How can I use RSS?

As the popularity of RSS grows rapidly, people continue to search to understand how they can benefit from this growing standard. To answer this question we need to look at it from a couple of different points of view.

RSS for Content readers:

First we will start with the content reader. RSS allows you to subscribe to the information that you want to see and read about. RSS allows you to subscribe to the information that you want to see and read about by using an RSS reader, also called an aggregator. Once you find the feeds that interest you and subscribe to them, you have easy access to a headline, brief description and a link to the complete source, if you want to read further. With so many feeds available, finding the RSS feeds that you are interested can be a little tricky.

Most large websites now offer RSS feeds. Look for RSS, XML, or the RSS symbol to indicate the availability of RSS feeds. Many sites also offer a button to directly add the feed to your favorite reader. In addition to simply surfing for RSS feeds, there are an increasing number of RSS Directories that specialize in helping you to find the RSS feeds that interest you the most.

RSS Directories like Feedage, help categorize and allow you to search for feeds with specific content or focus.

RSS for Content providers:

For content providers RSS allows you to widely distribute a headline, brief description and a link back to your content. This is syndication. There are many ways to get your content syndicated, starting with making sure you have good, clear links on your website that can be followed when a user is browsing your site. Offering a subscribe button to automatically add your feed to the major readers simplifies the task for the content reader, increasing your probability of getting syndicated. Another way to make sure your feed is getting the widest audience possible, is to submit it to the major search engines and the major RSS directories.

RSS is working to help manage the huge amounts of information that is being generated daily, making it easier for the content readers to find quality content and for content providers to connect with their target readers..

About the author:
Mark Savoca is the owner of Feedage is a free, fully categorized RSS directory.



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