important to us and our team, so if you have comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share it with us. We look forward to providing nothing but the best, so if you see anything out of place then let us know!

Share RSS Feeds

Share RSS Feeds: one of the many functions of  Sharing your RSS Feeds has never been easier. Simply create a free account and submit your RSS Feeds, thats all it takes to share RSS Feeds with the world.

Why share RSS Feeds with We have a proven record of maintaining a directory of only the best RSS Feeds. Our users and the major search engines have come to expect only high quality RSS Feeds. With over 2 million page views per month, gives your RSS Feeds the exposure it needs.

Already sharing RSS Feeds using Tell us about your experience and results.  Have you found RSS Feeds using the directory?  Tell us what you think.

Sharing RSS Feeds is a great way to get your message out. Many users have had great success sharing RSS Feeds with friends and the world. Create your free account and start submitting today.

Submit your RSS Feed today! Once you have submitted your RSS Feeds to RSS Directory, readers can subscribe to your Feed using many popular RSS readers including Google Reader, Yahoo and many more. Readers can search and find RSS Feeds with the content they are looking for.

Looking for an RSS media Directory? supports media RSS and allows users to search for RSS media feeds based on both content and media type. What is RSS Media? RSS Media is an extension to the RSS standard that allows content providers to syndicate media like video, audio and images.

A Giant RSS Feed list.’s RSS Directory is a giant RSS Feed list. Our list of Feeds cover every topic and every language from around the globe. Users can search our RSS Feed list to find and subscribe to high quality RSS Feeds. Every Feed is graded by our Feed inspector and rated by our readers. This keeps recent, informative authoritative Feeds at the top of our RSS Feed list. Announces Advanced Search Improvements

It is now possible to search on based on both language and media types.  Feeds can be found in specific languages.  Feeds can also be found using specific media (applications, audio, image and video).  This is just another way is continuously looking at ways to improve while maintaining its user friendliness.
How to use one of the advanced search options:
  • Log in or create a free Feedage account
  • Click on advanced search
  • Select your search
  • Select the language and/or media type you want
  • Click on Search for results